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Alternate names Ethan (Real name)
RedstoneKnight7 (Xbox)
Donut#8843 (Discord)
kunshugoji (instagram)
RedstoneKnight7 (youtube)
Subtitle(s) Overlord Godzilla
(オーバーロードゴジラ Ōbārōdogojira, simplified (very unoffically
by me) to 君主

ゴジラ Overlord Godzilla)
Evolved Godzilla (進化した ゴジラ Evolved Godzilla)

Species Mutated Spinosaurus
Weight 180,000 metric tons
Designed by Ethan (eventually)
Played by Ethan (Motion Capture)
First appearance Latest appearance
Best buy dvd section (2010) Probably like 2089


KunshuGoji is an amateur action figure historian (if such a thing exists) who was first intorduced to the Godzilla Franchise inside of Best Buy in 2010

Although not too well known among the community, KunshuGoji is a long-time (I'd call it a long time) member of the G-community, most notably on his older edits on the now Gojipedia, the biggest accomplishments among them being his spear-heading of the Skullcrawler pages' creation and his work on the Destoroyah weakness section. While most of his original works have been redone (in most cases better), he was happy to see how close the tidbit about Destoroyah's wings being weakness was to how he had first wrote it. KunshuGoji would've made a Wikizilla account much sooner, but he's been busy with school work and procrastination. He would also be honored to guest voice a Wikizilla youtube episode, preferably about Battra but any would be a dream come true.

Origins and History

KunshuGoji's start in the Godzilla franchise came when he was following his parents around in a Best Buy, year of our lord 2010. Being a kid who loved dinosaurs and Dragons, a shot of Desghidorah soon caught his eye on the back of a Rebirth of Mothra I&II collection. Despite his best begging, the collection was not bought that day, however, he was shown a VHS homebrew of Mothra (1961) as soon as he was through the door back at home. Next up was Mothra vs Godzilla, and while he did love a giant butterfly as much as a little boy could, there was no competition between the two in his mind. He watched all the rest of the VHS homebrews available (Godzila 1954, vs King Kong, Destroy all Monsters, vs Gigan, vs Megalon and vs Mechagodzilla) and over the next few years, he slowly watched every Godzilla movie out there, last one being Godzilla vs Hedorah. Lately, KunshuGoji has finally joined the greater Godzilla fandom, inspired by his first major interaction with the community, his attendance of G-fest XXVI. He enjoyed the event so much it motivated him to take up a role in the community instead of just watching from the shadows. this motivation lead to the creation of the kunshugoji instagram page and the re-vamping of his Wikizilla profile.

Other Socials (links coming soon)

If you do end up adding me on one of these due to this page, please feel free to message me saying you're from my Wikizilla page.
-Xbox: RedstoneKnight7
-Instagram(s) kunshugoji is my Godzilla-focused account while etham___ is my personal account.
-Discord Donut#8843 is my discord, although I don't use it much
-Youtube RedstoneKnight7, also don't use this much though I am trying to change that

Other Franchises

Other franchises I am a fan of (but not usually part of the fandom for) are:
-Star Wars
-Warhammer 40k
-Lord of the rings
-Dungeons and Dragons (Second and Fifth editions)
-Jurassic Park/World
-Call of Cthulu (the roleplaying game)
-Multiple classic Mustang restoration/customization pages (if that counts)


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