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Interview with Jose V.R. (he followed the filming of G:KOTM in Mexico City pretty closely)

1) Did you try to apply as an extra? What was the process like?

> Yes, I applied as an extra but it was later on. You had to be contracted weeks earlier with Julio Toledo's extras agency. But yes, I could participate a few days ago as an extra in the Santo Domingo location, helped by security personnel. Pretty complicated, but I'll talk about that soon. [sic] I participated on the third day of filming.

2) What locations did the production chose to shoot at in Mexico City?

> Some of the places used include the Mexico City Historic Center, the Santo Domingo plaza, and streets like Correo Mayor. This was surely because these have a colonial and modern aspect that is seen in some rural zones and states in the country.

3) What is the Godzilla fan community in Mexico like?

> The Mexican Godzilla community isn't very large but it's fairly passionate. The few that were there were with a strong love, filming everything. A lot of them are fans or subscribers of mine and show a lot of passion. Here a lot of the fandom is constituted by kids and adolescents.

4) Our understanding is that the film's Isla de Mona is a fictional location in Mexico, with Popocatépetl used to represent the volcano there. Is this accurate?

> From what I've seen during the time I was on the set and the moment the props were taken out, I saw a touristic poster that mentioned the Isla de Mona as being part of Mexico. Some of the security guards confirmed that there was filming being done at the folds of the volcano. From what I investigated, Isla de Mona is a fictitious island located in Mexico.