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Garugaru™ trademark icon
Garugaru in Rebirth of Mothra
Alternate names Garu Garu, Garu-Garu, Gagaru
Subtitle(s) Mecha Mini Dragon
(メカミニドラゴン,   Meka Mini Doragon)[1]
Flying Devil
(空飛ぶ小悪魔,   Soratobu Shōakuma)RoM[2]
Species Robotic Dragon
Height 20 centimeters
Length 55 centimeters,RoM-RoM2[2]
30 centimetersRoM3[2]
Wingspan 30 centimeters,RoM-RoM2[2]
40 centimetersRoM3[2]
Weight 50 kilogramsRoM-RoM2[2]
Forms Garugaru II, Garugaru III
Controlled by Belvera
Relations Belvera (Creator)
Allies Belvera
Enemies Fairy Mothra, Elias
Created by Sueya Masumi
First appearance Latest appearance
Rebirth of Mothra Rebirth of Mothra 3

Garugaru (ガルガル,   Garugaru) is a robotic dragon kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in the 1996 Toho film, Rebirth of Mothra.


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Heisei era

Rebirth of Mothra

After Yuichi Goto unwittingly removed the Seal of Elias keeping Desghidorah locked away. Garugaru transported Belvera to Yuichi's house to seize it from his daughter Wakaba. When her brother Goto returned home from school, Garugaru fired an energy blast at his backpack as a warning. Belvera's younger sisters Moll and Lora and their steed Fairy soon burst into the house to challenge Belvera and Garugaru in a destructive dogfight. It was attacked by Fairy Mothra, but it managed to escape. It transported Belvera to Desghidorah's tomb, and was eventually destroyed by Fairy Mothra. Taiki managed to catch Belvera and Garugaru in a butterfly net, but the dragon wounded Fairy with a blind shot before retreating. Traveling to Desghidorah's resting place, Belvera mind-controlled Yuichi to make him drive a bulldozer loaded with dynamite towards the tomb. After he hit a bump and fell out, Garugaru fired a beam at the bulldozer, destroying it in a massive explosion. Belvera used the Seal of Elias to begin Desghidorah's awakening. Suddenly Moll and Lora attacked her in a kite directed by Taiki, knocking her off Garugaru and regaining the Seal. After Moll and Lora gave it to Wakaba for safekeeping and called upon Mothra, Belvera retook the Seal, only to lose it again as Mothra fired a shot across Garugaru's bow. After a long battle, Desghidorah forced Mothra and her newly-hatched son Mothra Leo to retreat. The elder Mothra soon died from her injuries, while Leo traveled to the island of Yakushima to metamorphose. He challenged Desghidorah again, this time with an overwhelming edge in speed and firepower. As Moll and Lora chased Belvera on Fairy, Leo shot down Garugaru with a pair of Crossheat Lasers. Flames from the battle approached Belvera and Garugaru, the latter revealed to be a machine, but Fairy carried Belevera to safety just in time.

Rebirth of Mothra 2

With the awakening of another ancient monster, Dagahra, Belvera rebuilt Garugaru, adding a targeting system and three laser cannons on each of his wings. On Ishigaki Island, she tracked down three kids, Shiori, Kyohei, and Yoji, who had discovered a small fuzzy creature called Ghogo. Shiori gave her the basket containing Ghogo, only to slip him out and run away. As Belvera and the boys gave chase, Moll and Lora arrived. Garugaru rained down lasers on them and Shiori, tackling Fairy when Moll and Lora tried to block Belvera's path. Belvera revealed to her sisters that she planned to use Ghogo to obtain the miraculous treasure of Nilai-Kanai, a magical kingdom that sank into the Pacific Ocean 12,000 years ago. Shiori and the boys passed Ghogo to each other, keeping Belvera at bay long enough to reach a heavily populated beach, and she withdrew. Belvera forcibly recruited two fishermen hunting Ghogo after they mistook her and Garugaru for a talking bat.

Moll and Lora formally introduced themselves to the kids. At their school, they researched Nilai-Kanai, which according to Okinawan legend was a magical kingdom that sank into the Pacific Ocean 12,000 years ago, also known as Mu. Translating Ghogo's conversation with Fairy, Moll and Lora learned that Dagahra, a monster created by Nilai-Kanai to consume pollution, had returned, with the Barem he produced threatening to choke the world's oceans. They aimed to stop him using Nilai-Kanai's treasure. Commandeering a computer, Ghogo instructed them to take him to the coast of Ishigaki Island.

Belvera and the fisherman tracked the kids and Ghogo to a Nilai-Kanai pyramid which rose out of the water. Dagahra arrived to attack the pyramid, but rays from the stone statues flanking it drive him off. Moll and Lora flew off to summon Mothra Leo, tasking the kids with finding the treasure. After a lengthy fight, Dagahra overwhelmed Leo by generating a hurricane which left him covered in Barem. After Dagahra dragged Leo underwater, the pyramid statues intervened, imbuing Leo with a temporary burst of strength which allowed him to surface and collapses on top of the pyramid.

The fishermen cornered the kids and Ghogo, but Moll and Lora arrived to stop them, with Fairy destroying their spear gun. Cowed, they apologized, only for Mikio to grab Kyohei and Garugaru to shoot down Fairy. The door in front of them all suddenly opened. Inside they found massive statues, two with impressive orange gems on their foreheads. Mikio and Belvera retrieved them, only for the door to immediately close. An enormous, regal hologram took form at the center of the room and wordlessly sent Junichi flying with a blast of lightning. The Elias made their cases for possession of the treasure: Belvera wanting to use it to wipe out humanity, Moll and Lora striving to save it.

As Dagahra renewed his attack on Leo from underwater, the hologram explained that both Nilai-Kanai and Dagahra were buried by an earthquake just as the civilization's greatest scientists created a treasure to protect it. That treasure was not an object, however, but Ghogo. Belvera lunged for him, but a force field stopped her. Having crawled on top of the pyramid, Dagahra tried to finish Leo. His weight quickly caused the structure to crumble. The hologram instructed Shiori to bring Ghogo to Mothra, then stopped a statue from falling on them with another force field. The humans crossed a bridge which shattered immediately afterwards, triggering a firestorm. As more doors closed, they seemed trapped, but Garugaru tripped a switch at the last moment, shutting another door and saving them. Belvera acknowledged her sisters before flying off.

Rebirth of Mothra 3

Garugaru 3 was built with more advanced weaponry, but it was damaged by King Ghidorah when it was pulled into his dome, but Belvera escaped. After Mothra Leo defeated King Ghidorah once and for all, Belvera arrived to witness Leo's transformation into Eternal Mothra, having repaired Garugaru at some point during the battle. Afterwards, she left on the repaired Garugaru once Moll was revived.



All versions of Garugaru can fly.

Shubibin Beam

Garugaru III can fire a purple beam called the Shubibin Beam (シュビビンビーム).

Video games


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