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Sergeant.jpg I am a Bureaucrat on Wikizilla.

Don't be afraid to leave a message on my talk page and ask me if you have any problems, suggestions, or if you spot anything bad.
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Born December 13 — (18+)
Connecticut, United States
Occupation Wikizilla bureaucrat, editor;
script writer, sound editor
First work Kaiju Facts episode 4,
"Inconsistent Kaiju Stats" (2017)
Notable work Kaiju Profiles episode 71,
"The Mothras (Rebirth of
" (2022)

Hello, my name is Les and I am a bureaucrat and regular editor of Wikizilla, and writer and sound editor for the Wikizilla YouTube channel.

Selected filmography[edit | edit source]

Sound editing
Voice roles
  1. Episode 12 with Michael Callari.
  2. All episodes except 61 uncredited.

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