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Bat People
The Bat People in Latitude Zero
Alternate names None
Species Servile Eutherian Humanoids
Height 2 meters
Length 2.5 meters
Weight 200kg
Forms None
Controlled by Malik
Relations Malik (Master and Creator)
Allies Malik
Enemies Captain McKenzie & crew,
Created by Sinichi Sekizawa
Portrayed by Haruo Nakajima
First appearance Latitude Zero
Latest appearance Go! Godman
Design(s) ShodaiKomori
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The Bat People (人間コウモリ,   Ningen kōmori, lit. Human Bat) are eutherian humanoid Template:Kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in the 1969 Toho film, Latitude Zero.


All of the Bat People are the nearly the same in appearance, all looking like giant bipedal bats.


Showa Series

Latitude Zero

The Bat People were originally normal humans but were transformed by Malik to do his bidding. The Bat People were used as Malik's body guards after his previous guard dogs (the Giant Rats) were killed. The Bat People guarded the captured Doctor Okata and his daughter, and when Malik's fortress was being invaded by the crew of the Alpha, the Bat People were called forth for their final duty to do battle with Captain McKenzie and his crew. However, the Bat People were no match for the advanced weaponry developed in Latitude Zero, and it was believed that none of them survived the confrontation.

Go! Godman

Main article: Bat Man.

Another Bat Person named Bat Man (バットマンTemplate:Whijcs, Battoman, lit. Batman) later appeared in the mini-series, Go! Godman. It is not explained whether this was one of Malik's original Bat People that had somehow survived, or if it was just a completely different monster. Not only was it capable of flight, but the monster could also summon invisible explosives and alter its size. These abilities proved to be a hassle for Godman, but he eventually came out victorious.


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