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This page contains a list of magazines and fanzines related to Godzilla and the wider field of tokusatsu.


  • Famous Monsters of Filmland (1958-1983, 1993-2008, 2010-2019, 291 issues, founded by James Warren and Forrest J Ackerman)
  • Shonen Gendai (少年現代; 1967, two issues)
  • The Monster Times (1972-1976, 48 issues, founded by Larry Brill and Les Waldstein)
  • Uchusen (宇宙船; 1980-2005, 2008-present, 179 issues, founded by Minoru Maruyama)
  • Newtype THE LIVE (特撮ニュータイプ; 2001-2014, 61 issues)
  • Tokusatsu Ace (特撮エース; 2003-2006, 17 issues)
  • Monster Attack Team (2013-present, 12 issues, founded by Edward Holland)
  • Tokusatsu Hiho (特撮秘宝; 2015-2018, eight issues)


  • Japanese Fantasy Film Journal (1968-1983, 15 issues, founded by Greg Shoemaker)
  • Japanese Giants (1974-2004, 10 issues, founded by Mark Rainey, edited by Mark Rainey [#1], Brad Boyle [#2-4], and Ed Godziszewski [#5-10])
  • Japanese Giants Fan Letter (1976-1979, 10 issues, founded by Brad Boyle)
  • The Godzilla Fan Letter (1977, five issues, founded by Richard Campbell)
  • Markalite (1990-1991, three issues, founded by Bob Johnson and August Ragone)
  • Monster Attack Team (1991-1997, seven issues, founded by Edward Holland and Joe Riley)
  • Oriental Cinema (1992-2008, at least 24 issues, founded by Damon Foster)
  • G-Fan (1993-present, 140 issues, founded by J.D. Lees)
  • Kaiju Review (1993-1996, 10 issues, founded by Dan Reed)
  • Henshin Newsletter (1996-1997, three issues, founded by Bob Johnson and August Ragone)
  • Ultra-Fan / Kaiju-Fan (1996-1999, 11 issues, founded by John Rocco Roberto)
  • Mad Scientist (2000-present, 34 issues, founded by Martin Arlt)
  • All-Out Monster Revolt (2013-present, eight issues, founded by Justynn Tyme and JM Reinbold)
  • MyKaiju Magazine (2019-present, two issues, founded by John Ruffin)
  • Kaiju Ramen (2021-present, eight issues, founded by Travis Alexander and Michael Hamilton)

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