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Kamacuras™ copyright icon Toho Company, Limited Monster
Kamacuras in Godzilla: Final Wars
Kamacuras in Son of Godzilla
Subtitle Dual Blade Monster
(両刀怪獣,   Ryōtō Kaijū?)[1]
Nicknames Gimantis, G-Mantide, Kamakilas, Kamakiras
Species Irradiated Giant Praying MantisSoG
Height Showa: 50 meters[2][3]
Millennium: 40 meters[4]
Length Millennium: 90 meters[4]
Wingspan Millennium: 20 meters[4]
Weight Showa: 2,800 metric tons[2][3]
Millennium: 20,000 metric tons[4][1]
Forms Giant Praying Mantis (Unirradiated form)
Controlled by XiliensGFW
Relations Other Kamacuras
Allies GodzillaGRoE, King CaesarGRoE, RodanGRoE, AnguirusGRoE, ZillaGRoE, Jet JaguarGRoE, KumongaGRoE, GorosaurusGRoE, BaragonGRoE, VaranGRoE, KamoebasGRoE, TitanosaurusGRoE, SandaGRoE, GairaGRoE
Enemies Godzilla, Minilla, Kumonga, BiollanteG:C, MothraGRoE, TrilopodGRoE
Created by Tomoyuki Tanaka, Jun Fukuda, Shinichi Sekizawa, Kazue Shiba
Portrayed Puppets
First Appearance Latest Appearance
Son of Godzilla Godzilla: Final Wars
Designs ShowaShodaiKama
More Roars

Kamacuras (カマキラス,   Kamakirasu?) is a praying mantis kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in the 1967 Godzilla series film, Son of Godzilla.


Kamacuras's name comes from kamakiri (蟷螂?), the Japanese word for "mantis." In-universe, they are given this name by reporter Goro Maki.

In Titra Studios' English dub of Son of Godzilla, the Kamacuras are called "Gimantis," which comes from combining "giant" and "mantis."


Main articles: ShodaiKama, FinalKama.

Kamacuras' appearance is heavily reminiscent of the animal it is based on, the praying mantis. Kamacuras boasts large bug eyes, six limbs (two forelimbs with large sickles and four back limbs), and a segmented body with a large, long abdomen.


In Son of Godzilla, the Kamacuras started out as Giant Praying Mantises, a species of two-meter-long mantises indigenous to Solgell Island. The mantises grew to 50 meters in size following a radioactive storm on the island caused by a U.N.-sanctioned weather-controlling experiment gone awry.

In Godzilla: Final Wars, Kamacuras is one of the monsters controlled by the Xiliens. Only one Kamacuras is ever seen, and no details about its origin are ever discussed.


Showa Series

Son of Godzilla

When an American weather control experiment on the Solgell Island accidentally caused a radioactive storm in 1967, the island was doused in a radioactive rainstorm that caused at least three of the island's human-sized mantises to grow Godzilla-sized. After scaring the United Nations crew for a while, the Kamacuras uncovered and attacked Minilla's egg, breaking it open and then proceeding to try and devour the young monster. Godzilla, hearing the cries of Minilla, arrived on the island and quickly killed two of the Kamacuras with his atomic breath, but one managed to escape. Later, Kumonga, the giant spider, killed the third Kamacuras in battle when he entangled it in his webbing and jabbed it with his poison stinger.

All Monsters Attack

Kamacuras makes a brief appearance in Ichiro Miki's dreams in All Monsters Attack, as a small pack of them attack Godzilla, only to be killed quickly and easily by him.

Godzilla vs. Gigan

A Kamacuras later turned up on Monster Island, living in peace with the other monsters.

Godzilla Island

Kamacuras also made an appearance in the 12th story arc of Godzilla Island. In the story, Kamacuras arrives on the island under false pretenses, claiming to have escaped from an ever-growing monster army being assembled by the Xilien aliens. However, Kamacuras is already a part of that army and has arrived to set a trap for Godzilla. Ultimately, Kamacuras fails and flees.

Millennium Series

Godzilla: Final Wars

In the 2004 film, Godzilla: Final Wars, Kamacuras made an appearance as one of the many controlled monsters of a race of extraterrestrial beings known as the Xiliens. It attacks Paris and is soon confronted by the Eclair. The two clash, but soon, Kamacuras is teleported away by an unidentified flying object. Eventually, it is discovered that the Xiliens were controlling the monsters, who are returned to finish their rampages. The city of Paris and the Eclair are destroyed by the combined forces of the Xilien ships and Kamacuras. Then, Godzilla is released from Antarctica and he soon eliminates Gigan in Antarctica, Zilla in Sydney and Kumonga in New Guinea. Godzilla soon reaches the shores of Kanto, Japan, where the Xiliens place Kamacuras to battle against him. Ready to do battle from a nearby bridge, the structure is, however, destroyed by the tidal waves coming in front of Godzilla. Kamacuras flies off and disguises itself by matching the appearance of the hillside. Godzilla is unfazed by the trick, and fires his atomic breath at the hillside to smoke out Kamacuras. Kamacuras, left with no other choice, leaps forth, just in time to dodge Godzilla's ray, and readies itself to engage its opponent in close combat. However, Godzilla easily throws Kamacuras away, causing it to tumble backwards and fall onto an electrical transmission tower. The tower pierces through Kamacuras's exoskeleton and kills it.

Post-Millennium Series

GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters

A GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters timeline distributed at AnimeJapan 2017 mentions that Kamacuras attacked Boston and New York City in May 1999, causing 2.5 million deaths.[5]



As a giant praying mantis, Kamacuras possesses massive sharp claws. In Son of Godzilla, Kamacuras was able to use these claws to break open large rocks, mounds of dirt and even Minilla's egg. Kamacuras can also use its claws to grab objects such as smaller rocks.


Kamacuras is capable of flight. While in Son of Godzilla Kamacuras flies at a rather slow pace, in Godzilla: Final Wars the monster is able to zoom around at incredible speed.


In the film Godzilla: Final Wars, Kamacuras is shown to have the power to alter its natural color, allowing Kamacuras to camouflage and blend in with its surroundings.


Video Games

Godzilla (PlayStation 3 / PlayStation 4)

Main article: Godzilla (2014 video game)/Kaiju Guide#Kamacuras.


Godzilla: Rulers of Earth

Before making an actual appearance in Godzilla: Rulers of Earth, Kamacuras was present on the massive cave mural on Infant Island, as part of the monsters of the sky. Kamacuras made its first appearance in the series in issue #23, appearing in a flashback where it is attacked by Mothra, who unintentionally causes the death of Minette and Mallory's mother. After a brief skirmish, Kamacuras flies away and is chased by Mothra. Kamacuras at one point, was captured and copied by the Trilopods. It was held in the massive hive, along with many other monsters, but was freed by King Caesar. The mantis along with the other Earth monsters broke out of the hive into Los Angeles and joined the vastly outnumbered Godzilla in the battle against the Trilopods. After being freed, Kamacuras strangely disappeared and was not seen taking part in the battle against the Trilopods and Magita, nor was it seen along with the other Earth monsters after the battle.

Godzilla: Cataclysm

Kamacuras in Godzilla: Cataclysm #1
Kamacuras finally appears in issue #1 of the miniseries Godzilla: Cataclysm. A group of scavengers are attacked by several Kamacuras while searching the ruin of Tokyo for useful items. The Kamacuras manage to kill several members of the party before Biollante shows up and kills some of the Kamacuras with her vines.


Main article: Kamacuras/Gallery.


Kamacuras' roar is actually the screech of Ebirah, only sped up. Kamacuras's roar would later be used for the iconic Ultra Series kaiju Eleking.

Kamacuras's roars in the Showa series
Kamacuras's roars and sounds in the Millennium series

In Other Languages

  • Chinese: 卡马奇拉斯 (Kǎmǎqílāsī)


  • The original Kamacuras puppets created by Teisho Arikawa for Son of Godzilla were marionettes operated by overhead wires (the same effects were also used for the Kumonga puppet and the infant Minilla puppet).
  • Kamacuras, Kumonga, Destoroyah and Manda were meant to be part of the Trendmasters Godzilla toy line, but the company went bankrupt beforehand. Prototypes of Kamacuras's toy exist.
  • A vaguely humanoid race of mantis creatures who heavily resemble the Kamacuras appear in the 1998 novel Godzilla at World's End, serving as guards and soldiers to the Ancient Ones and their mutated human agent Zoe Kemmering. Because of the similarities between these smaller insects and the much larger Kamacuras, these beings are referred to as 'Kamakites' by the book's protagonists.
  • Due to a stock footage mistake, Kamacuras makes a brief appearance in Destroy All Monsters when Kumonga is arriving at Mount Fuji.


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one month ago
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He is kool cause he be the mantis dude.


one month ago
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One of my all time favorite kaiju, his design is so badass and he is so COOOL!!!


one month ago
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Kamacuras's design in general is pretty awesome. I find Praying Mantises to be remarkably complex insects, but I certainly wouldn't want to find one of these on my window!


one month ago
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Cool little monster that I'm glad was included in Final Wars, love the redesigns


4 months ago
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I love Kamacuras!!!!!!!! His Final Wars design is so cool and awesome!!!!!


2 months ago
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Yeah! I really love his design in Final Wars too and it's my favorite design of Kamacuras! (at least until Godzilla: Monster Planet)


5 months ago
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Kamacuras is intriguing. He's not very interesting but it's still like, "I'd like to have a figure of him."


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I love Kamacuras. He's actually one of my favourite kaiju.