Ramone De La Porta

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Ramone De La Porta
Ramone De La Porta
Species Human
Nationality American
Occupation Archaeology Professor
First appearance Kong: The Animated Series
Played by David Kaye
Delvin Mackey: “I saw what you did, professor. What kind of devil are you, sir?
Ramone De La Porta: “The kind that can reward a clever man, or make a stupid one disappear. Which are you, professor Mackey?
― De La Porta threatening Mackey in The Infinity Stone

Ramone De La Porta is the main antagonist in Kong: The Animated Series.


Kong: The Animated Series

The Return: Part 1

While attempting to gain information on the whereabouts of the mysterious "Primal Stones", Ramone encountered a clone of King Kong, who had died decades earlier. In an attempt to reach for a gun, De La Porta incinerated his hand, and had it replaced with a robot hand. Years later, Ramone was a college professor, and tricked his student Jason Jenkins into taking him to Kong Island, where he takes Jenkins' grandmother's research on the Primal Stones, and steals a Cyberlink Portable Computer which he used to join himself with in order to fight Kong.

The Return: Part 2

Ramone kidnapped Dr. Lorna Jenkins and forced her to show him where the Primal Stones were located, but ws forced to use his Cyberlink to merge with a bear to fight off Kong, but was unsuccessful, and fell over a waterfall.

Primal Power

He then broke into the Primal Stones' temple and stole them. While making his escape, he lost four of them to Jason Jenkins who fought with him in his stolen plane.

The Giant Claw Robberies

After hiring Tiger Lucy to run his businesses, Ramone used her skills as a theif enhanced with a Cyberlink to steal stone tablets with inscriptions about the Primal Stones. On top of obtaining them all in untracealbe thefts, they were able to frame Lua for the crimes. Kong, however broke her out of jail and smashed the final tablet.

Monster Forms

By using a Cyber-Link Wearable Computer, De La Porta can merge his DNA with that of animals to form a Cyber-Link Mutant. He has also been able to harness the power of the Primal Stones to become some form of monster.


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