Kong of Skull Island 2018 Special

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Kong of Skull Island 2018 Special
Main cover art by Dan McDaid
Author Paul Allor
Art by Dan McDaid
Cover by Dan McDaid (Main),
Julio Das Pastoras (Incentive)
Publisher BOOM! Studios
Publish Date May 2018
Genre Graphic Novel

The Kong of Skull Island 2018 Special is an upcoming graphic novel written by Paul Allor with art by Dan McDaid and published by BOOM! Studios. It is based on DeVito ArtWorks LLC's Kong of Skull Island property, and is BOOM! Studios' second one-shot graphic novel based on the property, after Kong: Gods of Skull Island. It will be released on May 30, 2018.[1]


"Paul Allor (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and Dan McDaid (Big Trouble in Little China, Judge Dredd) present a new look at the mysterious history of Skull Island.

When an early Viking expedition washes ashore on Skull Island, they see only the promises of wealth in the island’s riches, and not the dangers.

Decades pass as the Vikings attempt to bend the powerful island to their will — or die trying."



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Joe DeVito's Kong of Skull Island
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