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Time for War: Earth

Titanus Radon (talkcontribs)

October 31st, 2019, 11:58 pm

Isla Nublar

Godzilla circles Isla Nublar in the water, guarding it from any signs of Void Ghidorah. Fluttershy takes refuge in Twilight’s house, safe from anything in the night.

Fluttershy: I’m worried, Twilight.

Twilight: About what?

Fluttershy: Darwin. I’m worried about his safety.

Twilight: I’m worried about Sobek, too. You can’t tell what is going on in the fight here.

Suddenly, they hear a portal open; Void Ghidorah’s portal. It is inside the house, upstairs. Twilight and Fluttershy duck into a closet to avoid his detection. They look on through the crack of the door a golden light brighten as they hear growls from outside. Void Ghidorah is in his snake-like form, winding around the house.

Void Ghidorah: Princess Twilight Sparkle. Fluttershy. I know you are here somewhere. (silence) No? Okay. Time to let Tirek loose.

Void Ghidorah quickly backs into his entry portal, which closes soon afterward. Another portal opens in the plains nearby, and Tirek comes barging out as the Moon becomes red. He blasts a concussive magical beam from in between his horns at the trees in front of him, which light ablaze. Twilight and Fluttershy look on as the surrounding trees catch fire as well, but they hear a roar from outside. Twilight teleports the both of them outside to find the rest of the Mane 6 and Sobek, who is in his Blood Moon form, at their front door.

Twilight: Sobek!

Sobek: Twilight.

Twilight: Oh, I forgot. No emotions.

Sobek: Yes. Sorry about that.

Twilight: That’s not my biggest concern right now. Tirek is here, and he’s lit the forest on fire.

Pinkie: Oh no! That’s really bad!

Applejack: Why couldn’t you fight him, Twilight?

Twilight: He just got here, and I can’t take him alone.

Rainbow: Don’t worry, Twilight! We’ve got your back!

Tirek looks on as the forest burns and birds proceed to fly away.

Tirek: Yes. Let it burn.

Twilight: Not if we have anything to say about it!

Tirek turns to see the Mane 6 and Sobek all together. Twilight fires a beam that puts out the fires and restores the burnt forest.

Tirek: Hmph. That wasn’t my plan anyways.

Sobek: What are you talking about?

Tirek: You’ve fallen into our trap.

Six portals open around the group of Defenders. Out of each, snake heads of Void Ghidorah charge out quickly, biting down on all of them and restraining them. All except Twilight. A seventh, gigantic portal opens behind Tirek, out of which Void Ghidorah comes out. He looks at the Mane 6 and Sobek trying to break free of the heads’ grasp, then growls when he sees Twilight.

Void Ghidorah: Princess Twilight Sparkle.

Twilight: Why, Void Ghidorah? Why do you do this?!

Void Ghidorah: I’ll give you a simplified story so as to not bore you with a monologue. I destroy and enslave planets for the fun of it. There are just those few planets that I keep alive as to feed on their life source.

Twilight: Planets… are alive?

Void Ghidorah: Yes, but not all of them have as strong of a life source as Earth, Cybertron, and your planet, Kepler-22b.

Sobek: Wait, that’s one of the planets in our universe!

Void Ghidorah: You didn’t know that all of your planets are in the same universe? That’s a laugh.

Rarity: If all of our planets are in the same universe, where is Cybertron?!

Void Ghidorah: On the opposite side of Earth’s orbit. However, it’s life source is weaker than both Earth and Kepler’s life forces. I chose your planet, Twilight, because it has a slightly smaller life reserve, probably due to when I first went a thousand years ago.

Twilight: You… you were…

Void Ghidorah: The sirens were my doing, but I lost touch with them long ago, so I assume they broke free of my control.

Twilight: You are the one who caused everything bad to happen then?! Sombra?! Tirek?! Nightmare Moon?!

Void Ghidorah: All of it. And I have returned to finish what I have started.

Void Ghidorah rears his necks back while charging up the Exif symbol in front of his mouths. Tirek backs up to steer clear of the blast as Twilight closes her eyes, knowing there is nothing she can do against a god. However, a blue blast of atomic energy hits Void Ghidorah, sending him tumbling backwards. The hit also causes the snake heads to retreat back into the portal, releasing the Mane 6 and Sobek. The blast came from Godzilla, furious of the Golden Demise’s being on Earth. He stops firing his Atomic Breath, smoke pouring from the corners of his mouth and from his nostrils when he breathes. Twilight flies up to the side of Godzilla’s face.

Twilight: We’ve got Tirek.

Godzilla: (nods) I’ll take care of Void Ghidorah.


Godzilla roars as Twilight flies back down to her friends and husband.

Tirek: (summons a yellow and black sword) This is the end, Twilight.

Twilight: (summons the Alicorn Sword) You’re wrong, Tirek! With my friends by my side, we can accomplish anything!

Void Ghidorah: Your pony friends have too much faith in the “Magic of Friendship,” Gojira.

Godzilla: (ignores Void Ghidorah’s statement) I have repeatedly told your species to leave this planet. Now, this is your time to die.

Void Ghidorah and Tirek sprint forward, the God of the Void using his wings as front limbs. The group of Defenders and Godzilla charge forward as well, the palm of Godzilla’s hand sparking with electromagnetic energy. When they reach each other, a shockwave is created from Godzilla and Void Ghidorah slamming into each other head on while swords clang into one another. Tirek swats Rainbow, Fluttershy, and Rarity away as Sobek grips onto his horns swinging him into the ground as Godzilla slams his tail into Void Ghidorah’s flank. The three-headed menace rebounds by restraining him with his left and right heads, while the middle fires a Gravity Beam at Godzilla’s shoulder. Down below, Tirek blasts Applejack and Pinkie Pie away, then traps the ponies and Sobek in inescapable bubbles, except for Twilight.

Tirek: Come on, Twilight. (cracks knuckles) Just you and me.

Twilight: (wipes blood from corner of mouth) Bring it on!

Twilight and Tirek charge forward, slamming into one another. Twilight generates a magical pulse that pushes Tirek back, who responds by grabbing her telekenetically and throwing her into a mountain. She flies between Godzilla’s jaws, which bite down onto Belu-Be’s neck as Haru bites onto Godzilla’s shoulder. Twilight looks on as Tirek comes flying towards her, crashing head first into the mountain and through the other side. Twilight rebounds, teleporting above the centaur and throwing him to the ground with her magic. She flies down as her horn glows with magic, then fires a beam that explodes on contact. Twilight lands, but the ground she is standing on trembles as Tirek lifts it up, then throws the chunk of Earth to the plains, to which he follows. Just before hitting the ground, Twilight flies back into the air, headed straight for her arch nemesis. In the background, Godzilla slashes and pushes Void Ghidorah back, but all three heads bite down onto his arm, shoulder, and neck. The golden dragon lifts Godzilla up and slams him into the ground. Godzilla gets the heads off as he charges his Atomic Breath. He fires the beam, causing Void Ghidorah to be pushed back. Tirek slams his fists on the ground, causing pillars of rock to erupt from the Earth. Twilight destroys the pillars in front of her, continuing to speed ahead. Tirek fires a beam from his horns, and Twilight does the same. The two beams collide, creating a massive explosion and shockwave that rocks Isla Nublar. Godzilla stops firing the Atomic Breath; it isn’t doing anything to his adversary.

Void Ghidorah: So, you’ve finally decided to give up?

Godzilla looks up on a small mountain behind Void Ghidorah; Kong is up there, ready to leap off at a moment’s notice.

Godzilla: No. I just let my friends get a chance sometimes.

Metphies and Belu-Be look at Godzilla with confusion, but Haruo hears something behind them rumble. He looks up to see Kong, who has lept off of the mountain top, bearing down on them. He lands, grabbing all three heads in his left hand, slamming them into the cliffside. Tirek and Twilight emerge from the rubble, having fought to a standstill.

Tirek: You haven’t changed a bit.

Twilight: Nor have you.

Tirek is suddenly attacked by Sobek, who grips onto his horns and tosses him aside.

Twilight: Sobek?

Sobek: Celestia freed us.

Twilight: But she-

Sobek points to behind Tirek, where all the Defenders stand.

Twilight: We… won?

Cadence: In Equestria, yes, but clearly not here. Stella? Would you like to do the honors?

Stella steps from the crowd, her horn glowing.

Tirek and Twilight: Chrysalis?

Stella: This has gone on for too long, Tirek. One day in the near future, we can bring you back and reform you. But for now, enjoy imprisonment in stone.

The Changeling Queen fires electricity from her horn, which surrounds the centaur as he slowly turns to stone. When the electricity dissipates, he is nothing more than a statue. Void Ghidorah sees this, then thinks of an idea.

Void Ghidorah: I see that I am outnumbered by a large margin. But you all are outmatched.

Metphies charges a violet beam, which has all the Titans worried.


Everyone scatters as Void Ghidorah fires Antimatter Gravity Beams at where the Defenders once were, creating a mushroom cloud.

Mothra: There’s no stopping anyone once antimatter is used.

Twilight: Maybe there is.

Sunset: How?

Twilight teleports herself and the Mane 6 to Void Ghidorah’s left as to not harm the other Defenders.


Void Ghidorah looks down at Twilight, who slowly marches forward.

Void Ghidorah: (chuckles) Looks like the little ponies are ready to die. How grateful of you to willingly kill yourselves.

Metphies fires a Gravity Beam from the Exif symbol, but Twilight swings her head to the left, deflecting the beam with her magic.

Twilight: You may knock us down, but we’ll get up again!

Belu-Be fires a Gravity Beam, but Twilight, using her magic, deflects the beam to the right.

Twilight: And again!

All three heads fire Gravity Beams, but Twilight absorbs the beams into her horn, firing it back at Void Ghidorah and causing him to reel back in pain.

Twilight: With these girls by my side, all darkness and evil vanishes!

The rest of the Mane 6 join hooves with Twilight.

Applejack: For our friends!

Rarity and Fluttershy: For our families!

Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie: For our homes!

Twilight: For Equestria, Earth, and Cybertron!

The Mane 6 levitate into the air, surrounded by a yellow, pink, and white aura. Void Ghidorah rears his heads back, charging his Antimatter Gravity Beams.

Godzilla: What are they doing?!

Darwin: They’re going to get themselves killed!

Metphies smirks just before he and the other heads fire the antimatter at the equines, but when they touch the aura, they follow it around and continue on the other side, blowing up far behind the Mane 6 and creating another mushroom cloud.

Void Ghidorah: (stops firing) WHAT?!

Everyone’s jaw is on the floor; the Mane 6 has deflected and redirected antimatter.


Twilight: (mane flows like the celestial sisters) You can’t destroy our friendship, Void Ghidorah!

Applejack: We’ve always been telling bad guys…

Rarity: But they never seem to listen…

Fluttershy: Just remember this before you go…

Void Ghidorah: What would that be?


When they look at Void Ghidorah once more, their eyes glow white as the aura expands. The Defenders try to shield themselves from the aura, but it has no effect on them. Void Ghidorah tries to shield himself with his wings, but they begin to vaporize. The rest of him follows soon after as he lets out one last, ghostly screech. When the aura dies down, the Mane 6 rejoin the rest of the Defenders, crying with tears of joy. The war is over. Void Ghidorah has been defeated. They have won. For now.

Just another sneak peek of "When Worlds Collide."