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King GodDoraDanOnRa
Other information
I enjoy the Godzilla series a lot! Godzilla 2014 introduced me to the Godzilla series. I started watching it when I was 4 or 5. I enjoyed the series so much!
I like the SSS Warrior Cats videos / YouTube / I watch it every day.
I like Imagine Dragons and im inspired by Akira's music. My favorite music he made was Godzilla's main theme. For Imagine Dragons I like Im so Sorry
I love Warrior Cats. My goal is to read every single Warrior cats book. I toke the quiz and im most like Firestar. But it can be bloody.
Video games
I like Star Wars Battlefront. It is very fun that I get to shoot players.
I like shopping catalogs but just to look at. Thoose magazines are nice to read. But some of the words are small so I just read the bold words and big words whenever I read them.
I like Doritos and Goldfish and Ice cream. My favorite Ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip.
I enjoy milk and mtn dew and other sodas. They have a pretty good taste and they make my day.