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X-Plus is a toy line of highly detailed Vinyl figures. They are unarticulated and often expensive. The figures come in various classes, each defining different features of the figures.


Godzilla Series

American Releases

30 cm Series (12" Figures)

25 cm Large Monster Series (9" Figures)


Diamond reissues past X-Plus figures and puts them at much lower prices.

Gigantic Series

The Gigantic Series includes larger, more detailed and stylized figures.

Gamera Series

King Kong Series



Godzilla Series

Gamera Series

King Kong Series


Future releases

External Links

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Kadokawa Pictures (formerly Daiei Motion Picture Company)
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Shochiku Company Ltd.
Toy Line
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Showa Mechagodzilla
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Winged (Male) M.U.T.O.
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Magara M&E

7 months ago
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I think that godzilla jr is a custom resin kit