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Toho Company, Limited Slash.png Nippon.png Mecha
Greenman in Go! Godman (2008)
Greenman in Go! Greenman
Nicknames Green Man, Gurinman
Subtitle Envoy of God
(神の使い,   Kami no Tsukai?)
Physical Information
Species Robotic Alien Warrior
Height 1.85 meters[1] (Human size)
45 meters[1][2] (Giant size)
Weight 90 kilograms[1] (Human size)
30,000 metric tons[1] (Giant size)
Forms Human Size, Giant Size
Affiliation Information
Controlled by ZarizonG!Gr
Relations Maoh (Arch-nemesis)
Allies Godman
Enemies All Go! Greenman kaiju, Maoh,
Tonchiki, Gaira, Gabara, Sanda,
King Kong, Minilla
Portrayed Koichi SodenoG!Go
Other Information
First Appearance Go! Greenman Episode 1:
Greenman vs. Garamedon
Latest Appearance Go! Godman (2008)
I am Greenman. An envoy of God. I'm here to protect the children. „ 

— Greenman introducing himself (Go! Greenman Episode 1: Greenman vs. Garamedon)

Greenman (グリーンマン,   Gurīnman?) is a warrior mecha created by Toho that first appeared in the 1973 Toho and Nippon TV tokusatsu series, Go! Greenman.

Greenman is the ninth tokusatsu hero to be created by Toho, the third of which to possess the ability to grow to giant size, and the first to be robotic. Greenman is a formidable warrior mecha hailing from the Green Star, and arrives on Earth proclaiming himself as an envoy of God. He is introduced as a protector of children and arch-nemesis of the devil king Maoh, boasting a slue of weapons and attacks throughout his 52 television appearances to aid him in his constant struggle against the devil king. Although an advanced fighting machine, Greenman is often overpowered, and because of this bestows devices known as Green Calls, the creators of which unknown, upon the children of Earth to signal Greenman to them in their times of need, as well as repair Greenman's machinery in his own. After valiantly battling and defeating all of Maoh's devilish underlings, Greenman infiltrates the Underground Cave and single-handedly destroys Maoh, the very origin of the world's evils, before returning to the skies confident in the Earth's newly restored peace. Although never established as canon to the original series, Greenman later appears in the Go! Godman movie, signaled to Earth by Mika Ayase to help defeat the green gargantua Gaira and its skeletal ally Jilarji, creating a bond with fellow space warrior Godman along the way and ultimately saving Earth for the second time.


Greenman's Japanese name: Gurīnman (グリーンマン?) is a combination of "green," spelled in Japanese as Gurīn (グリーン?), and the English word "man." This likely refers to him being constructed to resemble a human man, and his mostly green color.


Unlike Godman, whose appearance is comparable to that of Ultraman, Greenman more closely resembles a Japanese samurai. He has a bright, multicolored helmet with a cyan mask which covers his eyes, and has an emerald or jade gemstone centered on it. At the top of his helmet is a crest from which reddish colored fur rests on. He wears a burgundy chestplate with orange patterning, which sits on top of his green suit, and has a red lamp in its center. This chestplate can open up to reveal an array of cannons, which Greenman utilizes for his "Greenman Breaster" finishing move. Greenman also possesses a belt similar to his chest plate, and upper-leg armor extends from it. He has silver gloves and boots, and a white scarf that drapes around his neck. In episode 1 of Go! Greenman, Greenman vs. Garamedon, Greenman's strength is explained when Garamedon shoots Greenman with electricity. He is mechanical in nature, and has a complex network of machines throughout his body.


Greenman laughing in Go! Greenman
In Go! Greenman, Greenman is a robotic self-proclaimed "envoy of God" and a savior of Earth. He will stop at nothing to protect the children of Earth, resulting in the defeat of any monster that threatens their safety. Greenman also seems to be especially sympathetic towards the children he protects, as seen when he heals a graze on a girl's knee in Greenman vs. Mohtles.

Despite being a robot, Greenman has displayed complex emotions on several occasions, such as in Greenman vs. Minilla where Minilla's pacifier was taken from him causing the monster to begin crying. Instead of killing the monster, Greenman spared it. However, Minilla was killed anyway at the hands of his master, and Greenman began to laugh.


Greenman's origins are predominantly unknown, however he is said to hail from "Green Star", located in the Kinga System (金河系グリーン星,   Kinga-kei Gurīn Hoshi?, lit. Kinga System Green Star)[1]. It is also unknown who Greenman's creators were, but it can be assumed that they were also residents of the Green Star.


Showa Series

Go! Greenman

Greenman in Go! Greenman
Greenman, a heavenly machine warrior, was initially sent to the planet Earth by God himself in order to ensure that the devil king Maoh remains imprisoned underground. However, he is soon presented with a scheme to obtain children's blood and by extent set him free. Presented with the aforementioned plot, Maoh decides to pursue it.

As a group of children play in a sandbox on an average afternoon (presumably not long after Maoh's reawakening), they are startled to see monstrous attackers—Maoh's loyal underling Tonchiki and another henchman—hastily chasing after them in broad daylight. As the kids sprint through an archway, the devilish fiends are stopped in their tracks, as Greenman appears before them. Announcing himself as an envoy of God and protector of children, the hero descends to the ground and confronts them. Foolishly challenging the new-found enemy, Maoh's lackie is quickly beaten down, startling Tonchiki and driving him to retreat. But just as the children flock to Greenman's side, Tonchiki reappears along with the failed subordinate who is mutated into Garamedon. Unfazed by the kaiju, Greenman engages it in battle and pushes it to the brink of destruction. In this worrying time, Tonchiki orders Garamedon to fire off an x-ray beam weapon which connects with Greenman and reveals him to be entirely robotic.

Tonchiki further commands Garamedon, this time to make him grow. Though Greenman is well prepared for this, and uses his inner mechanics to alter his own size. The two continue to combat one another, but Garamedon is overwhelmed by his opponent's multitude of abilities and soon collapses dead to the ground. After this first battle on Earth, Greenman presents the children with small devices known as Green Calls that can summon him when they are in distress. Greenman returns to the skies, settling down in an unknown location, presumably either in the heavens or on a celestial body somewhere near Earth. Here he awaits distress signals and in the case of an emergency, will jet off to Earth and engage the threat in combat, ultimately destroying it and keeping the children safe. This system persists until only one transformable minion remains.

The subordinate was deployed as a last resort but was quickly beaten to death by the children who banded together against him. Desperate to escape, Maoh confronts Greenman himself, though is unable to move his legs due to his banishment. Maoh is able to strategically kidnap multiple children whilst still putting up a fight by using a combination of spells. But when it seems Maoh is gaining the upper hand, Tonchiki accidentally distracts his master, giving Greenman the time to teleport to the villain's main base of operations and electrocute him to free the children. As Maoh disappears into sparks and smoke, Tonchiki thoroughly apologizes for his actions before teleporting far away, leaving Greenman and the children relieved knowing there is no longer any evil lingering among them.

Millennium Series

Go! Godman (2008)

Greenman in the Godman film
In this anniversary special, Greenman returns to Earth once more after over 30 years of dormancy. The hero returns to answer the signal of a Green Call, which is found and activated by Mika Ayase who curiously knows exactly how to use it (possibly suggesting that she was one of the kids who Greenman originally protected). Greenman briefly aids fellow space warrior Godman in his battle against Gaira and Jilarji, and forms a bond with him; however his appearance isn't much more than a cameo, even being poked fun at in a newspaper headline translating to "Godman Saves the Day! Greenman Also Helped."


Greenman is a strong and skilled fighter, but he also can use his electronics to conjure up a series of weapons and attacks including:

Size Changing

Greenman can grow to giant size by uttering the phrase "Greenman Giant Machine Change" or just "Giant Machine Change." He can also shrink back down to human size, although it is never seen happening on screen.


Greenman is capable of fairly fast flight.

Greenman Breaster

Greenman can shoot missiles from his chest by shouting the name of the technique, Greenman Breaster (グリーンマンブレスター,   Gurīnman Buresutā?)[1]. This attack is often used as a finisher move.

Ear Boomerangs

Greenman has two red boomerang weapons named Ear Boomerangs (イヤーブーメラン,   Iyā Būmeran?)[1] which are held on either side of his helmet. When removed, they can be thrown and will explode on contact with any surface.

Boomerang Turn

Greenman can hold his two Ear Boomerangs in an 'X' formation, creating a defensive shield of sorts which can deflect most beam weapons. This technique is referred to as Boomerang Turn (ブーメランターン,   Būmeran Tān?)[1].

Leg Arrows

Greenman can fire arrows from a circular compartment on his left ankle which can become impaled into the skin of opponents. This technique is known as Leg Arrow (レッグアロー,   Reggu Arō?)[1].

Greenman Stick

Greenman can summon a staff by shouting its name, Greenman Stick (グリーンマンスティック,   Gurīnman Sutikku?)[1]. This staff is used for many purposes but is most commonly seen being used as a weapon to bash opponents. In the series finale Greenman vs. Maoh, it is revealed that Greenman possesses the ability to summon more than one Greenman Stick, and that at least three exist. This is used when, in addition to summoning his own Stick, he grants two young children with their own for a combined Stick Fire.

Stick Fire

The Greenman Stick can be used as a finisher move by firing off its explosive tip, and is known as Stick Fire (スティックファイヤー,   Sutikku Faiyā?).

Stick Beam

Although rarely shown being used, the staff can also fire a laser beam from its tip called Stick Beam (スティックビーム,   Sutikku Bīmu?). This may also act as a finisher.

SOS Signal

The Greenman Stick can also be used as a distress signal. Similar to Stick Fire, if Greenman fires off the Stick's tip into the air, it will explode and form "SOS" in the sky.

Leg Gain

Although this ability was only seen being used once, it was crucial in allowing Greenman to win a battle. By planting the Greenman Stick into the ground, Greenman can repair damage to his legs by shouting the technique's name, Leg Gain (レッグゲイン,   Reggu Gein?). The Greenman Stick's handle fires a white laser into the affected limbs, repairing any damage.

Fire Fighting

Greenman can create a wall of blue flames from his hands by shouting the ability's name, Fire Fighting (ファイヤーファイティング,   Faiyā Faitingu?)[1]. This is most commonly used to clear smoke or fire, but can also create a smokescreen which temporarily blinds opponents.

Flash Shock

Greenman can summon electricity between his hands when he shouts the ability's name, Flash Shock (フラッシュショック,   Furasshu Shokku?)[1]. Simply moving his hands in the direction of his opponent once the electricity is summoned will cause it to fire off in that direction. This attack is also often used as a finisher move.

Eye Beam

Greenman can fire beams from his eyes in a technique known simply as Eye Beam (アイビーム,   Ai Bīmu?)[1] by shouting "Greenman Eye Beam." However, Greenman only attempted to use this ability one time throughout the series and could not successfully perform it due to the injuries he had sustained in the episode.


Greenman possesses the ability to teleport to any destination, including the Underground Cave.

Super Speed

Greenman has been shown to possess enhanced running capability on multiple occasions.

X-Ray Vision

Greenman seemingly possesses x-ray vision, or another ability similar. This was shown when he was able to see inside of Gabara's stomach and see the child which was stuck within it.


Greenman can also pass parts of his body through certain objects. This is activated when Greenman raises his arms, puts them together in front of his face, and then firmly places his hand on anything he intends to pass through. This was shown when Greenman passed his arms through Gabara's body to save the child inside.


Greenman is shown to be able to heal minor wounds of organic beings by placing his hands over the said wound. This was shown when Greenman healed a scrape on a young girl's leg.

Greenman Cut

Greenman has powerful lights in his eyes which can be activated by shouting the words "Greenman Cut." It is primarily used to remove foreign objects obstructing his vision. For unknown reasons, this ability was only utilized once despite Greenman's vision becoming obstructed on multiple occasions.


Greenman can awaken humans from sleep or any state of unconsciousness by waving his arms above them.

Mouth Beam

Greenman can fire a beam out of his mouth by shouting the ability's name Mouth Beam (マウスビーム,   Mausu Bīmu?)[1]. This ability is often strong enough to be used as a finishing move.


Greenman has been shown to be weak to almost every monster he's faced's special attack(s), including:



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  • Greenman is Toho's first robotic tokusatsu hero.
  • The sound which plays when Greenman's chest panels open is a sample of Ultraman Taro's color timer sound.
  • Greenman's Ear Boomerangs play a similar role to Ultraseven and Ultraman Zero's famous Eye Sluggers.
  • Greenman had multiple voice actors throughout his series, with the first actor performing Greenman's voice in only a few episodes, including the first. For the rest of the series, another actor was hired, providing a stark contrast to the first with a noticeably deeper voice.
  • Greenman's Flash Shock attack may be based off of an ability from Assault! Human!! called Human Shock, where Human No. 1 disperses electricity similar to Greenman.
    • The Breaster attack may also be based off of one of Human No. 1's abilities called Human Beam, where he fires a deadly photon beam from his chest.


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2 months ago
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This is probably my favorite Ultraman ripoff. I don't know why i love him so much i just do


3 months ago
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The heavenly jade mecha himself, Greenman! As almost everyone here knows, I absolutely love this guy and his beyond campy series. I've never been able to exactly put my finger on what it is I love about him so much, but I'm glad we were able to unearth him and his television comrades over the course of the past few years.