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Gamera incarnations
Avant Gamera
Gamera (GAMERA -Rebirth-)
Toto in Gamera the Brave
Alternate names Gamera, Rebirth Gamera[1]
Subtitle(s) Little Brave
(小さき勇者,   Chīsaki Yūsha)[2]
Species Giant turtle
Height 8 centimeters (day-old),[3]
~1 meter (shortly after),[3]
~8 meters (Shima),[3]
30 meters (Nagoya)[3]
Length 50 meters (Nagoya)[3]
Weight 900 metric tons (Nagoya)[3]
Other stats Shell size: ~5 centimeters (newborn),[3]
Shell diameter: 20 meters (Nagoya, long),[3]
18 meters (Nagoya, short)[3]
Forms Baby, Shima appearance,
Nagoya appearance
Enemies Zedus
Played by Toshinori Sasaki (suit),
Frank Welker (stock vocalizations),
African spurred tortoises, animatronics, full-scale model, CGI
First appearance Gamera the Brave
More roars
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Toto (トト,   Toto), acknowledged as Gamera (ガメラ) upon reaching adulthood, is a giant turtle kaiju who appeared in the 2006 Kadokawa Gamera film Gamera the Brave. He is the successor to Avant Gamera, who sacrificed himself to destroy a flock of Gyaos in 1973.


Toto's name might come from the word "tortoise." In-universe, Toto is given his name by Toru after a nickname his late mother used to call him. Once Toto grows to adulthood, he is acknowledged by several characters as Gamera (ガメラ), although Toru and the other child characters still call him Toto. Toru only refers to Toto as Gamera at the very end of the film as he flies away. The tag for a Bandai Daiei Kaiju Series figure of Toto refers to him as Rebirth Gamera (新生ガメラ,   Shinsei Gamera)[1] in order to distinguish him from figures of the Showa Gamera and Heisei Gamera.


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Toto is the successor to Avant Gamera, a giant benevolent turtle monster who released his internal energy to self-destruct and destroy a flock of Gyaos in 1973. It is unclear whether he is Avant Gamera's child, reincarnation, or simply another member of the species.


Heisei era

Gamera the Brave

In 2006, 33 years after Gamera sacrificed himself to stop a flock of Gyaos, a young boy named Toru discovered a turtle egg sitting atop a red gem on an island. The boy took the egg home along with the red gem it was sitting on. The egg hatched into a baby turtle, which Toru named "Toto", a nickname his later mother used to call him. Toto surprised Toru's neighbor when he started to fly. He soon became too big for Toru to take care of in his home, so he was taken to a shed on the shoreline. He disappeared the next day, but he returned to save Toru and his friends when Zedus attacked his village. He fought Zedus and drove him away, but he was seriously injured and captured by the military. Zedus arrived in Nagoya, and was confronted by Toto after he grew larger and escaped military custody. Zedus threw Toto into a building and was ready to kill him, but Toru arrived and tossed the gem found with Toto's egg into his mouth, which super-charged him and gave him the ability to fly and breathe fire. Toto battled Zedus again, and was able to rip out the beast's tongue and then destroy him with a fireball. Toto collapsed to the ground from exhaustion, and was surrounded by the military. Toru and his friends stood in front of Toto, giving him time to regain his strength and fly away. As Toto flew into the distance, Toru stared at him and said, "Sayonara, Gamera."



Even as a hatchling, Toto was able to breath fire, scorching a knife that fell in front of him. He fired a blast down Zedus's mouth during their first fight, causing the reptile to plummet from a bridge into the water below and retreat. After Toru threw the red stone which housed his egg into his mouth, he charged up and unleashed a more powerful fireball which completely obliterated Zedus.


As a hatchling, Toto could levitate, emitting a small amount of exhaust as he did so. After he grew to 30 meters tall and Toru threw the red stone into his mouth, he gained the ability to fly by retracting all his limbs into his shell and firing rockets out of his arms and legs holes. He used this ability to tackle Zedus off of one of the JR Central Towers.


Toto's red pearl.

Though born as a regular-sized turtle, Toto grew rapidly, becoming approximately eight meters tall for his first battle against Zedus. After the JSDF captured him and injected him with liquefied red pearls discovered around his birthplace, he grew to 30 meters tall for his rematch with Zedus.


Gamera 2006: Hard Link

Toto is in the facility of Amemiya throughout the manga. The researchers try to find a way to help Toto to fight Zedus.


Main article: Toto/Gallery.


Rather than Gamera's unique roar, Toto's primary roar is an edited stock roar which dates back to the 1957 Universal Pictures films The Land Unknown and The Deadly Mantis and was also used for King Kong in the 1976 film, Yonggary in Reptilian, and Midon in Big Man Japan. He is also given generic elk bugles and pre-recorded growls originally uttered by Frank Welker.

Toto's roars


  • As a baby, Toto was played by a live African spurred tortoise, but when he is shown displaying varying emotions, computer-generated imagery was also used.
  • Toto's concept is very similar to the Godzilla characters Minilla and Godzilla Junior, both being younger members of the main monster's species. Like Godzilla Junior, Toto eventually grew up and took the place of his predecessor following his death.


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