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The Brambleboar model used in in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters episode 9
Alternate names Pig,[1] piggy[2]
Species Boar Titan[3]
Place(s) of emergence Axis Mundi
Enemies Humans
First appearance Monarch: Legacy of Monsters
episode 9, "Axis Mundi"
More roars

The Brambleboar is a Titan[3] from Axis Mundi who first appeared in episode 9 of the 2023 Apple TV+ television series Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, titled "Axis Mundi".


Chris Black: “It's a boar. The boar with all the ant—
Kurt Russell: “What's it called?
Chris Black: “The Brambleboar.
Monarch: Legacy of Monsters showrunner Chris Black revealing the Brambleboar's name at a Collider Q&A[4]

The Brambleboar's name is a simple combination of the English words "bramble" (prickly plants of the genus Rubus) and "boar," referencing its plant growths and suid appearance, respectively.

This name was chosen by Legendary's mythology team, led by Barnaby Legg.[5] It was first revealed during a Q&A at Collider's screening of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters' first two episodes on November 15, 2023—over a month before the Titan debuted in the show—though the event was invite-only and a recording was not shared publicly until December 23.[4][6] Prior to said release, Lee Shaw actor Kurt Russell alluded to the Brambleboar as "that pig with 25 crazy horns" in a statement for USA TODAY.[1]


The Brambleboar initially reacted with curiosity when it encountered Cate Randa, and remained passive to her after it had lost interest. However, it quickly became aggressive when it noticed her attempting to crawl away.


The Brambleboar is a huge pig with plants growing out of its back. Several jagged teeth fill the Brambleboar's mouth and it possesses two large, upturned tusks near the front of its mouth. Two more tusks extend up through its snout, making it resemble the babirusa, a species of wild swine. Four large branches grow out of its head, resembling horns: two at the top of its skull and two at the back of its lower jaw. More branches grow out of the Brambleboar's back in two layers, with smaller, leafed ones sporadically spaced across its back and making up the lower layer and much larger, leafless ones making up the top layer.



Monarch: Legacy of Monsters

"Axis Mundi"

After falling through a portal in a ruined nuclear power plant in Kazakhstan, Cate Randa awoke to find herself in a forest within the Axis Mundi region of the Hollow Earth. She soon encountered the Brambleboar, who investigated her briefly, standing close enough to snort air into her face, but it seemingly lost interest and began wandering around the area. When it circled back around a tree, Cate attempted to crawl away, but the Brambleboar noticed and became agitated by her movement. It charged at Cate, but was halted by an arrow shot into its face by Keiko Randa and retreated.



The Brambleboar is not very durable compared to other Titans, as it was injured and scared off by an arrow fired by Keiko Randa.


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Brambleboar roars and sound effects


Heads up for the Brambleboar. That's my favorite. That thing's awesome!

Kurt Russell on the Brambleboar[7]

  • The Brambleboar's status as a Titan seemingly contradicts the 2023 tabletop game Kong: Skull Island Cinematic Adventure, which states that "Titans are so extraordinary that most proposed defenses are, at best, considered 'potentially effective.' [...] [T]he only consistently effective weapons against Titans are other Titans",[8] and that the Mire Squid's fragility contributes to its disqualification from Titan status.[9] The Brambleboar, meanwhile, is harmed by a simple arrow.
  • Though the Brambleboar has not been explicitly called a florafauna, the description for its Titan Sightings clip on YouTube alludes to this classification with the phrase, "Flora meets Fauna."[3]


Titan Sightings: Ep. 9 Brambleboar


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