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Gorosaurus™ copyright icon Toho Company, Limited Monster
Gorosaurus in Destroy All Monsters
Gorosaurus in King Kong Escapes
Nicknames Goro, Goro-Saurus,[1] Gorosaurs,[2] Marvelous Atomic Dinosaur[2]
Subtitle Primeval Monster
(原始怪獣,   Genshi Kaijū?)[3]
Primeval Dinosaur
(原始恐,   Genshi Kyōryū?)[4]
Primeval Fierce Dragon
(原始暴龍,   Genshi Bō Ryū?)G:TB
Species Giant Theropod Dinosaur
Height 35 meters[5][note 1]
Length 15 meters (Tail)[1][6]
Weight 8,000 metric tons[5]
Controlled by KilaaksDAM
Allies Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, Baragon, Minilla, Anguirus, Kumonga, Manda, Varan, Godzilla JuniorGI,
King CaesarGI, GRoE
Jet JaguarGRoE, ZillaGRoE, TitanosaurusGRoE, GairaGRoE, SandaGRoE, KamoebasGRoE
Enemies King Ghidorah, King Kong, Godman, MegaguirusGRoE TrilopodGRoE
Created by Nobuyuki Yasumaru, Ryosaku Takayama
Portrayed Hiroshi Sekita
First Appearance Latest Appearance
King Kong Escapes Godzilla Island
More Roars

Gorosaurus (ゴロザウルス,   Gorozaurusu?) is a dinosaur kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in the 1967 Toho film, King Kong Escapes, and later debuted in the Godzilla series in the 1968 film Destroy All Monsters.

In King Kong Escapes, Gorosaurus was a huge dinosaur living on Mondo Island, and attempted to eat Susan Watson after she and a United Nations ship crew came ashore on the island. Gorosaurus was attacked by King Kong, who had taken an interest in Watson, and was defeated after Kong broke his jaw. A second incarnation of Gorosaurus appeared in Destroy All Monsters, where he lived on Monsterland along with the rest of Earth's monsters at the end of the 20th century. The Kilaaks invaded the island and took control of its monsters, unleashing Gorosaurus in Paris. When the invaders' hold on the monsters was finally severed, Gorosaurus joined forces with Godzilla and the other Earth monsters against King Ghidorah, helping to turn the tide of battle by delivering a crippling kick to King Ghidorah's back. Gorosaurus was also featured in the television series Go! Godman as an enemy of the hero Godman.


The origin of Gorosaurus' name is not entirely known, though the "-saurus" part of his name, a common component of the names of dinosaurs and other prehistoric reptiles, comes from the Greek word sauros, meaning "lizard." Gorosaurus goes unnamed in King Kong Escapes, and his name is only spoken onscreen in his second appearance in Destroy All Monsters. The Gorosaurus from Destroy All Monsters is sometimes designated in official books as Second Generation Gorosaurus (二代目ゴロザウルス,   Nidaime Gorozaurusu?).[7][8]


Gorosaurus has a row of triangular plates running down his back, as well as a bipedal stance, strong legs, fairly short arms, and a big head. Like Anguirus, Gorosaurus also sports a spike on the tip of his tail. Gorosaurus' skin is covered in thick, scaly bumps. In King Kong Escapes, Gorosaurus' skin is mostly a dark green color, while his chin is a red color that fades into a lighter tan color down his underbelly. In Destroy All Monsters, Gorosaurus' coloration is more muted. His skin now appears more gray, with the red coloration on his chin being much less visible. His underside remains a light tan color, which may appear yellow in some instances.


Gorosaurus is a descendant of the dinosaur genus Allosaurus, which lived during the late Jurassic period approximately 155 to 150 million years ago. The Gorosaurus in King Kong Escapes was living on Mondo Island in the modern day, while the incarnation from Destroy All Monsters was one of the various monsters contained on Monsterland at the end of the 20th century.


Showa Series

King Kong Escapes

Gorosaurus in King Kong Escapes
When Carl Nelson and his fellow crew members Jiro Nomura and Susan Watson disembarked from their ship on Mondo Island, Susan drew the attention of Gorosaurus, who attempted to eat her. Susan's screams caught the attention of King Kong, who emerged from his cave to rescue her. Kong grappled with Gorosaurus, who used his kangaroo kick to knock Kong to the ground. Kong managed to gain the upper hand and pummel Gorosaurus into submission, saving Susan from the beast. However, just as Kong tried to walk away, Gorosaurus regained consciousness and clamped his jaws on Kong's leg. Kong was able to pry Gorosaurus' jaws apart, then defeated him by breaking his jaws.

Destroy All Monsters

Gorosaurus in Destroy All Monsters
At the end of the 20th century, Gorosaurus was living on Monsterland with the other Earth monsters. After the monsters were taken over by the Kilaaks, Gorosaurus was sent to attack Paris, burrowing underneath and destroying the Arc de Triomphe. He was later called back to Mount Fuji to guard the Kilaaks' base of operations. After he was released from his mind control, he helped Godzilla and the other Earth monsters battle King Ghidorah. Gorosaurus landed a devastating kangaroo kick on King Ghidorah's back, damaging his spine and knocking him to the ground. This turned the tide of battle and allowed Godzilla, Anguirus and Minilla to finish the space monster once and for all. After the destruction of Kilaaks, Gorosaurus and the other Earth monsters were returned to Monsterland to live out their days peacefully.

Go! Godman

Gorosaurus in Go! Godman

Gorosaurus also appears in the series Go! Godman, as a one-time enemy of the eponymous Godman. Gorosaurus appeared in a town, and started wandering around, stepping on trees. Godman comes to fight, and the two spar. Godman ends up ripping off Gorosaurus's jaw.

The Gorosaurus suit here is in such poor shape that the inner support seems to be deteriorating. It makes Gorosaurus' torso look like its caving in. His jaw also flops open and shut, and appears to hang at a very slight angle.

Godzilla Island

Gorosaurus in Godzilla Island


Kangaroo Kick

Gorosaurus kicking King Ghidorah in Destroy All Monsters

Aside from the usual tooth and claw, Gorosaurus has been noted for using a "kangaroo kick" against foes like King Kong and King Ghidorah. This is Gorosaurus' most popular trait.


In Destroy All Monsters, Gorosaurus was able to burrow underground, and used this ability to burrow up from underneath and destroy the Arc de Triomphe.


Gorosaurus' battle against King Ghidorah showed his ability to strategize while fighting. While fighting, Godzilla and Anguirus attacked the two outermost heads as a distraction, allowing Gorosaurus to sneak behind King Ghidorah; his blind spot. Gorosaurus kicked King Ghidorah down to the ground, allowing the other kaiju to pin him down and finally kill him.

Physical Strength

Gorosaurus demonstrates a fair deal of physical strength, holding his own in battle with both King Kong and King Ghidorah.

High Jump

Gorosaurus is able to use his tail to jump up to 30 meters.[6]


Video Games

Godzilla (PlayStation 3 / PlayStation 4)

Main article: Godzilla (2014 video game)/Kaiju Guide#Gorosaurus.


Main article: Gorosaurus/Gallery.


Godzilla: Monster Apocalypse

Gorosaurus appeared in Paris after the city was destroyed by Godzilla. He was killed in December 2039 by the combined efforts of G-Force and the Bilusaludo.[9]


Godzilla: Rulers of Earth

Gorosaurus in Godzilla: Rulers of Earth
Gorosaurus was seen in a flash back that the Mothra Fairies told Lucy in an attempt to explain the origins of all monsters. Gorosaurus was seen devouring two full grown dinosaurs, a Tyrannosaurus and a Spinosaurus, which were about to fight over a downed Triceratops.

Before he could eat his meal, Megaguirus attacked him, but the Allosaurus-like monster kicked the dragonfly beast and knocked her out of the sky. Gorosaurus was later seen frozen next to Anguirus. He is also present in the 'Land' monsters section of a cave mural.

Later, Gorosaurus battles a horde of Trilopods who invade his home, and manages to hold them off. However, he is beaten down, and a Beta Trilopod gains some of his blood, taking on some of the dinosaur's characteristics. Gorosaurus is then subdued, and taken to the Trilopod Hive, where he remains until King Caesar arrives and breaks him and the other monsters out. Gorosaurus assists in the fight with Magita, and then travels to the ocean with Godzilla and the others after Magita is defeated.


In King Kong Escapes, much like Baragon, Gorosaurus' roar is also another modified Varan roar, but was sped up and altered in pitch. Gorosaurus' roar also utilizes parts of Rodan's screech.

In Gorosaurus' protagonistic role in Destroy All Monsters, his roar was slowed down and deepened. Gorosaurus was also given one of Godzilla's roars, during the fight with King Ghidorah. In this film, Gorosaurus also had some other monsters' roars blended into his roar, like Ebirah's screech which can be heard at the beginning of his roar. Gorosaurus also used Varan's unedited roar during the scene where he destroys the Arc de Triomphe.

Gorosaurus' roars

In Other Languages

  • Spanish: Gorosaurio
  • Russian: Горозавр
  • Chinese: 哥罗龙 (Gē luō lóng)


  • Gorosaurus was strangely shown to be burrowing in Paris in Destroy All Monsters. This role was originally intended for Baragon, however the Baragon suit was on loan to Tsuburaya Productions for use in the Ultraman series. Toho instead replaced him with Gorosaurus, having Gorosaurus "borrow" Baragon's burrowing ability. Gorosaurus was even referred to as "Baragon" in dialogue. By the end of the film's production, Baragon's suit was replaced and repaired, but he could only make a short cameo because the filming of scenes was almost over.
  • Gorosaurus' role in King Kong Escapes is similar to the Tyrannosaurus that fought King Kong in the 1933 film.
  • According to Nobuyuki Yasumaru, the creator of Gorosaurus, Gorosaurus was one of Eiji Tsuburaya's favorite monsters.
    • Gorosaurus was the first monster Nobuyuki created. He later went on to create suits for Ultraman and Ultra Q.
  • Originally in the production of King Kong Escapes, suit maker Ryosaku Takayama was assigned to design Gorosaurus, but Nobuyuki Yasumaru felt his concept of the monster was "too pure" and wouldn't fit Toho's special effects. Nobuyuki decided to create the Gorosaurus suit in his own concept.
  • Gorosaurus appeared in the poster for All Monsters Attack, but he doesn't appear in the actual film, aside from a brief stock footage appearance.
  • The Pachimon character dubbed Doilar is taken directly from Gorosaurus' design, but altered with two head horns and a toothless mouth.
  • Although Gorosaurus has some of Ebirah's chirps blended into the beginning of his roar in Destroy All Monsters, it is for some reason not present in his roar in any of the sound effects albums released for the film.
  • The original Gorosaurus, according to most sources, stands at 35 meters tall, and is only slightly taller than King Kong, who stands at 20 meters tall, in King Kong Escapes. Interestingly, in Destroy All Monsters, Gorosaurus appears to be about the same height as Godzilla, who is 50 meters tall. Despite this, the Destroy All Monsters Gorosaurus is always listed as being 35 meters tall.
    • Some sources however, give the 1967 Gorosaurus a different height of 20 meters,[1] making him the same height as King Kong and Mechani-Kong. The vast majority of sources make no distinction between the 1967 and 1968 Gorosaurus though, and list them both as being 35 meters.
  • In the Super Sentai series Zyuranger, the Guardian Tyrannosaurus often performs a Gorosaurus-like kangaroo kick.


  1. The majority of sources state that both the King Kong Escapes and the Destroy All Monsters incarnations of Gorosaurus are 35 meters tall. However, some such as Encyclopedia of Godzilla (Mechagodzilla Edition) claim that the King Kong Escapes incarnation is 20 meters tall instead.


This is a list of references for Gorosaurus. These citations are used to identify the reliable sources on which this article is based. These references appear inside articles in the form of superscript numbers, which look like this: [1]

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17 days ago
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how is 35 meter in destroy all monsters but he is the same size as godzilla?


17 days ago
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Because Toho refuses to make their stats actually be consistent.


one month ago
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5 months ago
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You know how the King Kong Escapes Gorosaurus is said to be 35 meters tall even though he is no taller than the 20 meter Kong?

Interestingly, Gorosaurus's tail is often listed as being 15 meters long. Since 20 plus 15 is 35, it seems hypothetically possible that at some point Gorosaurus's body length and height got mixed up at some point. Though, this is pure speculation.


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Another kaiju I think is alright, but nothing to bat an eyelash at


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I really hope Gorosaurus gets another chance in a future film. He deserves a comeback.


11 months ago
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Gorosaurus is one of my favourite Showa kaiju. He's pretty much just a generic dinosaur but the fact that he has kangaroo-kicked King Kong and Ghidorah is amazing.


15 months ago
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Gorosaurus is nice.