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Custom information

Godzilla (1998) deserves to be called Godzilla, not Fraudzilla, G.I.N.O nor Zilla.


Pokémon: Dynamax is great and more exciting than Mega Evolution. Same with Z-Moves. And yes, I played Omega Ruby.


Enough ranting. If you want to discuss something with me, leave a comment on my talk page.


When it comes to other wikis, I read Wikipedia and am an admin on RationalWiki (on RationalWiki, pretty much anyone that stick around for some time and isn't a obvious vandal is made an admin).

Other information

Watched the Godzilla movies on Netflix

Interested in the "Predator" and "Alien" franchises. Don't really watch that many movies


My favourite comedy series are Oggy and the cockroaches, Seinfeld, Buddy Thunderstuck, Zig and Sharko and Spongebob. I also like Transformers: Prime and some other shows. Really dig Pokémon: the series.

Did I mention Shaun the sheep?


Mostly rock, Eourovision song and game music.


Have a LOT of Donald Pocket-books, as well as some Dork Daries and Dairy of a wimpy kid.

Video games

Pokémon is my life, along with Minecraft (not just the game but in general).

My favourite game ever is probaly Pokémon Shield.


Have some game magazines like the error-riddled Robot and Noobworks Mineworld. Have a ton of Donald Duck & CO, as well as Bamse.(A steady franchise that is mostly obscure outside of Scandinavia)


Water, juice and soda.

Personal information
Real name





I don't work.(yet)

About me

(I am at the moment inactive)

A gal that is obsessed with zoology, dinosaurs and pop culture. Also like reading RationalWiki and collecting various stuff.