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Gorgo (Comic Series)
Issue #1
Issue #2
Gorgo #1
Cover art of issue #1
Written by Joe Gill
Art by Sam Glanzman (Monsters of the Past)[1],
Steve Ditko (the Monster From the Sea!),
Rocco "Rocke" Mastroserio (Fear!)[1]
Cover by Dick Giordano[1]
Pencils by Charles Nicholas (Wonders of the Deep! and Strange People Who Are Real)
Inks by Sal Trapani (Wonders of the Deep),
Vince Alascia (Strange People Who Are Real)[1]
Letters by John D'Agostino
Charlton Comics

The Monster From The Sea! is the first issue of the Gorgo comic series, published by Charlton Comics in June of 1961. It is a re-telling of the original film, and contains five stories, a main adventure starring Gorgo and four backup stories called "Monsters of the Past", "Wonders of the Deep!", "Fear!", and "Strange People Who Are Real", alongside a educational segment called "Captain Corey's Curiosity Corner".


Monsters of the Past

Monsters of the Past is a nonfiction comic about dinosaurs that depicts a Brontosaurus and a T-rex fighting while a caveman watches. It also claims that while the dinosaurs died because they could not adapt to the climate, humans survived.

The Monster From The Sea!

A group of scuba divers are looking for a gyro-compass worth $10,000. During their search, a sudden explosion happens near their ship. Their heavily damaged ship the Triton was later docked in a tiny Gaelic fishing port. An unknown species of fish began floating on water, as the people were shocked to see them. Joe Ryan and his partner Sam Slade from the Triton went to McCartin, the head of the fishing port, to ask for fresh water and repairs. McCartin asks Ryan if he has a permit to work on those waters. Ryan then acts confused as he doesn't even know that he needs a permit. McCartin only gives them the fresh water Ryan and Slade asked for, and tells them they have 24 hours to leave the fishing port as he has work to do. They left the port, and a scuba diver swam as fast as he could to them, scared. They got him aboard, then he suddenly died. His hand was full of Viking gold. Sam and Joe dive into the water to find more gold. They encountered a giant octopus, which then grabbed Sam. Joe shot the octopus with his explosive harpoon, and the two continued searching. An orca was about to attack them, but Gorgo comes and attacks the orca, giving Sam and Joe some time to escape.

Later, Joe and Sam saw men holding torches, and McCartin's young helper, Sean, who was with them, was mostly silent. "It's for my father! He died out there today." said McCartin's helper. He explained how they do that after someone dies. They do that for the "sea-spirit", Ogra (who was actually Gorgo), as Ogra then comes to attack the islanders. Ogra comes ashore, sending the islanders into panic, then brave men rallied up to fend off Ogra as the young helper proclaimed that Ogra is here. Joe Ryan and Sam Slade grabbed torches and moved towards the colossus, they threw their torches at the beast and told the islanders to get more torches as fire was the monster's weakness, successfully driving it off back into the sea. Some of the islanders gave thanks to them for warding off Gorgo while Sam and Slade discuss about McCartin's gold divers quitting being fine as they could catch Gorgo who is worth more than the gold, though Sean did not think they should do that. At the harbor they prepare all the equipment for the boat and head out to sea to find Gorgo. At the cove where Gorgo was first discovered, they lower the bathysphere with Sam operating it, then he turns on the lights to grab the monster's attention which brings Gorgo to it. Still pained by human-inflicted wounds, Gorgo attacks it and grabs it in his jaws. Sam then tells the crew of the Triton to pull him up and the crew is ordered by Sam to throw the shark nets which entangle Gorgo and allow the bathysphere to get pulled to safety.

Sam, Joe, and the rest of the Triton loaded Gorgo, brought him to Ireland and briefly spray water on him with hoses. News flashed all over the world, great museums made offers, the University of Dublin claimed ownership, but Joe and Sam only operated for profit, not study. They also dacided to rename Ogra (Gorgo's name until he was captured) to Gorgo, after learning that Mr. Dorkin of Dorkin's Circus made a offer of 30,000 pounds for Gorgo. They immediately started bringing Gorgo to London. On the boat, Sean approached Gorgo without fear but one of the crew caught him, alarming Gorgo and almost getting clawed by him. He scolded Sean but Sean said that Gorgo should be in the ocean. The Triton arrives at London with Gorgo where there is a crowd of people waiting for them and celebrating the arrival of "The 8th Wonder of the World". Mr. Dorkin was interviewed next to the monster where he announced he made a new enclosure for Gorgo. Gorgo is brought to his new enclosure and while Joe and Sam watch Gorgo, Sam voices some concerns about how Gorgo is only a infant. Meanwhile, Mc Cartin discovers Gorgo's mother who surfaces on Nara Island. When communications to Nara Island ceased for the British Admiralty, they learned from Professor Hendricks about the bigger monster, which they ordered a attack on. Gorgo's parent followed her baby's scent and was swimming to London. Although a jet alerted a destroyer of the monster's position and it fired salvos at her, this did not help and the parent monster made her way to London, where she destroyed the Tower Bridge and civillians were ordered to evacuate. Battersea Park, where the circus is located, is alerted. Though Joe shows little concern, Sam decides that they should release Gorgo. Joe grabs Sam, only to get punched by him. Crowds waited at the Downing Streets where the Prime Minister told the British Army Chief of Staff that nuclear weapons cannot be fired, as it is a populated area. Gorgo's mother tracks towards the circus as military weaponry and gasoline fire prove useless against her. She arrives at the circus and picks up Gorgo, and the two then head to the sea without further incident as Joe, Sam, and Sean watch.

Wonders of the Deep!

Wonders of the Deep! is a nonfiction educational comic depicting deep sea life and man's expeditions to the sea.

Captain Corey's Curiosity Corner

Captain Corey's Curiosity Corner is a text segment that includes introductions to some activities like tennis, baseball and the part game of IF, as well as facts about Iceland.


Fear is a educational nonfiction comic about superstition. Professor Hemlin gives a lesson about superstitions and numerous examples are shown: cavemen avoiding places that they thought were evil, examples of what the presence of owls meant throughout time, several superstitions involving cats, brides can't wear green, a rabbit's foot is good luck, crows flying near a house means something bad, a horseshoe nailed over a door brings good luck, though what is depicted in the last one is a man getting hit in the head with one. Professor Hemlin then finishes his lesson.

Strange People Who Are Real

This depicts several strange people who might show up at carnivals, such as a fire eater, a tattooed man, a bearded lady, a giant named Tom Thumb, and a 750-pound fat lady.


The Monster From the Sea!


Weapons, vehicles, and races

  • Triton
  • Bathysphere
  • Destroyer


  • Joe Ryan
  • Sam Slade
  • McCartin
  • Sean
  • Mr. Dorkin
  • Professor Hendricks


  • Ireland
    • Nara Island
  • The United Kingdom
    • Battersea Park

Differences from the film

  • Joe and Sam are attacked by an octopus and an orca and then are accidentally saved by Gorgo. This scene was originally going to be in the film, but it was cut.[2]
  • In the film, when Gorgo is brought to London, only a few people and some brass players are present. In the comic, there is a huge crowd of people, and Dorkin is even interviewed.
  • Scenes like Gorgo being transported on a flatcar, Gorgo being forced back into his enclosure by flamethrowers, and Gorgo's mother destroying Big Ben are absent from the comic.
  • McCartin survives his encounter with Gorgo's mother.




  • Monsters of the Past uses the long-outdated theory of humans existing alongside dinosaurs.
  • The scene in which Gorgo accidentally saves Joe and Sam from an octopus and an orca in the comic is a cut scene from the film.
  • The splash art for page 1 was reused for the covers of Gorgo #4, Gorgo's Revenge #1, and IDW Publishing's book Ditko Monsters: Gorgo!.
  • Captain Corey's Curiosity Corner would return in Gorgo #16, which also has its Gorgo story illustrated by Steve Ditko.

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