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Mogranda in Zone Fighter
Alternate names Moguranda
Subtitle(s) Drill Terror-Beast
(ドリル恐獣,   Doriru Kyōjū)
Species Silver Garoga Fusion
Height 108 meters[1]
Weight 86,000 metric tons[1]
Controlled by Garogas
Relations Garogas (Creators)
Allies Garogas
Enemies Zone Fighter
First appearance Zone Fighter Episode 16: Terrifying Attack! The Garoga Robot

Mogranda (モグランダ,   Moguranda) is a drill kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in episode 16 of the 1973 tokusatsu kaiju series, Zone Fighter titled Terrifying Attack! The Garoga Robot.


Mogranda is mostly cybernetic with his entire head, upper body, and tail being made completely of silver metal. Mogranda's tail is rather stubby and possesses spikes that lead up to the midsection of his back, right below the drill. He also possessing a large drill that's constantly spinning and implanted behind his neck and a long yellow serrated blade at the end of his right arm. His left hand is yellow, curved, and appears to be made of metal. Mogranda's organic parts are mainly his lower body and give the impression of a cybernetically modified reptilian bird monster with his beak and brownish-yellow scaled body. However, the cyborg monster was actually created by two Silver Garoga fusing together.


According to Toho Special Effects: All Kaiju Illustrated Encyclopedia, Mogranda was born on Planet Garoga, the same homeworld as the Garogas.[2]


Zone Fighter

"Terrifying Attack! The Garoga Robot"



Physical abilities

Mogranda possesses a serrated claw on his right hand. In battle, he initially charged at Zone Fighter, unsuccessfully performing both underhand and overhand swipes and slashes. After that, he managed to grasp the hero with his claw and threw him to the ground. When Zone was wrestling with Mogranda's claw, Mogranda slammed his fist into his head, causing him to lose his footing. Mogranda continued to beat Zone with his hand before throwing the hero to the ground. After Zone Fighter was severely weakened, Mogranda began to kick the hero and slammed him back down with both his claw and hand repeatedly.

Fire breath

Mogranda can breathe a stream of fire from his beak, which caused huge explosions when it touched the ground. Mogranda first used these flames to attack a human-sized Zone Fighter. After leaving Zone Fighter on the ground from his mist attack, Mogranda once again used his flames on the fallen hero, who made several rolls to get out of the way of the flames, although he was left exhausted. Following that, Mogranda unleashed his flames on a neighboring town, setting fire to and blowing up numerous buildings. According to All Kaiju Kaijin (First Volume), the temperature of the flames reach 2,000 degrees Celsius.[2]

Diamond Drill

Mogranda possesses a huge diamond back drill, which according to All Kaiju Kaijin (First Volume) can spin 10,000 times a minute.[2] Mogranda used the drill in an attempt to gore Zone Fighter multiple times, but never managed to land a hit. Mogranda drill was, however, able to send large chunks of rock and dirt flying hundreds of meters into the air after falling face first onto the ground.


Mogranda can burrow through the ground at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour, as noted in All Kaiju Kaijin (First Volume).[2]

Eye lightning

Mogranda can fire white bolts of lightning from his eyes. While never used in battle, they were employed to crack open a meteorite that came from space, allowing him to empower himself with cosmic radiation.


After breaking open the meteorite, Mogranda began to suck up all the cosmic radiation from it with his beak.

Explosive mist

After obtaining sufficient cosmic radiation from the meteorite, Mogranda could breathe an explosive red mist from his beak. This mist obscured Zone Fighter's vision, but also created explosions of varying sizes. The initial explosion blew Zone Fighter backwards, and as more mist kept pouring on Zone, explosions went off across the hero's body pushing him back more, eventually leaving him on the ground in pain. After hearing Zone Fighter groan in pain, Mogranda ceased his destruction of a town and focused back on Zone, spewing more of his explosive mist at the hero, which ended up flooring him.


Zone Fighter's Maser Shot only briefly halted Mogranda. He was sent to the ground by a Meteor Kick, although did not seemed to be harmed by it. Mogranda had trouble getting up after falling face first into the ground after attempting to gore Zone Fighter with his drill. After the control base that was controlling Hiroshi was destroyed, Mogranda froze up and began to thrash around before falling on the ground. Despite this, Mogranda survived a Meteor Proton Beam to the head and was finally killed after being shot with two volleys from Zone's Meteor Missile Might, which caused the mechanical Terror-Beast to explode.


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Mogranda's roars appear to be derived from some of Keylla's roars and slowed down.[3]


  • Despite being formed on earth by the fusion of two Silver Garoga, the Toho Special Effects All Monster Encyclopedia states that Mogranda was remote controlled by Garoga equipment. In the episode itself, it is revealed that Hiroshi, the child the Garogas had brainwashed, was the one giving Mogranda his commands, with the child's brainwashing being broken after the base of operations was destroyed.


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