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Image gallery for Gorgo

Species Sea monster
Height 65 feet[1][2]
Relations Ogra (mother)
Allies Ogra
Enemies Humans, VenusiansCharlton Comics
Created by Eugène Lourié[3]
Played by Mick Dillon
First appearance Gorgo
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Gorgo is a giant monster who appears in the 1961 British-American film Gorgo.


Gorgo was named after Gorgosaurus, a tyrannosaurid theropod dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous Period.[4] In the film, the circus owner Dorkin coins "Gorgo" as a reference to the Gorgons of Greek mythology.


Gorgo has dark green skin with a tan belly and glowing red eyes. He has a pair of small fins on the sides of his head, and also has large and powerful hands. His head and back both posess vaguely crocodilian armor. As they were depicted with the same suit, Gorgo and his mother differ only in size.



A large volcanic eruption near the coast of Nara Island, an island off the coast of Ireland, released Gorgo from his sleep. He was soon discovered by humans, and taken to London to be put on display at a circus. It was later discovered that despite his massive size, he was only a baby, and the people began to worry about how large an adult would be. Soon, they would find out when Gorgo's mother, Ogra, came to London to look for her baby, after leaving a path of destruction through Ireland and the West of England. Even though the RAF, Navy and Army tried to defend the capital city, Ogra shrugged it off, destroying everything in her way. Once she discovered Gorgo, she rescued him by breaking one of the walls of his enclosure, and the two monsters went back to the ocean peacefully and swam away.


Physical abilities

Gorgo has no special forms of attack apart from brute force.


Gorgo is amphibious just like his mother.


Gorgo is impervious to rifle fire. In the Charlton Comics series, he was shown to possess much greater durability nearly on par with his mother - including been able to withstand attacks from atomic bombs and even advanced alien weapons that were powerful enough to destroy a planet.


Flamethrowers and electric shocks are able to corral Gorgo.




Gorgo is, naturally, the main character of his series, facing a variety of human, alien, and monstrous threats, sometimes with the help of his mother.

Fightin' Five

Gorgo appears in the last issue (#41) of Charlton's comic book series Fightin' Five, although he is never referred to by name and the cover art omits his distinctive ears.[5]


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In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Flagicon Japan.png Japanese ゴルゴ Gorugo Transcription of English name


Gorgo and Ogra's roars

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