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Titanus Radon (talkcontribs)

June 1, 2026, 6:30 pm

The Avengers’ base, Earth 616

Bruce is traveling to Earth 616, Cybertron, and Equestria to notify the Avengers, Autobots, Celestia, and Luna about the birth of Godzilla and Mothra’s children. Earth 616 is his first pitstop. He arrives at the Avenger’s base to invite the legendary team. They decline the offer, saying they have better things to do. Cybertron is next. Bruce is greeted by Bumblebee and taken to the rest of the Autobots.

Prime: Welcome back, Bruce. Is something troubling you?

Bruce: No, Optimus. I came to formally invite you to the birth of Godzilla and Mothra’s children.

Prime: Oh? They are having kids? Well I will be there.

Bumblebee: What about Megatron?

Prime: That’s why I didn’t say “we will be there”, Bee. I know Megatron needs to be heavily guarded.

Bruce: Well, I’ll see you around.

Prime: Wait, you didn’t say when it will be.

Bruce: Oh. It’s on June 4th

Prime: I'll remember.


Bruce makes it to Celestia’s castle. Inside, guards escort him to Celestia, who is meditating.

Bruce: Celestia?

Celestia: (snaps out of meditation) Hm? Oh. Hello, Bruce.

Bruce: Where’s Luna?

Celestia: She built her own palace on the other side of Ponyville. (points to window) Take a look.

Bruce looks out to see Luna’s new palace, which is blue, purple, and black.

Celestia: Is there a reason you came?

Bruce: Yes. I am here to formally invite you and your sister to the birth of Godzilla and Mothra’s offspring on June 4th.

Celestia: They are having kids before they got married?

Bruce: They already did last year. Mothra became pregnant not even a month after their wedding night.

Celestia: Why hasn’t one of the Mane 6 told me about them having children

Bruce: (shrugs)

Celestia: Alright. I’ll tell Luna and we will both be there.

June 4, 2026, 6:30 pm

Monster Island

The Defenders, Blaze, Optimus Prime, Celestia, and Luna arrive at Monster Island and head to Kaiju Fields.

Prime: So where would Mothra’s nest be?

Luna: Nest?

Harambe: Not all animals that lay eggs build nests, Optimus. Butterflies lay theirs on the leaves of plants that their caterpillars will eat. But I’m not sure about Mothra. I mean, In real logic, Mothra shouldn’t even be capable of mating with Godzilla, but now with the titans, I’m just like, “fuck it.” You know?

Prime: Sure.

Bruce: (pointing) Look.

In front of them, the titans are gathered around Godzilla and Mothra’s lair. Kevin notices them coming immediately.

Kevin: Hey, guys!

Prime: Hello, Kevin.

Gigan: Come. Godzilla and Mothra are in here.

The group weaves in between the titans until they reach the entrance of the lair. Inside, Godzilla and Mothra lay next to each other, watching a nest that they have built.

Luna: Well, you were right, Optimus. They do build nests.

Godzilla: (hears group) Welcome, Defenders. You are just in time.

Kiryu: They are just about ready to hatch.

The Defenders and Optimus look into the nest. There are three eggs; two of them look almost identical, besides one having pink stripes and the other having blue. The last is a translucent blue, with veins near the shell. It begins to shift and move, and the shell starts to crack.

Mothra: The time has come.

Prime: The miracle of Birth. The moment when life emerges and begi-

The egg hatches, and a spray of fluid lands on Optimus’s face.

Prime: (wipes face) Why...

Bruce snickers, so Optimus flicks some of the fluid at his face.

Bruce: Well that’s just prime!

Rexy: Shut up. Look.

A caterpillar emerges from the egg. He is brown, segmented up to the tail, and has tiny legs near his head. His eyes are small and blue, and his black mouth opens sideways, similar to Mothra’s previous form.

Kiryu: It’s a boy.

The second egg, the pink-stripped egg, begins to hatch. The baby inside is not a caterpillar, but a baby Godzillasaurus. This one is a girl; she has pink skin with a white underbelly, and her dorsal plates are small and in the shape of hearts. Her head is dinosaur-like, with few teeth in her mouth. The last egg begins to stir, and the baby breaks out with a high-pitched roar. The last baby is a boy, and resembles his father. Instead of his sister’s pink skin and heart-shaped dorsal plates, his skin is blue and his dorsal plates are small and grey. The reptilian babies are human sized, while the larva is twice as big.

Ghidorah: Congratulations, your majesties.

Mothra: What should we name them?

Godzilla: Share yours.

Mothra: Well, since the larva is a boy, how about Leo?

Godzilla: Perfect.

Mothra: Now share yours.

Godzilla: I want the girl to be Gojirin.

Pinky: Is that english?

Godzilla: No. It’s Japanese for her English name: “Godzilly.”

Prime: Yeah. Gojirin is better.

Kong: What about the boy?

Godzilla: ...This will be a cliche name, Mothra, but do you want to hear?

Mothra: Of course, my love.

Godzilla: Junior. Godzilla Junior.

Mothra: I love it.

Godzilla and Mothra lean in to look at their newborn children up close. Leo goes to his mother, nuzzling her fur. Gojirin is confused, but goes to her father with Godzilla Junior. Godzilla picks up his son and daughter in his palm and lifts them up. He stands and shows them to the crowd.

Godzilla: Titans! The Prince and Princess of the Monsters: Gojirin and Godzilla Junior!

The titans bow to the two. Gojirin is in awe of the crowd and cannot stop staring, but Junior seems to understand, and roars at them.

Godzilla: That’s my boy!

Celestia: Huh. Like father, like son.