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Alternate names KaijuOfTheElements
Subtitle(s) Decendent Of The Destruction God
Species Human
Height 130.56 meters
Length 120 meters
Weight 100,000 tons
Allies AlphaRper
Enemies Stupid People
Created by 2015
Portrayed by LEGO
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My Life As A Godzilla Fan

My name is Shin but some people call me KaijuOfTheElements and I've been a Godzilla fan since I was about six years old. But what was I like before I even knew about Godzilla? This timeline will show my life that had to something anything with Godzilla which includes how I got into the series when I started collecting and my sudden two year hiatus from Godzilla


When I was five years old I had a strong interest in dinosaurs and mythical creatures such as dragons and aliens, I would always put on classic dinosaur movies such as the Jurassic Park movies and Disney's Dinosaur but to be honest that Carnotaurus scared me every time I watched it. I would get everything tat was dinosaur and dragon related.


I don't remember that much of that day but what I do remember that my mom came home with four movies each of them were Godzilla movies (obviously), the movies were Mothra Vs Godzilla, Godzilla 2000, Godzilla (1998) and my personal favourite Terror Of Mechagodzilla. She assumed that I would like them because some of the monsters had dinosaur like appearances and she was right I loved them although some of my opinions has changed since then.


Since that day I saw multiple films we got them from Blockbusters well when it was still around, some of them from the Showa series and some from the Millennium series. During Christmas time my mom got me a collectors dvd set including most of the Heisei Series and my aunt got me my very first Godzilla Figure it was from Bandai Creations but I believe it was the 60's Godzilla but eventually I did lose it.


But one month later when it was my birthday my mom got me a Bandai Creations Godzilla (2001). I would always bring it in the water to mimic a fight scene from a movie, I had to take off the tail in order to drain the water out, it was always a pain to get it back in but like 60's Godzilla I eventually lost it. In May my mom was applying me to Camp Cheerful when a kid came out of the arts and crafts area and asked what is what when I told him it was Godzilla I heard him say "Hey Jeffery, There is Someone Who Likes Godzilla" that is when I meet my best friend Jeffery, otherwise known as AlphaRpher.


Again on Christmas Day I got another Bandai Creations figure it was Godzilla (2004) and this timeI didn't lose it infact its still on my shelf to this day but the front snout is almost off, part of tail came off but reattached with superglue and one of the dorsal plates was severed, I even got the Bandai Creation Godzilla (1954). I even got Gigan and Destoroyah from the same series but lost those as well. I would schedule play dates with me and Jeffery and my mom and his mom became really good friends so they exchanged email addresses.


I managed to get two twelve inch Godzilla figures (Godzilla 2004 and Kiryu) but after a while I stopped being interested in Godzilla entirely, to be honest I wasn't sure why it probably because I thought he was never coming back, meaning no more movies no more figurines etc. But that gap was slowly filled up with LEGO ad then for two years LEGO became my main interest


It had been two years since I had forgotten about Godzilla, I've been getting LEGO sets left to right, one day my mom called me down because she wanted to show me something on youtube, it was a trailer for Godzilla 2014 and all the memories came back like a tidal wave crashing down upon me and well by my reaction I was very very excited for the film


In 2013 nothing really happened that much besides me getting a Fusion Godzilla 2000 and Rainbow Mothra From Bandai Creations that is when we moved to Canada and to be honest its a bit more peaceful here


Two more years later since 2012 and a few months before Godzilla 2014 comes out when Target was still in Canada I managed to find a Godzilla section and picked up a Pack Of Destruction with Godzilla and the Female M.U.T.O and after three long painful months the movie finally came out and I really loved it but I was sad after seeing it it was because I had nothing to look forward to now, but after only afew days they announced a sequel in 2018


This was the year I really started to get back into collecting I even got my very first SH Monsterarts figurine it was Legendary-Goji and a few months later I got an SH Monsterarts King Ghidorah Special Colour Version. After a while I was able to talk to my old friend AlphaRper through skype


Shin Godzilla was released but I didn't pick up anything not even a figurine but I did get some Godzilla comics including the complete series of Godzilla; History's Greatest Monster and the complete series of Rulers Of Earth it definently got me into reading Godzilla comics. But it was a bit depressing because they delayed the 2018 film to 2019


This was a very big year for I was looking forward to multiple things not only Godzilla: Planet Of The Monsters but I was going to G-Fest this year and it was my very first G-Fest what made this one special is that I was reunited with my friend Jeffery as I said before my mom and his mom exchanged email addresses so she gave me hers and she show him it and we chatted on skype ever since before G-Fest. Anyways I meet Shinji Higuchi the co-director of Shin Godzilla and got my Bandai Movie Monster Series Shin Godzilla tag signed, and managed to get a few pieces of art that I framed and got a bunch of figures but after G-Fest I haven't heard from Jeffery since, it's probably because we both have school and loads of homework to do


Currently I'm waiting for the two Godzilla anime sequels and I'm returning to G-Fest again, as I am typing this I am on March Break and its going to be over soon but I did manage to get a Bandai Movie Monster Series Keizer Ghidorah and I'm going to bring it to G-Fest to get the tag signed by the God Father Of G-Fest but that is all for now..


The Bigger They Are, The Harder I Fight
Shut Up, Otherwise I'll Beat The Skreeonk Out Of You

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