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Godzilla: The Anime Trilogy We Should Have Gotten

Titanus Radon (talkcontribs)

Happy New Year, Wikizilla. By the title, you're probably expecting some of my crossover again, but no. It's about something else. I'm pretty sure you all know of the first one that was released: the Godzilla Earth vs Mechagodzilla animation, which translated is [MMD] -Decisive Battle Mobile Proliferation Machine Beast- [Godzilla]. I know there is a comment on Earth's page on him fighting the military, which translated is [MMD Godzilla] -GODZILLA Despair haze-. Just yesterday, however, the same people who made those released another animation: and it gave Void Ghidorah the love he deserved. The title is translated into this: [MMD Godzilla] -GODZILLA Star-eating wings-. I won't give any spoilers, but it is one of, if not the best kaiju fights I have ever seen. Here's the link to Star-eating wings as well as its predecessors.

Decisive Battle Mobile Proliferation Machine Beast:

Despair haze:

Star-eating wings: