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Great Apes
The Great Apes in Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire
Alternate names Great-ApesGxK novel, Kong clanGBL
Species Giant ape Titans (Kongs)[1][2]
Height 275 feet (Guard)[3]
Controlled by Skar King (formerly), King Kong
Allies Humans (initially), Skar King (initially), Shimo, King Kong, Suko
Enemies Humans, King Kong (initially), Suko (temporarily), Vertacines, Godzilla, Mothra
Written by Terry Rossio, Simon Barrett,
Jeremy Slater, Adam Wingard
First appearance Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire
In the beginning, Hollow Earth lived in harmony with the surface world. The Titans were the guardians of nature, and the Great Apes became the protectors of humanity. But a great evil threatened the peace.

Ilene Andrews (Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire)

The Great Apes (グレイト・エイプ,   Gureito Eipu) are a group of giant ape Titans of the same species as Kong[1][2] that appeared in the 2024 Legendary Pictures film Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire. They lived in a cavern in the Hollow Earth under the tyrannical rule of the Skar King, who sought to conquer the surface world. After the Skar King was killed, Kong, accompanied by Shimo and Suko, returned to them as their new leader.


In taxonomy, "great ape" is the common name for members of Hominidae, a group of large primates including gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos, orangutans, and humans. The Great Apes were referred to as such by Dr. Ilene Andrews as she translated Iwi hieroglyphics in a temple within their Hollow Earth civilization; this name is also used in the theater program for Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire[1] and is rendered as "Great-Apes" with a hyphen in the film's novelization. The opening credits for the film refer to them as a "Titan ape society".[4] The description for the Hollow Earth Rank Battle stage in Godzilla Battle Line refers to them as "Kong clan."

The novelization gives personal names to five Great Apes in the narration: One-Eye (killed by Suko), Stone Fist (killed by Kong in his first encounter with the Great Apes), Catcher (repelled by Kong in the first encounter),[5] Gnarled Finger (killed by the Skar King after he protected Suko),[6] and Knob (crushed by Kong's rock trap).[7] A befores & afters article also revealed one of the apes' name to be Boots,[8] while the "Monsters of Hollow Earth" home video featurette refers to the Great Ape guards as Red King Guard.[3]


The creation of the Great Apes within the Skar King's lair involved a systematic approach to achieve diversity and coherence. Elaborating on the process, Nick Epstein says, "We built them in a modular way." Ludovic Chailloleau emphasized the importance of individuality within the ape community, stating, "We affectionately called one of the apes ‘Boots’... We were playing with making him look a little bit more sympathetic." The team's efforts to imbue each ape with unique characteristics contributed to the diverse ape community. Great Apes were made in Skar King's lair using a modular method. They shared facial rigs and base meshes, allowing for diverse characters. Different paint patterns, grooming, and colors made each ape unique. Some were given specific personality traits for audience appeal. Despite challenges, a consistent design framework maintained both unity and individuality among the apes. Originally, 100 apes were planned to appear in Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, though the finished film features around 130 instead.[8]


The Great Apes appearance's vary across individuals, with some appearing similar to gorillas and Kong's species while others such as the Skar King and One-Eye resemble chimpanzees. However, the adults are noticeably shorter and less bulky than Kong, possibly due to malnourishment. Their fur color also varies greatly between individuals; many seem to have a dark gray or brown fur, while others have orange or red fur, the latter being true of Suko and the Skar King. A few of the apes, such as some of the ones that attacked Kong initially, appeared to have patchier fur, leaving pale skin exposed. Red paint coats parts of the apes' bodies, such as on the chest, and lines their arms and legs.


Given that they protected humans in ancient times, the Great Apes likely have more benevolent tendencies naturally. Under the oppressive rule of the evil Skar King, however, they seemed far more hostile towards other entities. Suko and the three adult Great Apes attacked Kong on sight when he entered their level of Hollow Earth, and even when Kong showed one mercy in the midst of their clash after he was almost knocked off a cliff, he quickly attempted to kill Kong with a dagger. Some of the guards and seemingly higher-ranking Great Apes display a notable degree of cruelty, probably also inspired by their leader's ruthlessness, such as when one beat fellow Great Ape Boots for dropping a stone that was likely used for construction. Later, One-Eye unhesitatingly used Knob's body to shield himself from falling rocks, at the cost of the ape's life. The Great Apes were not completely vicious under the Skar King's rule, however. When Suko returned to the Skar King's lair, one ape, Gnarled Finger, seemed worried about where the young simian had been; additionally, Suko's caretaker intervened when the Skar King threatened to harm Suko. The Great Apes largely lived in fear of the tyrant, who intimidated them and beat them casually and remorselessly; the mere toss of his food was enough for the Great Apes near him to cower. When Kong entered their cave, he observed several Great Ape heads mounted on spikes, presumably belonging to those who displeased the Skar King and displayed as a warning to others.

The Great Apes are able to cooperate well in battle, as shown when the three adults and Suko carried out their ambush on Kong. In ancient times, armies of them commanded by the Skar King threatened even Godzilla. They appear to use sign language and sounds to communicate.


The Iwi wrote that the Great Apes were protectors of humanity in ancient times. However, the apes' leader, the Skar King, desired to claim the surface for himself, bringing the Great Apes into a massive conflict with Godzilla. The battle almost cost Godzilla his life, but the Titan prevailed and locked the Great Apes deep within the Hollow Earth. The Skar King's desire to conquer the surface remained firm, however, and he ruled over the Great Apes with unwavering cruelty as he waited for his chance to exact his plot, also taking control of the ancient Titan Shimo.

According to Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire's Japanese theater program, the Great Apes are the "same species" or "same kind" (同種,   dōshu) as Kong.[1] Director Adam Wingard and Ilene Andrews actress Rebecca Hall also refer to them as "[Kong's] kind" and "Kongs," respectively, in home video featurettes for the film.[2][9] Despite this, designer Jared Krichevsky testified that the Skar King and other Great Apes were "not [the] same species" as Kong in a since-deleted tweet.[10]



Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire

When Kong went to investigate the lower layer of the Hollow Earth, he found Suko. When Kong tried to bond with Suko, the young Great Ape bit his finger and ran away. As Kong followed the young ape, three other apes (One-Eye, Stone Fist, and Catcher) came to surround Kong, with two holding him down on the ground while the third approached with a club in hand. Acting, fast, Kong grabbed a rock, and slammed it in the face of one of the apes restraining him. Free, Kong thrust the other in the direction of the club, and was now able to fight better. After a skirmish with Kong against the three adults and the young ape attacking him, Kong ended up killing two of the adult Great Apes by beating one to death and pushing the other off a cliff while the third, One-Eye, escaped. Kong found Suko hiding in a bush, and had the young simian follow him.

The Great Apes' home

Eventually, the duo reached the Great Apes' home, in a fiery cavern in the depths of the Hollow Earth. Suko attempted to be discrete, but Kong, seeing Boots being beaten by a guard, helped the downed ape to his feet and knocked the guard out. Kong's actions caught the attention of the Great Apes' ruler, the Skar King, who walked casually over to Kong and made fun of the intruder for his false tooth. As the Skar King turned his anger on Suko, Suko's guardian, Gnarled Finger, intervened. The Skar King seemingly relented in his cruelty as he turned away, before a wicked smile spread across his face, and he back kicked Gnarled Finger into a patch of lava, exhibiting frightened screeches of shock and sadness from Suko. Enraged, Kong challenged the Skar King, and after a brief fight where the Skar King almost strangled Kong with his Whipslash, Kong's superior strength allowed him to get the better of the Skar King. One Great Ape guard attempted to fight Kong, but the Skar King gestured for him to hold back, and had a lava veil parted to make use of his ultimate weapon: Shimo, who he bound to his will with pain. Using the crystal at the tip of his Whipslash, the Skar King made Shimo unleash her ice beam on Kong, badly wounding the ape. Kong and Suko fled from the Skar King's lair, with hordes of the Great Apes in pursuit. Kong attempted to use a rockslide trap on the Great Apes, but they realized the danger, and stepped over the tripwire. Luckily, the trap activated on its own, causing the Great Apes to get caught in a rockslide and allowing Kong and Suko to escape to the Iwi's civilization.

An army of Great Apes following the Skar King as he rides Shimo.

One-Eye, one of the Great Apes caught in the rockslide, survived the trap and managed to follow Kong and Suko to the Iwi's home, before returning to the Skar King's lair to report back to him. The Skar King rallied the Great Apes and had Shimo unshackled, and a small army set off with Skar King leading them to attack the Iwi. After the Skar King used Kong's axe to destroy the biological barrier hiding the Iwi's village, the Great Apes prepared to attack. However, they were met with a swarm of Vertacines, Godzilla, Kong, Mothra, and Suko, who battled them. Amid the disrupted gravity produced by the collision of the pyramids in the village, the Great Apes fought on; one was struck with rock by Suko, while others were strung to floating rocks by Mothra's silk. Meanwhile, the Skar King made his way to the portal to the surface, intent on completing his plan at whatever cost; Godzilla and Kong pursued him, and Shimo was brought to the surface as well. One-Eye clung to Suko's foot as the gravity reverted itself, and the young ape kicked the elder ape to his demise. Mothra bound the rest of the Skar King's army to boulders with her silk.

The Great Apes roaring along Kong, Suko and Shimo

Following the Skar King's defeat, Kong returned to the Skar King's old lair with Suko and Shimo, now the new leader of the Great Apes. Seeing this, the Great Apes looked relieved to be freed from the Skar King's tyranny.


Physical abilities

The Great Apes possess notable strength. Stone Fist and Catcher were able to hold Kong down briefly before he was able to free himself. Additionally, the apes could tow large bricks and carry stones across the grounds of the Skar King's lair. They also display great speed and endurance, as they were able to pursue Kong across the Hollow Earth. They are well adapted to environments in the Hollow Earth, and could fight fairly competently amid the disrupted gravity during their raid on the Iwi village.


While many of the Great Apes rely on their physical capabilities, they are also capable of using tools, especially weapons. During One-Eye, Stone Fist, and Catcher's initial attack on Kong, they attempted to use a club made of bone and a dagger made of stone against him.


The Great Apes demonstrate high intelligence, such as their use of weapons. They also demonstrate coordinated attacks, as shown when a group of three ambushed Kong as he attempted to pursue Suko, possibly having the younger Great Ape serve as a decoy. Later on, as Kong and Suko escaped the Skar King's lair, Kong attempted to trick a horde of Great Apes pursuing him into setting off a trap, but One-Eye noticed the tripwire and cautiously stepped over it, and the rest of the apes took steps to avoid tripping it as well; it was only when Suko purposefully set the trap off to help Kong that they were caught by it.


As individuals, the Great Apes are physically weaker than Titans such as Godzilla or Kong. While the three adults were able to briefly restrain Kong after ambushing him, they proved to be little match once Kong freed himself and could properly retaliate. Later, in the Great Apes' cave, he felled an aggressive guard with a single punch. During their confrontation with him in 2027, he brushed individual apes aside effortlessly. Mothra also restrained some of them with her silk.


Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire - The Official Movie Novelization

The Skar King traveled to the upper layer of the Hollow Earth with four Great Apes, destroying Monarch Outpost One and discovering signs of Kong's presence. After returning to the Subterranean Realm, the Skar King returned to the Living Caves and left the other four apes - Suko, One-Eye, Stone Fist, and Catcher - to lie in wait for Kong.[11]

Suko was latter stunned by Kong's easy willingness to share the Drownviper carcass with him, as competition for food was intense among the Great Apes. The Great Ape kindest to him, Gnarled Finger, would only give him food when he himself was sated, despite preventing the other apes from killing Suko earlier in his life.[6]

After learning of the portals guarded by the Iwi, the Skar King took almost every male ape under his command with him to invade the surface. Despite their greater numbers, they did not have any added impact on the final battle in the Hollow Earth. He was also noted to have "many wives," who were moved even further underground when he departed.[12]

Known members


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Great Ape roars and sound effects

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