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Copy the following code and fill it in accordingly.

| description = 
| film        = 
| series      = 
| season      = 
| episode     = 
| source      = 
| origin      = 
| cats        = 
| license     = 

When licensing a fanart image, an addition parameter artist should be added to credit the artist responsible.

What to put in the parameters

This is a list of what else can be entered for each parameter aside from the values given in the examples.

  1. Description: A short description of the image, preferably with some context.
  2. Film:
  3. Series:
  4. Source:
    1. "HD" for High Definition captures;
    2. "DVD" for DVD captures;
    3. "TV" for TV screenshots.
  5. Origin: If taken from other site, state it like so: [url Site Name].
  6. Cats: subjects appearing on the image (e.g. Godzilla|Anguirus|M.U.T.O.).
  7. License:
    1. "fanon" for fanmade images;
    2. "fanon-self" for fanmade images/work not related at all to Godzilla by the uploader;
    3. "self" for self-made images that are not based on anything in the Avatar universe and can be shared though with proper attribution;
    4. "icon" for icons and insignias from the show;
    5. "cover" for covers;
    6. "web screenshot" for snapshots of web pages;
    7. "game" for snapshots of computer games;
    8. "comic" for scans of comics, graphic novels, and other books of the series;
    9. "promo" for promotional images;
    10. "photo" for photographs;
    11. "digital" for digital renditions of non-free images;
    12. "art" for conceptual art;
    13. "CC-BY-SA" for CC-BY-SA (used by Wikipedia and Wikia) images;
    14. "CC-BY-NC" for CC-BY-NC (sometimes used by flickr) images;
    15. "GFDL" for GNU Free Documentation License images;
    16. "PD" for Public Domain images;
    17. "PD-self" for Public Domain images uploaded by their creator.