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Custom information

Species: Humanzilla

Nicknames: J, Thickzilla, British Knockoff(Your Damn Right I Am), Absolute(R Rated Material), Nerd.

Height: 5.15 Metres(Toddler) 22 Metres(Mature)

Thickness Level: 500,000 Metric Tons(Toddler) 20,000 Metric Tons(Mature)

Alies: Fellow Goji, Wikizilla Users

Enemies: The Anime Trilogy

Languages: Skeonk, English (Attempting Spainish, German, French And Sum Dat Japanese)

Catchphrase: SKEEOONK!, D'Y Know What I Mean?, Crap!, Damn It My Soup Is Still In The Microwave!, WHY DID YOU PUT THAT IN A GODZILLA MOVIE!?!?

Other information

Most Of The Godzilla Franchise,The Heisei Gamera Series, The Jurassic Park Franchise


Heavy Music Preferably


Any Form Of Encyclopedia

Video games

Most Action, Fantasy, Science Fiction And Adventure Games


Meat, Fibre, Carbohydrates, Basically Anything(Lemon Chicken And Cauliflower Are Some Of The Exceptions)


Coke, Water, Yet Again Basically Anything(Besides Coffee)

Personal information

United Kingdom