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Viras in Gamera vs. Viras
Alternate names Virus, Biras, Bairus,
Bairas, Vairas, ZanonG:SM
Subtitle(s) Space Monster
(宇宙怪獣,   Uchū Kaijū)GvV
Divided Monster
(分裂怪獣,   Bunretsu Kaijū)GvV[1]
Underwater Monster
(水中怪獣,   Suichū Kaijū)G:SM
Species Giant Virasian,
Genetically engineered Gyaos mutantDH
Height 96 meters[2]
Weight 120 metric tons[2]
Forms Virasian leader, Viras
Place(s) of emergence Planet Viras[2]
Controlled by ZanonG:SM
Relations Virasians (components),
Greta Karbone (creator)DH
Allies Virasians
Enemies Gamera
Created by Nisan Takahashi
First appearance Gamera vs. Viras
More roars

Viras (バイラス,   Bairasu) is an alien kaiju created by Daiei that first appeared in the 1968 Gamera film, Gamera vs. Viras.


Showa series

Gamera vs. Viras

Viras was the leader of an expedition force of Virasians, set upon conquering the Earth who chose not to disguise himself. An earlier attempt by his kind was easily thwarted by Gamera, so Viras employed a mind probe to discover Gamera's weaknesses. Viras discovered Gamera's kindness to children, and exploited it by kidnapping two Boy Scouts and using them as hostages, coercing Gamera to get into perfect position for the launching of the mind-control device. Gamera was then made to rampage through Japan, with the targets being the Okomasashi Dam and eventually Tokyo.

When the two boys were able to escape, Gamera attacked, and Viras fused with the other Virasians to become a giant. After a fierce battle, Viras was defeated when Gamera flew with him up into the atmosphere, where he froze solid. Gamera then dropped Viras, and he exploded violently after colliding with the ocean.

Gamera: Super Monster

Like most of his fellow Showa era monsters, Viras has not appeared in any movies since his initial movie debut, save for a stock footage appearance in the film Gamera: Super Monster. In this film, he is one of Zanon's pawns. Inexplicably, the evil spacewoman Giruge refers to Viras as Zanon, despite the fact that this is both the same name as the alien controlling him, and the ship the alien pilots. Onscreen text, however, still refers to the monster as "Underwater Monster Viras."


Viras' main attack is his constricting tentacles on both his body and head. He possesses a sharp beak and can make the tentacles on his head form into a spear-like point. He has no projectile weapons to speak of. He also has the ability to breath underwater and the ability to talk through telepathy.


Viras is susceptible to being frozen. Gamera kills him by flying him up in to the atmosphere and freezing him solid.


Video games


Gamera: The Guardian of the Universe

Isssue #1

After the battle between Gamera and Super Gyaos, Dr. Greta Karbone illegally purchased Gyaos DNA and several fissionable materials to begin experimentation to create her own army of Supermonsters, which included the monster Viras.

Isssue #2

As her work on the monsters continued, Karbone began to inject her own brain and spinal fluids into Viras, and very slowly all other things in her life, such as the other monsters and her boyfriend Gusano, became inconsequential to Viras' will. The monster's telepathic abilities and the shared bodily fluids allowed Viras to directly overtake Karbone's mind, and made her into its faithful servant in its plan to enslave humanity. After Karbone's laboratory caught on fire due to the trickery of Dr. Mayumi Nagamine, whom Karbone had tried to recruit to help create the monster army, Karbone, under Viras' supreme influence, ordered Gusano to leave the other monsters to die and to save Viras. Gusano carried Viras' incubator jar on his back all the way to Karbone's mini-sub, where they attached it to the back and piloted it away into open water. Gusano was truly regretful that he had allowed Nagamine to destroy their work, but Karbone claimed this was nonsense, as they had saved the only thing that truly mattered: Viras.

Isssue #3

After about a month at sea, Viras was fully grown and out of its tank. Because of its mind being connected to Karbone's, she became aware of energies that were only tangible to Supermonsters. Karbone used this knowledge to create a device to track them. Karbone planned to use these energies to take control of Gamera. Viras, in wait behind the sub bearing his faithful mind-servant used its beam attack to catch an Orca to eat. However, a conductor for the energies was needed to control Gamera, but Karbone located it in Paris, France, where Viras was finally unleashed. It began to destroy the city, with Karbone atop the Eiffel Tower, when Gamera arrived. However, Karbone's, and by extension Viras', control over Gamera caused him to fly into the path of incoming planes, missiles, and other attacks in an attempt to protect Viras and to buy time for humanity to surrender itself to Viras' control.

Isssue #4

As Viras continued its rampage, Gamera continued to defend Viras. However, a Broomark Bio-Weapon hunter, who planned to sell Viras on her home planet, fired a super antithetic, but she missed, putting a battalion to sleep instead. Viras, in retaliation, shocked the ship, which caused it to speed away and go down as a result of a malfunction. However, during this time Karbone lost contact with the magatama, and Gamera attacked. Because Gamera had already sustained heavy fire, Viras easily defeated him with an electric blast before Gamera could launch a fireball. Gamera went down, and Viras continued its rampage. Gusano, after having a change of heart, used the alien's engine to reinvigorate Gamera at the cost of his own life. The ensuing explosion brought Gamera back to full strength, and he flew at Viras with a building in hand. Viras tried to shock it away, but Gamera slammed Viras' head with it, unfazed by the blast. Gamera then took one of Viras' tentacles in his mouth and flung the beast away. Viras quickly began to fall, and was impaled on the steeple of the Cathedral of Notre Dame, killing it.


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Viras' roars


  • Viras is the first space monster to fight Gamera, followed by Guiron.
  • Viras is the first (and so far, only) monster in the Gamera franchise to be a superorganism, a creature comprised of numerous independent units that have joined together and operate as a single individual.
  • Viras is among the first examples of an alien who grows into a monster by combining with more of his kind. Other examples of this include Hedorah and the large Millennian.


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