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A Mantleclaw in the Monarch: Legacy of Monsters episode "Aftermath"
Alternate names Crab
Place(s) of emergence Skull Island
Enemies Mother Longlegs
Written by Chris Black
First appearance Monarch: Legacy of Monsters
episode 1, "Aftermath"
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Mantleclaw is a crab Titan[1] which appears on Skull Island in the first episode of the 2023 Apple TV+ Monsterverse television series Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, entitled "Aftermath."


The Mantleclaw is an enormous crab that bears some similarities to the Rock Critters from Godzilla vs. Kong, with six legs, two muscular limbs which each contain a pincer and a smaller, clawed hand, and smaller pincers on the sides of its face. Its carapace resembles rock or cooled magma. Its coloration is a mixture of gray-black, light brown, and dull red, while its blood appears to be tar black.


The Mantleclaw seen in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters was highly aggressive, emerging from its hiding place to face a Mother Longlegs that advanced towards it unknowingly and charging at the spider seconds later.



Monarch: Legacy of Monsters


During Monarch's ill-fated expedition to Skull Island in 1973, a Mother Longlegs chased Bill Randa to the edge of a small cliff overlooking the ocean. Before the giant spider could kill him, however, a Mantleclaw emerged from the ground and roared at the Mother Longlegs, prompting the two arthropod monsters to fight. The Mother Longlegs jabbed the Mantleclaw in the eye with one of her legs, only to lose the limb to the crab's claw. The Mother Longlegs retaliated by pushing it off the cliff and fell in after it, while Randa was narrowly able to avoid their clashing and survived.



The Mantleclaw's back allows it to easily blend into rocky or volcanic surroundings. Neither Bill Randa nor the Mother Longlegs detected the Mantleclaw resting in the ground between them until it revealed itself.


The Mantleclaw's pincers were capable of slicing off the tip of a Mother Longlegs leg.


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Some of the sounds made by the giant octopus in the 2023 film The Meg 2: The Trench were also incorporated into the Mantleclaw's cries.[2]

Mantleclaw's roars and sound effects (begins at 0:38)


  • Though referred to as a Titan by Monarch: Legacy of Monsters co-creator Chris Black, the Mantleclaw's classification by Monarch has yet to be revealed.
  • The Mantleclaw strongly resembles early Rock Critter designs by Ken Barthelmey, with Barthelmey himself even suggesting that its design was based on them.[citation needed]

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