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KunshuGoji™ copyright icon
Alternate names Ethan (Real name)
RedstoneKnight7 (Xbox)
Donut#8843 (Discord)
kunshugoji (instagram)
RedstoneKnight7 (youtube)
Subtitle(s) Overlord Godzilla
(オーバーロードゴジラ Ōbārōdogojira, simplified (very unoffically
by me) to 君主

ゴジラ Overlord Godzilla)
Evolved Godzilla (進化した ゴジラ Evolved Godzilla)

Species Mutated Spinosaurus
Weight 180,000 metric tons
Designed by Ethan (eventually)
Played by Ethan (Motion Capture)
First appearance Latest appearance
Best buy dvd section (2010) Probably like 2089


KunshuGoji is an amateur action figure historian (if such a thing exists) who was first introduced to the Godzilla Franchise inside of a Best Buy in 2010. He is also the one writing this in third person, which is a little awkward for him (what do you mean ABB already said that?).
Here are some sandboxes I'm working on:

Origins and History

KunshuGoji is a long-standing g-fan, being a fan since he was introduced to the franchise in Kindergarten by Mothra (1961) and Mothra vs Godzilla (1964). He first entered the Godzilla fan community on the now Gojipedia in 2016, during the months leading up to the fork, however he wasn't active for very long and stopped checking in before the split. Recently, he felt the urge to rejoin the wiki, and after learning of the fork, he created an account on Wikizilla.

Other Socials (links coming soon)

If you do end up adding me on one of these due to this page, please feel free to message me saying you're from my Wikizilla page.
-Xbox: RedstoneKnight7
-Instagram(s) kunshugoji is my Godzilla-focused account while etham___ is my personal account.
-Discord Donut#8843 is my discord, although I don't use it much
-Youtube RedstoneKnight7, also don't use this much though I am trying to change that

Other Franchises

Other franchises I am a fan of (but not usually part of the fandom for) are:
-Star Wars
-Warhammer 40k
-Lord of the rings
-Dungeons and Dragons (First, Second and Fifth editions)
-Jurassic Park/World
-Call of Cthulu (the roleplaying game)
-Multiple classic Mustang restoration/customization pages (if that counts)

Collection (pictures coming soon)

Action figures/statues


Gigantic Series -Godzilla 2001

Bandai America

Wave 2 (2005)
-Godzilla 2001
Wave 4 (2007)
-Godzilla 2000
Wave 5 (2009)
-12 inch Gigan
Wave 6 (2010)
-Godzilla 2004
-Rainbow Mothra
-First Godzilla
Wave 7 (2011)
-Gigan 2004
Wave 8 (2012)
-Godzilla 1968
Wave 9 (2013)
-King Caesar
-Burning Godzilla
-12 inch Godzilla 2004
-12 inch Kiryu
Fusion series wave 2 (2013)
-Godzilla 2000
-Rainbow Mothra
-Burning Godzilla
Play sets:
-Pack of destruction
-Godzilla crumble zone
Chibi figures:
-King Ghidorah
Packs of destruction:
-Male MUTO (grey buildings)
Destruction city:
-Destruction City
-Rodan 2004
-Shin Godzilla's second form
-Godzilla 2004

Movie Monster Series

Wave 2:
-King Ghidorah 2001 (theater exclusive)
Wave 3
-Godzilla 2002
Wave 7
-Godzilla 2004 (Ito Yokado exclusive)
Wave 8
-Anguirus 2004
-Rodan 2004
Wave 12
-Godzilla 2016
Wave 14
Wave 15
-Millenium Godzilla (Goodbye Toho theater Last Show vers. (my favorite figure)
-Mechagodzilla (heavy arms)
Wave 16
-Mecha-King Ghidorah
-Mothra (larva)
-Mothra (Imago)
Wave 20
-Godzilla 2019
-Mothra 2019
-King Ghidorah

Toho Kaiju Series

-Orga (G-17)
-Godzilla (From Godzilla vs Megaguirus blister pack)

Godzilla: High Grade

Godzilla 1
Godzilla 5
-Armor Mothra
-Gorosaurus '67


Top 5 Godzilla Movies

1.Godzilla: Final Wars
2.Destroy all Monsters
3.Godzilla (2014)
4.Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giants monsters all-out attack
5.Godzilla vs Destoroyah

Top five monsters (all franchises)

1. Gigan
2. Destoroyah
3. Anguirus
4. Gamera
5. Gyaos

Top five Godzilla suits/designs


Film Reviews