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Language Name Meaning

List of language codes

This template uses ISO codes. The parameters used are:

Language Name Meaning
Flagicon Japan.png Japanese ja jameaning
Flagicon England.png English en enmeaning
Flagicon Albania.png Albanian sq sqmeaning
Flagicon Arab world.png Arabic ar armeaning
Flagicon Basque.png Basque eu eumeaning
Flagicon Belarus.png Belarusian be bemeaning
Flagicon Bulgaria.png Bulgarian bg bgmeaning
Flagicon Catalonia.png Catalan ca cameaning
Catalan Flagicon Catalonia.png Catalan ca_ct ca_ctmeaning
Flagicon Valencia.png Valencian ca_vc ca_vcmeaning
Chinese Flagicon Hong Kong.png Cantonese zh_yue zh_yuemeaning
China and Taiwan Flags.png Mandarin zh_cmn zh_cmnmeaning
Flagicon Croatia.png Croatian hr hrmeaning
Flagicon Czech Republic.png Czech cs csmeaning
Flagicon Denmark.png Danish da dameaning
Flagicon Netherlands.png Dutch nl nlmeaning
Flagicon Estonia.png Estonian et etmeaning
Flagicon Philippines.png Filipino fil filmeaning
Flagicon Finland.png Finnish fi fimeaning
Flagicon France.png French fr frmeaning
French Flagicon Canada.png Canada fr_ca fr_cameaning
Flagicon France.png Europe fr_eu fr_eumeaning
Flagicon Germany.png German de demeaning
Flagicon Greece.png Greek el elmeaning
Flagicon Israel.png Hebrew he hemeaning
Flagicon India.png Hindi hi himeaning
Flagicon Karnataka.png Kannada kn knmeaning
Flagicon India.png Telugu te temeaning
Flagicon Hungary.png Hungarian hu humeaning
Flagicon Iceland.png Icelandic is ismeaning
Flagicon Indonesia.png Indonesian id idmeaning
Flagicon Italy.png Italian it itmeaning
Flagicon South Korea.png Korean ko komeaning
Flagicon South Korea.png Korean (South) ko_sk ko_skmeaning
Flagicon North Korea.png Korean (North) ko_nk ko_nkmeaning
Flagicon Lithuania.png Lithuanian lt ltmeaning
Flagicon Norway.png Norwegian no nomeaning
Flagicon Macedonia.png Macedonian mk mkmeaning
Flagicon Malaysia.png Malaysian ms msmeaning
Flagicon Iran.png Persian fa fameaning
Flagicon Poland.png Polish pl plmeaning
Flagicon Portugal.png Portuguese pt ptmeaning
Portuguese Flagicon Brazil.png Brazil pt_br pt_brmeaning
Flagicon Portugal.png Portugal pt_eu pt_eumeaning
Flagicon Romania.png Romanian ro romeaning
Flagicon Russia.png Russian ru rumeaning
Flagicon Serbia.png Serbian sr srmeaning
Flagicon Slovakia.png Slovak sk skmeaning
Flagicon Slovenia.png Slovene sl slmeaning
Flagicon Spain.png Spanish es esmeaning
Spanish Flagicon Latin America.png Latin America es_la es_lameaning
Flagicon Spain.png Spain es_eu es_lameaning
Flagicon Sweden.png Swedish sv svmeaning
Flagicon Tamil.png Tamil ta tameaning
Flagicon Thailand.png Thai th thmeaning
Flagicon Turkey.png Turkish tr trmeaning
Flagicon Ukraine.png Ukrainian uk ukmeaning
Flagicon Pakistan.png Urdu ur urmeaning
Flagicon Vietnam.png Vietnamese vi vimeaning
Yiddish yi yimeaning
This is a footnote.

{{Other languages
|ja= |jameaning=
|en= |enmeaning=
|sq= |sqmeaning=
|ar= |armeaning=
|eu= |eumeaning=
|be= |bemeaning=
|bg= |bgmeaning=
|ca= |cameaning=
|ca_ct= |ca_ctmeaning=
|ca_vc= |ca_vcmeaning=
|zh_yue= |zh_yuemeaning=
|zh_cmn= |zh_cmnmeaning=
|hr= |hrmeaning=
|cs= |csmeaning=
|da= |dameaning=
|nl= |nlmeaning=
|et= |etmeaning=
|fil= |filmeaning=
|fi= |fimeaning=
|fr= |frmeaning=
|fr_ca= |fr_cameaning=
|fr_eu= |fr_eumeaning=
|de= |demeaning=
|el= |elmeaning=
|he= |hemeaning=
|hi= |himeaning=
|kn= |knmeaning=
|te= |temeaning=
|hu= |humeaning=
|is= |ismeaning=
|id= |idmeaning=
|it= |itmeaning=
|ko= |komeaning=
|ko_sk= |ko_skmeaning=
|ko_nk= |ko_nkmeaning=
|lt= |ltmeaning=
|no= |nomeaning=
|mk= |mkmeaning=
|ms= |msmeaning=
|fa= |fameaning=
|pl= |plmeaning=
|pt= |ptmeaning=
|pt_br= |pt_brmeaning=
|pt_eu= |pt_eumeaning=
|ro= |romeaning=
|ru= |rumeaning=
|sr= |srmeaning=
|sk= |skmeaning=
|sl= |slmeaning=
|es= |esmeaning=
|es_la= |es_lameaning=
|es_eu= |es_eumeaning=
|sv= |svmeaning=
|ta= |tameaning=
|th= |thmeaning=
|tr= |trmeaning=
|uk= |ukmeaning=
|ur= |urmeaning=
|vi= |vimeaning=
|yi= |yimeaning=