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Sani in Kong of Skull Island
Species Human
Nationality Polynesian
Occupation Tagu Storyteller
Related to Ewata (Cousin)
K'vanni (Cousin once removed)
If there are gods above us, they carved that skull into that mountain as a mercy. A warning.-- Behold. The place where death lives.

— Sani quoting a first hand account of the Taguatu's first encounter with Skull Island in Issue 1

Sani is the Storyteller of the Tagu people, who narrates the story of the 2016 comic series Kong of Skull Island.


Kong of Skull Island

Kong of Skull Island #1

After a ceremonial Kong match, Sani spoke to one of the Kong trainers about the day's events, but the man she'd found to interview seemed less than keen on the details, which were necessary for her accounts. Around that time, she was approached by her cousin Ewata, and the two began to discuss the match. Sani, while her sacred duty as storyteller was to record history objectively, revealed that she was quite impressed by Ewata's Kong's efforts. Ewata was about to make a joke about recording the undeserved sense of superiority felt by the victorious Atu clan for their victory by forfeit over Sani and Ewata's Tagu clan, but an Atu Kong trainer named Gret overheard and began to argue with another Tagu Kong trainer. Ewata broke them up, and despite Sani's offering, Ewata declined to have her feelings about the match recorded, which made Sani joke that she would make a just Queen in the future. However during this time, the Tagu and Atu clans were being united to aid in an exodus from their home island.

Kong of Skull Island #2

As tensions rose between the Tagu and the Atu regarding the exodus, and who had more claim to the Tagu ships, filled with Atu food stores. In the face of the imminent destruction of their island by volcanic eruption, Sani calmed the crowd by telling them the story of the Kong species' origins. The Tagu scholars had used selective breeding in tandem with the Atu growth stimulants to create their powerful protectors, reminding the crowd that only together could the Tagu and Atu emerge from peril stronger than before.

Kong of Skull Island #3

A small group of eager travelers, desperate to save themselves, took one of the ships out early, and enticed Sani to go with them to prevent the wrath of the gods for abandoning their people. Sani's foremost regret about this was that she would be unable to record the final moments of the island, and of whoever died still on it.

Kong of Skull Island #4

The boat crashed on the shore, and many lives were lost before they began to wall off a portion of beach with parts from their ruined ship. During the struggle, Sani dropped her records in the jungle. However, the rest of the ships arrived and rescued the castaways, lead by Ewata who had found Sani's records. Ewata shared that she was horrified because of the people she had not been able to save, but Sani assured her she would be remembered for the lives she had saved. That evening, the castaways began to discuss leaving on one of the other ships, but Sani informed them that doing so would take them into unknown territory, but Ewata knew of the horrors of the island and was prepared to fight back against them. She was then approached by a little girl with a toy dolphin, who asked if Skull Island was a punishment from the gods. Sani responded that no god could hold disdain for the girl, and shared that she believed the gods were testing the Taguatu people, to force them to become stronger. At that time, a Kong surfaced on the beach. The people were fearful, but Sani remarked that while many Kong lashed out during the eruption, this one had risked its life to swim to its allies. It was then revealed that Ewata's husband had been killed en route to the island, and Sani did her best to comfort her, while vowing to uncover the whole truth of the incident.

Kong of Skull Island #5

After five days on Skull Island, the people were getting by, but their lives were immeasurably changed from what they had been. In Sani's interviews with everyone who had been on the ship where the murder had occured, only to discover that none of them had witnessed the incident. She relayed this information to Ewata.

Kong of Skull Island #6

Through her historical accounts, Sani recollects that while she was painting on the Skull Island Wall, the first great battle for the heart of Skull Island had begun against the godlike beast Gaw. Those who had survived the attack reported that it had been horrifying, and that they mostly recalled the smell of blood, and the screams of the Kong, the people, and the demons. During the battle, V'drell, the Atu Shaman, and his daughter Usana, their queen, were killed, and Sani recorded that after losing everything, the Tagu and Atu peoples began to unite like never before, and more people began to identify as Taguatu. People began to turn to Ewata for guidance. As she wrote this, Ewata approached and Sani revealed that despite her duties as Storyteller, she had resolved to tell the widely accepted lie that Valla had killed V'drell rather than Ewata in order to keep the spirit of the Taguatu alive, as unity was the only thing Sani believed would allow their people to survive, and the truth of the matter would have destroyed it. In the following months, Ewata was looked to as a leader, and was even named Queen. During this tome, she used all of her influence to get Valla's life spared, and only had her banished. Sani suspected in her records that a day may come when she regretted doing this, as those whose aid she needed would no longer feel they owed her a debt. Sani remarked that on Skull Island, such dark times were never far off, and that if they were not careful, the Taguatu could become monsters just like the ones they feared.

Kong of Skull Island #7

During a ceremony commemorating the heir K'vanni's birth, Ewata accepted that it was her duty to rule in her daughter's place until she was of a reasonable age. She then revealed, that after consulting the wisdom of V'drell and Sani, she had decided to create a board of advisers to help her, which included Sani. As she reflected on this in her accounts, Sani felt like it would become harder and harder for her to maintain a neutral historical account, but at the same time felt the sacrifice necessary to unite the people and prevent the collapse of their society.

Kong of Skull Island #8

Sani recorded that a few days after a mine collapse that caused Valla to approach the wall to deliver a wounded miner, another collapse lead Valla to return with an orphaned infant Kong, which Sani suspected that Ewata had accepted as an excuse to raise another Kong. She then told Ewata that many people among the Taguatu were not happy that Ewata had been so familiar with Valla, who assured her it would not happen again. Sani then wrote that the following histories in her accounts would tell of the betrayals and circumstances that would lead to Ewata breaking her promise. Sani recorded that there was much suspicion about the wild-born Kong's origin, and teams of men went into the mines to try to verify Valla's account. While they did find a second collapse and some blood, they did not find a body, but they did grow more fearful of the unknown aspects of Skull Island.

Kong of Skull Island #9

Sani was tasked with educating K'vanni, and on one day in the following nine years, She taught her about the origins of the Kong, who were wild and dangerous when they were found, before being bred to be tame. They then focused on increasing their size. Later, while teaching a class of her older apprentices, Sani told the tale of a family that build their house in the trees, only for the whole forest to collapse beneath it. They then discovered that the trees were all rotten, teaching the lesson that even a small problem, if persistent, could bring ruin on the grandest plans. The class was then approached by Ewata looking to apologize to her daughter, who had not come to class that morning, as Sani informed her. One of Sani's students had seen K'vanni at the coast with the one-armed man. Ewata began to run away with a look of fear that Sani knew all too well on her face. Sani ordered Ewata to stop on her station as the Storyteller, to calm Ewata's paranoid mind which was ready to kill Aguul for harming her daughter.

Kong of Skull Island #10

After torturing a confession out of Aguul's arms maker, Sani reminded Ewata that no matter the situation, she was still the queen and had a law system that she was accountable to. Ewata however, claimed that the current situation was not about ideals or politics, but the kidnapping. Sani then criticized the idea of marching an army into the jungle and pitting the dwindling Taguatu against each other, but Ewata realized that that was what they were expecting, and revealed that she alone would enter the jungle, not as the queen but as a mother. She claimed to pity anything that would stand in her way.

Kong of Skull Island #11

As a part of her class, Sani had the students draft their own proposals for the origins of K'vanni's Kong. She proceeded to recount the tale of the Deathrunners. After their god's defeat hands of the Kong, the Deathrunners became reverent to them and when faced with a Kong, they would stand down and seemed to await orders. In an attempt to release the savage tendencies of the Kong and remind the people of their violent nature, Aguul and B'san tested a scent trigger on a sleeping Kong, however their mixture proved faulty and instead of rage, it induced madness.

Kong of Skull Island #12

As the Kong on the shore began to rampage, Sani asked one of the former Kong trainers what might have caused such madness. They remarked that there was smoke coming from the mines, as Valla burst through the city wall and began to combat the rampaging Kong. When Valla was the last Kong standing, the warriors began to turn on Valla, but Sani stood between their arrows and the Kong. She began to teach the men a lesson about making monsters of their allies, but before she could make this point, she collapsed. Valla laid down on the shore next to her, and a rudimentary funeral began when Ewata and the others returned from the jungle, ending with Sani being cremated on a boat in the waters.



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