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Ewata in Kong of Skull Island
Species Human
Nationality Polynesian
Occupation Queen of the Taguatu
Kong trainer (formerly)
First appearance Kong of Skull Island #1
There will always be things scarier than you out there. But with respect, comes love. Fear only dictates what we run from. Love determines what we fight for.

— Ewata to Usana on their peoples' Kong training strategies. in Issue 1

Ewata is a Kong trainer turned Queen of the Taguatu, who is the main character of the 2016 comic series Kong of Skull Island.


Kong of Skull Island

Kong of Skull Island #1

Ewata was a Kong trainer for the Tagu people, who fought her Kong against those of the Atu tribe in a regular ritual. While watching her Kong Fer'rah compete with an Atu Kong, she remarked to her Kong friend Valla that if Fer'rah continued to perform as well as he was, that they may have found her a mate. Just as she said this, Fer'rah noticed a volcano starting to smoke and tried to exit the arena, causing much turmoil in the crowd, who ran away from him. Ewata, however, was able to calm Fer'rah with a Scent Trigger. Ewata then conceded the match as an apology for upsetting the people. The Atu took this as a sign that their culture was blessed by their many gods and celebrated accordingly while Ewata bandaged Fer'rah's arm and prepared to get her Kong onto a ship to find grazing grounds for them. As the ships are loaded Ewata's husband, Prince K'reti, came to see her. Ewata tried to get him to get his father to allow them to have a wedding ceremony, but K'reti said that they would have to wait for a better time. As they walked, V'drell's daughter Usana came to tell them that K'reti had been summoned by their fathers to the Great Mouth volcano. With K'reti gone, Ewata and Usana discussed the Kong match, and Usana suggested that if she trained her Kong to fear her, their animal instincts would not effect their battles, but Ewata maintained that she preferred to raise her Kong on a principle of mutual respect. While loading the Kong ship, Ewata found her cousin Sani the Storyteller, and they discussed the Kong fights. Unfortunately, Gret, an Atu Kong trainer who grew angry at a remark Ewata was about to make about the Atu antics. This lead to an argument about the Atu's claim to the island's Kong grazing grounds, which Ewata halted when others tried to get involved. Aboard the ship, Ewata awoke at night and was sick over the side. As she lay back down, Valla pointed to Ewata's stomach, which she interpreted as the ape trying to tell her she had eaten bad food. Just after this happened, Ewata was summoned by the captain, who revealed that the wind had blown them off course to the legendary Skull Island. Ewata recalled that there were reports of monsters living there from the accounts of sick and dying sailors, but did not deem the accounts credible due to their age, and an evolution in understanding since then. However, just as she decided this, a Pteranodon flew down on them and tipped the boat, joined quickly by more of its kind and a Marine Iguana.

Kong of Skull Island #2

As she fell into the water, Ewata wondered if the attack had been her fault for not heeding the warnings of her ancestors, but quickly resolved to fight her apparent fate for the good of her friends. Fer'rah headlocked the Iguana and picked Ewata up so as to allow her to kick its eye. He then let her down and she ordered everyone out of the water and for the Kong to flip the boat over. As Fer'rah fought the Iguana, Ewata gave the order to kill it. Unfortunately, she is forced to leave Fer'rah behind so that the few survivors could live. That night, Ewata revealed to Valla that she believed she was two months pregnant. When they finally reached the island of their home, Ewata wheeled a cart with a wounded woman to the shaman, but saw that the other ships were being prepared to leave. Preferring to stick to her current task rather than pursue another, Ewata continued with the cart until she came to a celebration that turned out to be the wedding of K'reti and Usana. Just then The Great Mouth erupted.

Kong of Skull Island #3

Ewata quickly began to use Valla to subdue the rampaging escaped Atu Kong, while two of her other Kong, Tuno and Takani, aided in the evacuation. During the fight with the last of the rampagers, Ewata accidentally killed it by jamming a wooden pole into its eye. At the docks it was discovered that one of the ships had gone missing, and Ewata knew that since the winds had not changed, they would land on Skull Island. Ewata resolved to go after them in an attempt to save the doomed sailors. On board, Ewata did her best to prepare the warriors for the horrors that awaited them, and when the time came, she lead the charge that marked the start of their siege of Skull Island.

Kong of Skull Island #4

While serving more or less as a commander on the battlefield, ordering and coordinating both Kong and human attacks alike, until she found the records of her cousin Sani on the ground and feared the worst. As they fought on, they discovered the survivors of the first ship, who had attempted to build a wall to keep the Deathrunners out. She then ordered the apothecaries to create a sealing agent for the wall before finding Sani alive. Emboldened by her words of encouragement, Ewata organized the people into building parties and scouting parties to find other exposures to seal before they made their first shelters. As this happened, K'reti's ship landed. Ewata was quite angry with her husband, for not coming into battle, and instead opting to circle the island at a safe distance. Rather than listen to the inevitable speeches, Ewata prepared to sail back for the survivors. Being prevented by her peers from doing so, she was forced to listen to Usana's speech in which she revealed that K'reti had been killed by a Tagu radical, who felt he had betrayed their people. In utter despair, Ewata spoke to Sani about her feelings while cradled in Valla's great arm. Around that time, Ewata was summoned by another Kong trainer because the Kong were quite restless despite the use of scent triggers. Ewata opted to allow them to continue, as she was more afraid of whatever monster frightened the Kong than the apes themselves. Later that evening, V'drell arose from the water, much to Ewata's skepticism, and he proclaimed that the gods had saved him from the collapse of their home, and given him visions of the Taguatu prospering over the whole of Skull Island, rather than simply the coast.

Kong of Skull Island #5

While watching V'drell rally the people at a sacrifice ceremony, by claiming that Skull Island is a test and a lesson from the gods, Ewata came out of the crowd to suggest that V'drell utilize the values he preached, as she had found a blood trail leading to the lair of the demons that had taken many of their citizens. V'drell attempted to brush her off, by claiming she was politicizing the event and did not believe that Skull Island was a test from the gods. Ewata, however, suggested that V'drell and Usana join her hunting party to ensure they were protected by the gods in the jungle. In the jungle, they encountered an onslaught so voracious that the Kong could barely hold their own and all seemed dire until Ewata called for Valla to use a Triceratops' skull as a weapon. After this, V'drell discovered that the scents of the larger demons warded the smaller ones off, and so the whole party went to work preparing a mixture to ward the monsters away. During this work, Usana called Ewata away to tell her that K'reti had loved Ewata unquestioningly to the very end. However, she did acknowledge that Ewata had every reason to hate her, but asked if she could still trust her and her Kong to serve the crown. Ewata remarked that she never served the crown, but would do whatever it took to help the Taguatu people. As the party moved out, Ewata lead them and had the Kong follow them on either side. She was then approached by an Atu named Bolti who asked why she had agreed to the mission under the Atu Shaman. Ewata replied that she was doing her duty to understand the threats that plagued them before a Deathrunner ran out of the brush. After the attack, Ewata threw up, and a trainer named K'tawn deduced that she was pregnant, but Usana overheard. They then created an alternate mixture of warding scents for Ewata, before she was ordered not to lead the party into a cavern filled with the decomposing carcasses of the big demons. Ewata, two of her followers, and three Kong climbed the rock face into the great cavern, as down below the remaining party members were surrounded and a Giant two-headed Deathrunner emerged from the cavern.

Kong of Skull Island #6

On seeing the beast, Ewata reminded the party that the breeding references had seen such a phenomenon before: twins that had grown connected. On these grounds they were inspired that if it was an animal, it could be killed by the Kong. Shortly after, Ewata saw Valla charging toward her to save her from the charging demons. On realizing that they were after her specifically, Ewata urged Valla to return to the others so that she could lead the monsters away. However at this time, Gret, riding his Kong Kuan came to help fight them off, joking that he could not allow the only other Kong trainer that provided his Kong a challenge to sacrifice herself. However, shortly after she felt the baby move, and Gret, hearing her exclaim this informed her that Usana and V'drell intended to kill her. On hearing this, Valla began to climb the mountain and left Ewata on an out-of reach ledge before V'drell blew toxic powder in Valla's face and proclaimed to Ewata that he had long been prepared to kill a Kong, and that he had killed kings, and was more than willing to kill the next one growing inside her. On hearing his threats and realizing that he had killed K'reti, Ewata leaped down and tackled V'drell before bludgeoning him to death with a rock. She quickly came to her senses and comforted the injured Valla before realizing that V'drell's toxic powder might be able to save them from the Two-Headed demon. Using the powder, Ewata poisoned one of the heads and Valla broke the other's jaw, causing the lesser demons to retreat. In the ensuing celebration, Ewata revealed that V'drell was dead, and was immediately attacked by Atu members of the party. Only Gret defended her, by informing the crowd that V'drell had intended to kill Ewata to kill the heir she carried. However, he claimed that Valla had killed the shaman to protect Ewata.

In the following months, people began to look to Ewata for guidance, and she was able to use her influence to have Valla spared, but banished. However, when her daughter K'vanni was born, they used incense to summon Valla from the wilds to allow her to meet the child she had saved.

Kong of Skull Island #7

At a ceremony commemorating K'vanni's birth, Ewata agreed to assume control of the throne until her daughter was old enough to rule by herself. In addition to this, Ewata created a board of advisers including Sani, and some of the other Tagu and Atu thinkers. Afterward, Valla returned to the village to return a wounded miner she had found in the mountains, and Ewata was once again able to have her life spared by treating it as a gratitude for risking her life to do the right thing.

Kong of Skull Island #8

Once again, Valla approached the wall, this time carrying an orphaned infant Kong. Ewata knew Valla well enough to understand her story, and took the Kong into the wall for K'vanni to raise. Sani informed Ewata that many people were not happy at her visit with Valla, and Ewata assured her it would never happen again.

Kong of Skull Island #9

Nine years later, after a man named Aguul, who had accompanied Ewata and the others on their hunt into the heart of Skull Island, sent a militant to slay a Deathrunner that had come up out of the mines, despite Ewata's having Kong stationed there to deal with such things, Ewata was critical of his motives. To Ewata, Aguul seemed to be intent on sending people into the jungle to face the same horrors they had seen. Aguul proclaimed that expansion and the building of his proposed fortress in the jungle were necessary, and he appealed to Princess K'vanni that she would understand the need to exterminate all creatures that posed a threat to their people when she became Queen. Ewata scoffed at this idea, reminding Aguul that his proposal would cost many lives, and told him that the Atu gods did not protect them on Skull Island. K'vanni then reminded Ewata, that as the leader of both the Atu and the Tagu, the Atu gods were in a sense her gods as well. Flustered, Ewata escorted K'vanni to her lessons. Later, Ewata awoke long past dawn, when she found her lover Gret reading whatever book had caused him to forget to wake her. He turned out to be reading his old Kong training records, which Ewata joked was a sign that he missed giving orders like she did now. Gret informed her that the people did not like it when she used her power in that way, even jokingly. Ewata asked which council member it was that he was referring to who had asked for his records, and Gret remarked that she would already know if she listened as much as she commanded. Later, when K'vanni was home from her lessons with Sani, K'vanni began to question Ewata's decision to not allow construction of a citadel in the jungle, citing the fact that the Kong had been dangerous when they were first found but were domesticated, and asked why the same could not be done with the Deathrunners. Ewata grew angry, and explained to K'vanni that she could not tame nature. K'vanni then saw fit to remind Ewata that she had the blood chosen by the gods, and that maybe she could do it. Ewata grew furious and reminded K'vanni that she was just a child with no idea of the horrors of the world around her, prompting K'vanni to run from their home. Later, Ewata approached one of Sani's classes looking to apologize to her daughter, who had not come to class that morning, as Sani informed her. One of Sani's students had seen K'vanni at the coast with the one-armed man. Ewata began to run away to find Aguul, suspecting that his spite for her and his attempts to turn the Council against her had lead him to attack K'vanni. However Sani ordered Ewata to stop on her station as the Storyteller, to calm Ewata's paranoid mind which was ready to kill Aguul for harming her daughter.

Kong of Skull Island #10

After torturing a confession out of Aguul's arms maker, Sani reminded Ewata that no matter the situation, she was still the queen and had a law system that she was accountable to. Ewata however, claimed that the current situation was not about ideals or politics, but the kidnapping. Sani then criticized the idea of marching an army into the jungle and pitting the dwindling Taguatu against each other, but Ewata realized that that was what they were expecting, and revealed that she alone would enter the jungle, not as the queen but as a mother. She claimed to pity anything that would stand in her way. Ewata then made her way through the mines to get to the citadel, but encountered some Slashers along the way, one bit her arm, but she was more than prepared to face them. After avoiding the ensuing Deathrunner stampede, Ewata surfaced near the citadel, which was far more developed than she had been lead to believe. There she found a wounded Gret and knocked him out with a rock.

Kong of Skull Island #11

After dragging Gret from the Citadel, she woke him up and questioned him, believing him to be a traitor who was loyal to Aguul. Aguul barely had time to explain himself before Valla and Kong came out of the jungle. Ewata then begged for Valla and Kong's help in locating K'vanni, whom she knew to be in grave danger. Gret then realized that Aguul planned to turn the Kong on the shore into savage beasts by pumping scent triggers through the mines to the shore, which would lead to a slaughter of the people in the village. Ewata however, chose to save her daughter. She asked Valla, while acknowledging that she had no right to ask for favors after their years apart, to run to the coast to save the Kong there. She then asked Kong to lead her to K'vanni. Gret left them to shut off the valve to the mines, while Kong grabbed Ewata and ran.

Kong of Skull Island #12

The reptiles of the jungle then began to rampage, so Ewata burned a scent trigger for clarity in a cloth before tying it onto Kong's face in an attempt to keep him docile. She then rode on his back with a sword in hand through the chaos, bidding Kong to take comfort in knowing that the cause of this madness was stuck at the center of it. As she rode toward Aguul, he began to shout at her before he was gored and devoured by Pteranodons. After this, Kong smelled his mother. Ewata understood this, and bade him to bring her to her lair. As they approached, Kong ran to where K'vanni was being held, and eliminated all of the Deathrunners before knocking his mother off balance and slamming her onto some bones, effectively impaling her. Ewata then ran to the lair, brandishing a sword while reminding the Deathrunners that she had killed Their god. The Deathrunners fled, and Ewata tearfully reunited with her daughter. When they returned to the Citadel, K'vanni saw Gret on the wall. When the party returned to the city, they found the city wall was missing a large portion, but when they entered they found that Sani was dead. The conspirators against Ewata were given mercy by the people, but were not allowed to leave public spaces or enter the jungle. However, in light of the tragedies, all of the Kong were set free into the island, including K'vanni's Kong. Ewata pleaded K'vanni's forgiveness for her selfish behavior that had lead her to be put in harm's way, but K'vanni was understanding. K'vanni's level headedness throughout the conflict lead Ewata to believe she was ready for the Crown, and as queen, K'vanni made sure the Kong were revered and protected like gods.


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