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Godzilla vs Godzilla: Remastered

Titanus Radon (talkcontribs)

May 31st, 2019, 12:00 am

Tokyo, Japan

Luna trots down Tokyo's streets, looking for Shodai. Tokyo used to be the largest city in the world, with a population larger than most countries on Earth Prime. But now, it is quiet. Too quiet. Cars are left jammed in some streets, fires burning in others, and downed power lines in almost every corner of the city. Curiously, few buildings are knocked down. Celestia and a few others whisper to her through a radio.

Celestia: Anything yet, Luna?

Luna: No, not yet.

Godzilla: I'm honestly glad you haven't found him yet, Luna.

Luna: Me too.

Just then, footsteps are heard. She hides behind one of the buildings and peers behind the corner. ShodaiGoji is wandering through the streets, sniffing the air. He knows there is an intruder in his domain. Luna turns down her radio, as not to let him hear her. He disappears behind one of the buildings, letting Luna have a breather and tell the others.

Luna: I found him. He is in the east of town.

Thanos: We're on our way.

As Luna catches her breath, she looks to her right, and is horrified; Shodai's head peers at her, his eyes staring into her soul. Not knowing the radio is still on, Luna screams for her life as Shodai roars at her.

Godzilla: (hearing the commotion) Luna?! LUNA?!?

Celestia: (to Bruce) Can you go any faster?! Luna's in danger!

Bruce: We are going as fast as we can! Kiryu, Mothra, go help her!

Kiryu and Mothra: Will do!

Bruce puts the Argo on hyperdrive as Kiryu and Mothra fly to Tokyo. Godzilla, fearing for his wife's life, swims as fast as he can, unknowingly generating tsunamis. Back at Tokyo, Luna runs through the streets, turning at any sharp corner she can to get ShodaiGoji off her trail, but he simply topples the skyscrapers. Eventually, she has no choice but to fight back. She transforms into Irys and wraps her tentacles around her attacker, slamming him into a building. When the dust settles, Shodai is nowhere to be seen. Kiryu and Mothra arrive, but see Irys standing by herself.

Mothra: Where did he go?

Irys: I don't know. I slammed him into a building, and he disappeared.

As Mothra and Irys speak, Kiryu scans the are for Shodai. He sees him, but he is behind Mothra, ready to slash her wings.

Kiryu: Mothra! Get down!

Mothra ducks as Kiryu fires his Twin Maser Cannons at ShodaiGoji, who is invisible. Shodai reappears, but as a new form: 84Goji.

Kiryu: What the-

84Goji tail whips Kiryu, causing the mech to crash into the streets. Mothra grips 84Goji's shoulders, allowing Irys to impale him. He turns back into ShodaiGoji and gets the two off, ripping Irys' arm blade out of his abdomen. ShodaiGoji generates a Nuclear Pulse, stunning all of them. He walks over to Kiryu and lifts him up, trying to tear his metal off, but Kiryu uses his Absolute Zero Cannon and freezes him. ShodaiGoji shatters into a million pieces, but when the three start to take a breather, they are horrified to see him again, marching over to them.

Shodai: Did you really think you could kill me? That was a mere image of me. Why do you think it never spoke?

He roars, calling Clover and Zilla over to fight. They arrive shortly after, with Clover headbutting Mothra and Zilla biting one of Irys' tentacles. Kiryu once again fights ShodaiGoji, while Zilla struggles against Irys. After a while, Shodai turns the tables and goes after Irys. She clashes with the false king until Kong appears out of the smoke from the fires around the city, leaping into the air and smashing a rock into his face.

Kong: Irys, run!

Irys flies away as Kong wraps his arm around Shodai's neck, slamming his fist on his head. Shodai whips Kong in the back of the head with his tail and slashes at his chest, drawing blood. Kong grabs a small ship and smashes it on ShodaiGoji's arm like a baseball bat, breaking it and popping it out of its socket. Shortly, though, Shodai's arm heals as he pops it back into place. As he is about to fire his Atomic Breath at Kong, he is hit by golden lightning. He looks up, and as he sees a three headed dragon's silhouette on the Moon, he hears a strange call, sounding like it is saying "Bidibidi." It is Ghidorah, and he comes diving into the fight. Ni bites into Shodai's neck and tosses him to the side. Shodai gets back up and fires his Atomic Breath at Ghidorah, sending him sliding backwards.

Ghidorah: Kong. You can absorb electricity, right?

Kong: Yeah. Why?

Ghidorah: Absorb this.

Ghidorah fires his Gravity Beams at Kong, who absorbs them, becoming supercharged with electricity. He goes to punch Shodai, who dodges the attack. Kong grabs a small tower and shoves it down his throat, causing ShodaiGoji to choke on metal and wiring. Shodai pulls it out and smashes it against Kong's head, causing him to fall face first into the ground.

Shodai: Not pleasant, huh, Kong?

Kong: (struggling to get up) How do you...know my name?

ShodaiGoji: (planting a foot on Kong's back) It wasn't Skullcrawlers that killed your was me.

Kong looks back at ShodaiGoji, who has a devilishly evil smirk on his face.

Kong: You..killed Mom and Dad?!

ShodaiGoji: Yes. And I took pleasure in their deaths. First your father; I ripped his throat out. Then your oh so sweet mother, who I pulled out of your home and gouged her eyes out. Once she was blind, I broke her spine and snapped her neck. I was laughing in amusement the whole time they suffered.

Kong forcibly pushes Shodai off of him with an unbelievable amount of anger and rage.


Kong grabs onto ShodaiGoji's head, dragging him across the ground before throwing him into the air and kicking him in the face with electricity. When he lands, he coughs up blood. Shodai fires his Atomic Breath at Kong, burning his skin and evaporating his fur on his arm. Shodai then begins to strangle Kong. Before he is strangled to death, Irys forces Shodai to let go. Ghidorah flies over and pounces on Shodai, wrapping his tails around him. Shodai simply tears them off, freeing himself. He turns his attention to Irys, who has disappeared. He sees her in a building with a sign that reads, "Toho Cinema."

Luna: Oh no!

ShodaiGoji: Well, I see this as a win-win. I never liked you or Toho.

ShodaiGoji blasts the building to pieces, but Luna escapes. She does, however, suffer bad burns on her wings, temporarily disabling her ability of flight.

ShodaiGoji: Got you.

ShodaiGoji charges his Atomic Breath as Luna screams and Kiryu, Mothra, Kong, and Ghidorah rush to save her. Just before he fires his Atomic Breath, a blue beam hits him in the chest, sending him tumbling backwards. A familiar roar is heard as footsteps are heard. Godzilla has arrived with the military and Equestria's royal guards. He roars as jets fly over him and battleships fire missiles and bullets at ShodaiGoji, Clover, and Zilla.

ShodaiGoji: Well look who's back. King of Ponytown and former King of the Monsters.

Godzilla: What you don't realize, Shodai, is that I have always been king. Ever since my father, MogeGoji, died, I took his mantle and became the new king. You showed up out of nowhere and decided to claim it yourself. When you did, you did everything wrong as a king. You forced your subjects to do your bidding, which is to make humanity extinct and let the world burn. In reality, you are supposed to treat your subjects like they are actual living beings and not your slaves. You are supposed to preserve all life forms, even if they try to kill you, and you are supposed to let the world flourish. You don't belong here, Shodai. Leave or die.

Shodai: Why would I give up my spot to a pussy who rules over Ponytown?

Godzilla: Glad you made your choice.

A Star Destroyer, the Argo, and Autobots all arrive behind Godzilla.

Rexy: Ready when you are, Godzilla.

Godzilla: Time to finish what Serizawa started. ATTACK!!

All: For Serizawa!

The Argo fires its missiles, affecting Clover and Zilla, but Shodai takes it on.

ShodaiGoji: Is that the best you can do?

The Star Destroyer fires plasma beams at Shodai, causing him to stumble. The five Titans get ready for battle, with Kong roaring and beating his chest, Ghidorah spreading his wings, Kiryu revealing his weapons, Mothra flying into the air, and Godzilla growling with anger. Shodai roars for two more Kaiju, Battra to clash with Mothra, and Rodan to fight Ghidorah. He transforms as well into FinalGoji, roaring with intimidation, but the others do not back down.

Godzilla: CHARGE!!

All of the Kaiju charge at each other, Mothra and Battra colliding head on, Ghidorah clawing at Rodan, Kiryu shooting at Clover, Zilla biting onto Kong's arm, and Godzilla and FinalGoji smashing their heads together. All of the collisions create shockwaves that rock the city.

Caesar: Is it just me, or has he been working out?

Alpha: (from a radio) You kidding? Equestria's got that lizard juiced!

Iris: Damn right.

A monitor beeps an alarm, and Darwin goes to check it out.

Darwin: Oh no. Everyone on the Ospreys, rescue anyone you can and get the hell out of there, because in about 12 minutes, he is about to explode like a hydrogen bomb!

Bruce: Copy that. Prepare for landing!

All the Ospreys fan out to different parts of the city. As one lands, containing Bruce, Twilight, Optimus Prime, Captain America, Rexy, and several soldiers, it overlooks three separate fights. Kiryu shoots at Clover, Mothra and Battra grapple with each other, hitting jets by accident, and Kong and Zilla exchanging blows with each other. Behind them, Ghidorah and Rodan fight in the sky, with Rodan proving to be a challenge. As it touches down, they hear Godzilla roar nearby. The back hatch opens, with everyone exiting.

Cap: Go, go! Spread out!

Twilight looks up to see Luna coming down to them, and behind her, Kiryu electrocutes Clover, stunning her.

Twilight: I thought you would be helping Godzilla.

Luna: Even though we all hate him, it's his fight. He needs to reclaim his crown. The two dig in the rubble and find no one, and as they head back to the Osprey, they witness Godzilla clash with Shodai above them, and after getting tossed into a building by Godzilla, Shodai disappears, leaving Godzilla confused.

Luna: Be careful, Godzilla!

Shodai reappears behind Godzilla, in a new form known as GMKGoji and restrains Godzilla by the neck. He breathes Atomic Breath in his face and throws him aside, ready to fire again, until he is blasted by Godzilla, now as Shin Godzilla. Shin's tail fires its own beam at GMKGoji, who reels back in pain, but then disappears again, reappearing in the air and diving towards Shin. However, Shin unleashes a new ability: Dorsal Plate Beams. They are purple like his tail beam and Atomic Breath, but instead of one, there seem to be a dozen of them. GMKGoji tanks them all and lands feet first on Shin's back, causing him to fall onto the ground. As GMKGoji fires his Atomic Breath again once off of Shin, he transforms into Super Godzilla and counters the beam with his own Rainbow Breath. The two beams interlock, causing a shockwave that destroys the Osprey.

Rexy: Shit! How are we going to get out of this?!

Optimus: Just run!

The six Defenders run from the fight, to another Osprey about to take off with the raptor pack, besides Darwin, inside.

Bruce: Have room for us?

The raptors let them on and go back to the Argo. Kiryu is pinned down by Clover's gargantuan hand, but she is distracted by something nearby. She looks over to see another Kaiju emerging from the ocean: Gojirin. She roars at Clover, who roars at her back. As Gojirin charges her Atomic Breath, Kiryu shoots at Clover's head, making her release him. Gojirin fires her Atomic Breath, incinerating Clover's upper arm. Kiryu follows the blast with one of his arm blades impaling her through the chest. When he rips the blade out, her pulsating heart is on the blade. Clover collapses to the ground, bleeding out and dying.

Kiryu: Thanks for that. (pointing) Godzilla needs your help.

Gojirin: On it. Also, another monster is coming to help.

Kiryu: Who is it?

Gojirin: Remember Leo?

As Godzilla and GMKGoji's beam lock stop, a bright light shines in the sky and what seems to be Mothra's roar is heard, but she is still battling Battra. Out of the clouds, Godzilla's brother, Mothra Leo, dives down.

GMKGoji: There's another moth?!

Leo turns his chest to have it face GMKGoji and fires a beam out of it, stunning him.

Godzilla: Hello, Leo.

Leo: Hey, big brother. Good to have you back.

Gojirin: No, Leo. It's been a while since you were here.

Gojirin rushes at GMKGoji, body slamming herself into him and through a damaged skyscraper, turning him back into ShodaiGoji.

Shodai: Enough!

He roars out, calling out for more Kaiju. From the sky, Gamera slams into Gojirin, and as Leo gets ready to attack from the clouds again, Desghidorah tackles him through a skyscraper. Ghidorah, noticing Desghidorah, grabs Rodan's wings and fires a Gravity Beam into his face, releasing him to crash into the streets below.

Ichi: Leo!

Leo hears Ichi and escapes Desghidorah.

Leo: Yeah?

Ichi: Go and fight Rodan.

Leo: Why?

Ichi: Do it or I will have Ni bash your face in.

Leo: Okay.

Leo flies to Rodan as Ghidorah walks cautiously over to Desghidorah, who snarls at him as he gets closer.

Kevin: Are you sure about this, Ichi?

Ichi: Just stay calm, you two. And, Kevin, please don't be afraid. Inside, Des is still there.

Kevin: I'll try.

Ni: Des. We know you're in there.

Desghidorah fires her own Gravity Beams as a warning.

Desghidorah: I don't know this "Des" you mention about.

Ichi: Des. Please. We don't want to hurt you.

Ichi, without thinking, rushes at Desghidorah and embraces her with his wings.

Ichi: (in tears) I don't know if we have ever told you this, but I will be the first to say it: I love you, Des. You are my entire world! I can't imagine life without you!

Ni and Kevin: We love you too, Des!

Des starts to shake her heads violently, as if she is trying to get ShodaiGoji's control out of her heads. Her eyes, once completely white, are now red with pupils. She is out of Shodai's control and embraces Ghidorah.

Desghidorah: I love you too, Ghidorah!

Shodai looks in horror as this happens and the other Titans under his control are siding with Godzilla; first Battra, then Rodan, and Gamera lastly.

Battra: Mothra?

Mothra: Battra! (hugs him) Oh thank God!

Battra: What happened? Why do I have you pinned on the streets?

Mothra: You were brainwashed (pointing at ShodaiGoji) by him.

Leo and Rodan are dogfighting when Rodan regains his free will.

Leo: Rodan?

Rodan: Yeah?

Leo: ShodaiGoji had you under his control.

Rodan: That son of a bitch.

Gojirin: Welcome back, Gamera

Gamera: Good to be back.

As all of the Titans side with Godzilla, the only one who hasn't is Zilla, who is stopped by Shodai's threats.

Shodai: Zilla! Take one step further and I'll have you killed first.

Zilla: (backing up to Godzilla) True godzillas stick together, Shodai. And that's saying something.

Shodai: (in his head) I knew that tuna-head was useless.

Godzilla: Are we forgetting someone?

Kiryu: You mean Clover? She's dead.

Godzilla: Let's fix that.

Godzilla closes his eyes as he revives Clover, who roars and joins them.

Shodai: You are making a great mistake, Godzilla.

Godzilla: Titans! Attack!

Every Titan charges at Shodai, who runs head first into the cluster. Rodan hovers above Shodai while batting at his head with his claws. This was a distraction from Gamera and Battra, who blast him with a plasma fireball and purple eye lasers. Shodai fires his Atomic Breath at Gamera, who reels back, but is hit again by Battra.


Battra dives in and bites Shodai's arm, but is thrown off. Clover clutches to a small boat and smashes it into ShodaiGoji. As he is stunned, Clover rams into him before punching him with her giant hands and biting his shoulder. Shodai bites her shoulder and throws her off. Ghidorah pounces onto Shodai and fires his Gravity Beams while Desghidorah does the same. He gets them off with a Nuclear Pulse. Leo fires a chest beam at Shodai while his mother fires poisonous scales from her abdomen, paralyzing him and allowing Zilla to bite onto ShodaiGoji's neck, trying to suffocate him. Shodai quickly recovers, however, and grips onto Zilla's tail, hitting both Mothra and her son. Gojirin clashes with Shodai before he gets the upper hand and restrains her, trying to tear her arms off, but Kiryu blasts him with his shoulder missiles, getting him off.

Kiryu: (holding his hand out to Gojirin) Need a hand?

As Shodai gets back up, he sees Kong in front of him, dragging a ship through the streets, then holding it like a baseball bat.

Shodai: Gotta be kidding me!

Kong smacks ShodaiGoji in the face with the ship before Shodai has had enough and bites his neck, pinning him against a skyscraper. Kong grabs both jaws and smashes him through the building. Shodai leaps into the air and begins to strangle Kong, but before the job is done, Godzilla's tail wraps around ShodaiGoji's neck and throws him aside.

Godzilla: (helping Kong up) You alright?

Kong: Yeah. Thanks.

Godzilla: No problem. (handing him a large , sturdy tree) Need this?

Kong: (taking the tree) Yes.

Godzilla: Go ham.

Kong turns to Shodai as he roars at him and strips the tree of its branches. The two charge at each other, with Kong smashing the tree on ShodaiGoji's face before lifting him up and raising the tree in the air.

Kong: Eat your vegetables.

Kong shoves the tree down Shodai's throat, but he burns the tree away. Before he can land a hit on Kong, Godzilla fires his Atomic Breath, dazing Shodai, allowing him to get close and bite his arm. Shodai pries Godzilla's jaws off of his arm and pushes him backwards. The two lunge at each other, with Godzilla biting on ShodaiGoji's top jaw and Shodai biting on Godzilla's bottom jaw. Shodai claws at Godzilla's neck, injuring his gills and releasing his grip to fall to the ground.

Shodai: Well now. I found your weak spot, haven't I?

Shodai then kicks at Godzilla's neck, injuring him more. Luna sees this from the Argo, and decides to go.

Luna: I'm going in!

Luna exits the Argo and turns into Irys, flying down to help her husband. She fires scalpel beams at Shodai, piercing through his abdomen.

Godzilla: Luna. Get back to the Argo.

Luna: I thought our marriage was centered around protecting each other, not just you protecting me.

Godzilla: (after thinking for a moment) You're right.

Shodai gets back up, only to see Godzilla, Irys, and Kong banning together.

Shodai: Alright. This is getting ridiculous.

Shodai generates a Nuclear Pulse, burning Kong and Irys, and sending Godzilla trying to regain footing.

Kong: Godzilla, Why is your skin glowing red?

The pulse has started a fuse. He will explode soon.

Godzilla: GO! NOW!!

Kong and everyone else gets away from Tokyo, all except Irys, who hesitates.

Godzilla: Irys. No matter what happens, if I die, or if I survive, always remember: I love you.

Godzilla and Irys embrace one last time before she goes to the rest of the Titans. Godzilla turns to Shodai, wide eyes at his burning state. Godzilla fires his Red Spiral Ray, vaporizing ShodaiGoji's limbs, leaving him a head and a torso.

Shodai: (as Godzilla plants his foot on his chest) So, we die together. I am content.

Godzilla releases all of his energy in a gargantuan explosion as his roar is heard as well as Shodai's roar is heard. When the explosion dies down, it is dawn. Tokyo is ruined. Every building is leveled and average life form can survive here.

Hope: Where's Dad?

Luna: I don't know, honey.

Mothra: Dad?

Luna: (in her head) Crap. (to Mothra) Yeah. These two are me and Godzilla's kids.

Mothra: Why wouldn't he tell me about this?!

Kiryu: Relax, Mothra. Let's go look for your son.

All of the Titans go to Tokyo to look for Godzilla. As soon as they step foot in the ruined city, rubble begins to shift in the center of the city. As the Titans shift their attention to the rubble, ShodaiGoji's head pops out.

Luna: No! You couldn't have!

Shodai roars in pain as he is lifted from the rubble by Godzilla, in his largest from yet: Godzilla Earth. He flails Shodai around in his mouth before vaporizing him with his Atomic Breath. He turns back into his base form to reunite with his family and friends.

Kong: You did well, friend.

Godzilla: You too. Sorry that you didn't get the killing blow.

Kong: Don't worry about it. It was your fight.

Luna: Godzilla!

Hope and Tony: Dad!

Godzilla turns into Phantom as he reunites with his family. Mothra goes to speak with Godzilla, but Ghidorah stops her.

Ghidorah: Let them be. You can speak to him later.

Mothra: (nods) Okay.

Clover: You hear that?

Phantom turns back into Godzilla as he sees what Clover was hearing: the Titans under ShodaiGoji's control. Every single one.

MUTO Prime: Traitors!

Godzilla doesn't speak, but stares at the Titans. They see the ashes of their fallen leader and bow to Godzilla along with the Titans on his side. Luna, Hope, and Tony do the same as well. Godzilla roars into the sky, victorious and once again claiming his throne as King of the Monsters.