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Image gallery for Gororin

Gororin in Godzilla Island
Species Monstrous Gymnocalycium
Controlled by Landes
Enemies Anguirus, Godzilla, Godzilla Junior, Gorosaurus, Baragon, King Caesar, Mechagodzilla, Moguera
First appearance Godzilla Island episode 180,
"I Must Know The Secret"
Latest appearance Godzilla Island episode 188,
"A Victorious V Goal!"

Gororin (ゴロリン,   Gororin) is a cactus ball kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in episode 180 of Godzilla Island, "I Must Know The Secret." It is the primary antagonist of the show's 17th story arc.


Gororin simply appears to be a Gymnocalycium cactus ball. It has dark green to blue skin and spines all over its body. Gororin has two small yellow eyes that briefly appear.


Before Landes deployed it to Godzilla Island, Gororin was a small potted Gymnocalycium, or chin cactus.


Godzilla Island

Landes sent Gororin to Godzilla Island to spread terror. At first the island's residents were fascinated by it, with Mechagodzilla even putting up a sign to recognize the new landmark. A suspicious Anguirus visited it at night, and was promptly attacked by a hail of spines which glanced off his carapace. As Anguirus countered, Gororin went dormant again, and the noise woke up the rest of the island. Besuke Jinguji scolded Anguirus for menacing a plant, and the monster withdrew, humiliated.

The next day, Gororin turned on the other monsters, rolling around the island and firing off more spines. Godzilla's atomic ray was only able to stop it for a few seconds; it even bowled over a six-monster defensive formation. When it reached the sleeping Anguirus, however, it just bounced off. Besuke Jinguji arrived in Mechagodzilla to deliver an apology to Anguirus in person, only for Gororin to attempt to flatten him. Anguirus intervened, pinning the cactus against a mountain. Godzilla, Gorosaurus, Baragon, and King Caesar tried to help, but Gororin's spines kept them at bay. Fortunately, Nao Koda arrived in Moguera with a special type of weed killer smeared on one of the robot's hands. Upon injection, all of Gororin's spines fell off. Anguirus passed Gororin to Godzilla, who tail-whipped it into Landes' ship, destroying the cactus and forcing her to retreat.



Gororin can roll around at great speeds, knocking over nearly any monster that stands in its way.


Gororin can fire spines from its body, which are sufficiently painful to repel most monsters. Two of the spines were able to pierce Godzilla's skin.


Gororin is unusually resistant to Godzilla's atomic ray.


Exposure to certain type of weed killer will cause all of Gororin's spines to instantly fall off, rendering it powerless.


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  • Gororin is the only monster created for Godzilla Island that has an original design and is not derived from any pre-existing character.
  • Gororin's eyes only appear during its first battle with Anguirus.


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