Kong of Skull Island 2018 Special

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Kong of Skull Island
Kong of Skull Island #12
Kong of Skull Island 2018 Special
Kong of Skull Island 2018 Special
Main cover art by Dan McDaid
Art by Dan McDaid
Cover by Dan McDaid (main),
Julio Das Pastoras (incentive)
BOOM! Studios
Kong of Skull Island

The Kong of Skull Island 2018 Special is a graphic novel written by Paul Allor with art by Dan McDaid and published by BOOM! Studios. It is based on DeVito ArtWorks LLC's King Kong of Skull Island property, and is BOOM! Studios' second one-shot graphic novel based on the property, after Kong: Gods of Skull Island. It was released on May 30, 2018.[1]


Paul Allor (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and Dan McDaid (Big Trouble in Little China, Judge Dredd) present a new look at the mysterious history of Skull Island.

When an early Viking expedition washes ashore on Skull Island, they see only the promises of wealth in the island’s riches, and not the dangers.

Decades pass as the Vikings attempt to bend the powerful island to their will — or die trying.


The story is recounted as a letter written by a man named Dagr to Gudrun, the wife of a Viking expedition leader to "Andlátland", translating from Icelandic to "country of death". When Gudrun's party first set foot on Andlátland, they were attacked by quadrupedal reptilian monsters. Gudrun's husband was killed in the fight, and she fought bravely to protect the lives of her men, but the struggle attracted the attention of a Kong. It picked her up, and she stabbed its thumb to free herself. The author reflects that he has come to hate her uncanny ability to survive such situations. The warriors fled to their ship to return home, observed by the island's natives.

Three years later, Gudrun returned with new warriors and more supplies, including Dagr. While setting up their camp, they were attacked by a much larger reptilian quadruped than before; however, they had prepared a massive spear nicknamed the Big Girl for this situation. Gudrun and another Viking shoved the weapon through the beast's lower jaw and out through the top of its head. With the beast dead, the Vikings heard another approaching, but it turned out to be the Kong. Gudrun turned it away, and the Vikings' looting efforts began. Dagr reflects that these early successes made Gudrun overconfident, and started chipping away at her humanity. Over the years, they sent their goods home, received new men and new supplies, and even established trade with the natives. Their leader warned Gudrun that her dependence on the Kong would lead to ruin, as it always had in the past, and suggested she seek a balance in her presence. Gudrun, however, was intent on conquering the island, and grew even closer to her Kong. Dagr writes that while she was concerned with conquering and balance, the rest of the men only wanted to get rich and return home. However, they stayed on the island, thoroughly out of their element. On a mission into the heart of Andlátland, the big quadrupeds attacked again. However, when her men needed her, Gudrun chose to help the Kong. Leaving it to fend off the reptiles, she gave the order to retreat.

Back at their base, Dagr confronted Gudrun, accusing her of favoring the beast over her own men. Gudrun laughed at this, claiming that she controlled the Kong as a weapon through her feigned affection, and that she chose it over the men because it was too valuable of a resource. She then ordered the troops for another, even deeper expedition in the morning. Dagr then began writing the letter as part of his plan to trap and kill her Kong, leaving it as an explanation of his actions in case she survived. In the jungles the next day, Dagr attacks her with an axe, and other Vikings restrain her as her screams draw out the Kong. The Vikings attack it with arrows, one of which strikes right in its eye, before others try to hold it down with grappling hooks. Dagr's letter notes that its fur will clothe their village for decades, and that if they fail, they will still find their time on the island at an end.

Gudrun breaks free, is quickly recaptured, and claims that she will not die on the island because the Kong is winning. Seeing that she is correct, Dagr takes the task upon himself, and uses a grappling hook to climb up its body and to strike it repeatedly with his axe until it fell down. Gudrun runs away, and Dagr orders two men after her as he prepares to cut off the Kong's arm to make it small enough to take home. Carting the giant paw back to the beach, the party cannot find either of the warriors they sent after Gudrun. However, they then find their heads on spears, with their two ships on fire out in the bay. While others are baffled by Gudrun's behavior, Dagr understands that it was a trap, with the heads as bait. He stands perfectly still as the quadruped reptiles and even Pteranodons swarm on them.

Gudrun returned to her Kong, who was still alive, in spite of everything. Over time, they stay together, and Gudrun stays in contact with the natives, until she dies an old woman in the remaining hand of her Kong.




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