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King Kong
The Boy Who Cried Godzilla/Sandbox/DeVito
Alternate names Kong,
Eighth Wonder of the World
Subtitle(s) None
Species Wild Kong
Height ~15.24 meters
Weight Unknown
Relations Kong's mother, Kong's father, Ann Darrow
Enemies Gaw, Meat-Eater
Created by Merian C. Cooper
First appearance Latest appearance
Merian C. Cooper's King Kong King Kong of Skull Island

King Kong is a giant ape monster created by




Merian C. Cooper's King Kong (2005)

Kong: King of Skull Island (2005)

King Kong of Skull Island (2018)



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Kong: King of Skull Island

Kong: Gods of Skull Island

Kong on the Planet of the Apes

Dr. Zaius holding a newspaper featuring the dead Kong

Death Becomes Them

Two thousand years before the collapse of human civilization and the rise of the apes, King Kong was taken from Skull Island and brought to New York, where he was killed and fell from the Empire State Building. A newspaper clipping from the "New York Globe" detailing this event survived long enough in the ruins of the city which the apes dubbed the "Forbidden Zone", and it provided clarity on the female Kong that had washed up dead on their shores. It is unknown how much of the main continuity's story actually takes place in this spinoff, as the continued presence of Deathrunners on the island would point to his not having defeated them by the time of his kidnapping.



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Joe DeVito's Kong of Skull Island
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