Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters (Soundtrack)

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Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters
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Godzilla Soundtracks
Shin Godzilla
Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters
Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters Soundtrack
The cover for the soundtrack
Year(s) Released 2017
Composer Takayuki Hattori[1]
# of Tracks 34[2]

The soundtrack for Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters was released by Toho Animation Records on November 15, 2017, featuring music by Takayuki Hattori.[1]


Spoiler.png SPOILER WARNING: This section may contain major plot and/or ending details. Proceed at your own discretion.
  1. Planet of the Monsters 怪獣惑星
  2. The Beginning 始まり
  3. Haruo's Memory ハルオの記憶
  4. Metphies メトフィエス
  5. The Central Committee Shakes 揺れる中央委員会
  6. Research Paper File 研究論文のファイル
  7. Analysis Result 分析結果
  8. Subspace Navigation 亜空間航行
  9. Earth 地球
  10. Sign 気配
  11. The Central Committee's Decision 中央委員会の決断
  12. The GODZILLA Annihilation Strategy GODZILLA殲滅作戦
  13. Speech 演説
  14. Rush 突入
  15. Operation Execution 作戦遂行
  16. After 20,000 Years 2万年後
  17. Yuko's Feelings ユウコの想い
  18. Earth's Civilization 地球の文明
  19. Raid 急襲
  20. Withdrawal Behavior 撤退行動
  21. Exif Legend エクシフの伝承
  22. Retreat 退避
  23. Leland's Suicide Attack リーランドの特攻
  24. Commander 指揮官
  25. Operation Instruction 作戦指示
  26. Induction 誘導
  27. In Order to Win 勝つ為に
  28. Landing Ship Launch 揚陸艇発進
  29. Thermobaric Bomb サーモバリック爆弾
  30. Yuko's Battle ユウコの戦い
  31. Great Barrier Rush 大関門突入
  32. Total Warfare 総力戦
  33. Relief 安堵
  34. GODZILLA[2]



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