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Ganimes in Space Amoeba
Alternate names Ganime
Subtitle(s) Giant Crab Monster
(大蟹怪獣,   Ōkani Kaijū)
Huge Crab (巨大蟹,   Kyodai Kani)G:TB
Species Mutated rubble crab
Height 20 meters[1][2]
Weight 12,000 metric tons[1][2]
Place(s) of emergence Sergio Island[3]
Controlled by YogSA
Relations Yog (Creator),
Gezora and Kamoebas ('Brothers'),
J-MO7 (Possible subspecies)G:PM
Enemies Kamoebas
Created by Ishiro Honda, Ei Ogawa,
Tomoyuki Tanaka
Portrayed by Haruo Nakajima
First appearance Space Amoeba
More roars

Ganimes (ガニメ,   Ganime) is a giant rubble crab kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in the 1970 Toho film, Space Amoeba.


Ganimes' name comes from the Japanese word kani (蟹), meaning crab, and me, a kaiju name suffix.


Showa Series

Space Amoeba

Ganimes, originally an ordinary rubble crab, was controlled and mutated by Yog after Gezora died. Ganimes attacked Sergio Island, but he was destroyed by explosives. Yog utilized another rubble crab to create a second Ganimes to work in tandem with the giant mata mata turtle Kamoebas. The two were freed from Yog's control by a swarm of bats, and they fought soon after. They fought on a volcano and Ganimes threw Kamoebas in, but he pulled Ganimes in with him.


Video Games


GODZILLA: Monster Apocalypse

Ganimes appeared in the Bering Sea and attacked American crab fishing vessels.[4]

GODZILLA: Project Mechagodzilla

In December of 2047, a colony of red crustacean-like kaiju designated J-MO7 assaulted the North American Hedorah Research Laboratory. It was theorized due to their crustacean-like appearance that they may have been a subspecies of Ganimes that traveled down to North America from the Bering Sea. However, contact with the institute was lost after the attack and no further investigation could be carried out due to North America being lost to humanity.[5]


Godzilla: Rulers of Earth

When Lucy Casprell visited Infant Island, one of the cave paintings she saw categorized all of the Earth's monsters (besides Godzilla) as associated with water, earth, fire, or air. Ganimes was one of the water monsters, along with Zilla, Varan, Titanosaurus, Gezora, Manda, Ebirah, and Kamoebas.

In Other Languages

  • Serbian: Ганимеc
  • Russian: Ганимез
  • Yiddish: גאַנימעס


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Ganimes' roars


  • In both the Titan Productions and Hong Kong English dubs of Space Amoeba, Dr. Kyoichi Miya identifies Ganimes as a "pumice stone crab."
  • Ganimes' presence in Godzilla: Rulers of Earth was limited to a cave painting because IDW Publishing accidentally forgot to acquire the rights to the character.[6]


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