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Toho Company, Limited Monster
Maoh in Go! Greenman
Species Nicknames

Demonic King

Mao, Satan, Satana, Lord Satan, Lord Satana, Devil, Devil King
Height Length
 ?? meters None
Weight Forms
 ?? kg None
Controlled by Relationships
None None
Allies Enemies
All Go! Greenman kaiju,
Tonchiki, Minions of Maoh
God, Greenman

First Appearance
Go! Greenman Episode 1: Greenman vs. Garameddon 
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Maoh (魔王,   Maō?, lit. Devil King) is a devil king kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in episode 1 of the 1973 tokusatsu kaiju series, Go! Greenman, titled Greenman vs. Garameddon.


Maoh is a brown-and-orange demonic kaiju that is covered in spikes. His face is located below his arms, in the central portion of his body. In the Overworld, Maoh appears to have no eyes, however, in the Underworld his eyes glow bright red. Maoh also has a large crown of brown spikes. Maoh has a membrane that stretches from his lower body to his elbow. Maoh's legs are very scaly and end in large clawed feet.


Go! Greenman

Maoh was the fifty-third kaiju to battle Greenman. He is the source of all evil in the world, and was banished to the Underworld by God. To be freed from the underground prison, Maoh must collect the blood of human children. However, his plans usually devolve into pure mischief and attempts to stop Greenman. Maoh has a sidekick named Tonchiki, and clay doll servants called the Minions of Maoh. Tonchiki and the Minions of Maoh are tasked to collect the blood of children for Maoh.

Maoh is first seen in Episode 1, "Greenman vs. Garameddon." He appears to suffer from amnesia after being banished to the Underworld. His sidekick, Tonchiki, reminds him of what he has to do to be freed from prison, and soon he returns to his scheming ways. After all but one of the Minions of Maoh are destroyed by Greenman, Maoh teleports to the surface to collect blood himself. However, Maoh is unable to move his legs because of his banishment. Using a magic spell, Maoh transforms some of the children into stone, and orders Tonchiki to take the stone children into the Underworld. Greenman fights Maoh, with Maoh quickly retaliating with dark magic to stop Greenman in his tracks. The remaining children use their Green Calls to free Greenman from the magic. Now fully recharged, Greenman entered the Underworld and used his Greenman Stick ability to free the stone children. Greenman then returned to the surface and killed Maoh with Flash Shock.


  • Maoh, using an unnamed power, can place energy into clay dolls and turn them into his minions.
  • Maoh can see everything Tonchiki and Tonchiki's monsters are doing.
  • Maoh can teleport out of the Underworld despite the fact that he is banished there, however, he can not move his legs when outside.


  • Maoh is weak to electricty, and was instantly killed when Greenman used his Flash Shock attack on him.


  • Maoh is one of a small amount of monsters in the series that have not grown to giant size.

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