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Erabus art by Hurricane Ryu
Species Alien creature
Relations Red Moon (mate), Halfun (offspring)
Allies Red Moon
Enemies Humans, Godzilla
Planned for Godzilla vs. Red Moon

Erabus (エラブス,   Erabusu) is an unused kaiju from the unmade 1971 Godzilla film, Godzilla vs. Red Moon.


Though no concept art is known to exist of the creature, the script for Godzilla vs. Red Moon describes Erabus as having glossy skin. When hibernating, she is mistaken for a tree, with her tail (or perhaps multiple tails) resembling tree roots.[1] Artwork by artist "Hurricane" Ryu Hariken depicts Erabus as a large-eyed, maned amphibious draconic creature with an equestrian head, muscular arms, a noticeably long neck, multiple whip-like tails, and a finned back covered in scales.


Godzilla vs. Red Moon

Erabus, long in hibernation, was the home of various long lived pit vipers said to have extended their life by absorbing the "red sap" of the roots of a massive tree.[1] The tree was actually the hibernating Erabus, and what appeared to be roots were in fact her multiple whip-like tails.

Angered by an entrepreneur trying to exploit her blood, Erabus emerged from hibernation on Habu Island of Okinawa shortly after Red Moon arrived from the Moon. The JSDF thought they could lure the two kaiju together so they could defeat each other, but they turned out to be the same species and of opposite genders. As it became clear the two monsters simply wanted the companionship of each other, the JSDF opted to let the monsters be, and concluded the operation against them. Red Moon and Erabus soon had a son dubbed Halfun, who was killed later on by the same men who tried to use his mother's blood. Grief-stricken and enraged by their loss, Halfun's parents began rampaging and destroying cities, but Godzilla arrived and defeated them after a lengthy battle. A child pleaded that he stop, as the couple were only attacking humanity out of grief, and Godzilla spared the pair. He threw Erabus into the sea as Red Moon retreated back into space.[2]


Toxin storage

Erabus has the ability to inhale airborne chemical weapons to store in her body and later exhale against enemies.[1]


Erabus is a rapid burrower, able to quickly vanish without a trace after awakening.[1]

Medicinal blood

Erabus' blood was discovered by entrepreneur Oanashisuni to have medicinal properties and act as a miracle cure.[2]

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