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Custom information

Hi. I'm a new user who frequently contributes to the lesser known and neglected sites. I also make smaller changes to big sites like fixing typos and adding small bits of information.


I have loved dinosaurs since 3 years old, loved Godzilla since 5 years old. I've been designing my own fictional monsters for AGES and was probably inspired by Godzilla. Since then, I love anything kaiju or sci-fi related.


Why am I writing this?

Other information

I watch a few films, though not overly frequently and prefer anything sci-fi or kaiju.

FAVOURITE GENRES: 1. Sci-fi 2. Action 3. Thriller/Adventure FAVOURITE MOVIES: 1. Shin Godzilla/Godzilla Vs. Destroyah 2. Godzilla (1954) 3. Godzilla: Final Wars


I don't watch TV...


Ooh... I LOVE Dubstep, Hardbass, Drum and Bass, anything electronic... I love it! That is, though, excluding Dance and R&B. I like epic, intense, hard, electronic music with no singing unless it's occasionally like Hardbass. I also like Classical mixed with Dubstep.

FAVOURITE GENRES: 1. Dubstep/Drum and Bass 2. Apocalyptic/Powerful Classical (Godzilla Music) 3. Hardbass FAVOURITE SONGS: 1. Warak - Reanimate 2. NK - Evil/Persecution of The Masses 3. GMK Godzilla Main Theme


I have some Godzilla stuff, and also Michael Morpurgo books are okay (I read them much less than I used to). Also like some science books, but that's occasional.

Video games

I play a lot of video games. Mainly GODZILLA BATTLE LINE, Godzilla: Monster of Monsters!, Clash Royale, Godzilla: Omniverse, Geometry Dash, Shell Shockers, Henry Stickmin Collection and Roblox (Kaiju Universe and Tower Battle)


I don't read magazines, but I used to read dinosaur magazines and get the toys when I was very young.


Idk. Just not soup, meat fat or chicken skin (unless its fried, yum), some salads and seafood (other than some fishes).


Also pretty much anything other than pomegranate, grape or some orange juices. Also milk, but sometimes I like it because it's cool and refreshing; but so is water, and thus it's not much to say.

Personal information
Real name

gerkin (it's not)


gerkin city (im just filling this in for the sake of it), pickle town


pickle town, United Kingdom


gerkin smelling and pickle picking


Places I have lived

UK. Been to Russia, Scotland, Wales and recently Greece but have never lived for over 2 weeks.


gerkin swallowing senior school and beans mixing academy TM

About me

I am a human being, but most of personal information won't be here because I am more private and wary in the internet.