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Image gallery for Chiros

BKN Logo.png Monster
Chiros in Dark Forces Rising
Forms Statue, Bound, Unbound
Allies Harpy, Onimous
Enemies Kong
Portrayed by Paul Dobson (Voice)
First appearance Kong: The Animated Series
Episode 4: Dark Forces Rising

Chiros is an ancient lava god kaiju that first appeared in episode 4 of the 2000 animated kaiju series, Kong: The Animated Series titled Dark Forces Rising.


Chiros' name may be derived from the Greek word Chiro, meaning hand.


Chiros is a bulky volcanic being with three fingers on each hand, and thick armor-like plating. He has three yellow eyes and a single set of flat teeth. While bound to his temple, Chiros' legs are replaced by a column of lava coming up from a hole in the temple floor connecting to the volcano beneath it.


Chiros was a destruction god on Kong Island who was sealed away by the Atlanteans and the Original Kong using the Primal Stones of the elements. Chiros is heavily connected to the Stones, which are the only thing keeping him from regaining his power and destroying the island. If the Stones are removed from the island, he will return to power. The fewer stones on the island, the more power he has, but as long as one stone remains he will be unable to leave his temple.


Kong: The Animated Series

Dark Forces Rising

After the Original Kong's demise, Chiros' servant Harpy awoke in his temple and began to search for the Seal of Chiros, with which a ressurection ritual could be performed. Chiros was ressurected, but due to a number of Primal Stones still being on the island he could not reach his full power or leave his temple. Despite this he still fought the new Kong in his bound form, which left him tethered to the center of his temple. In order to better combat Kong he possessed a statue on the temple wall and fought through that instead, but was defeated when Kong transformed into Mega Kong, a transformation made by the combined rage in Kong and his Cyber-Link merge partner Jason Jenkins.


The ancient Atlantean monarchs Rahni and Uulak, were reborn in the possessed bodies of Eric Tannenbaum IV and Lua with the goal of vanquishing Chiros who had destroyed their kingdom, an ApBat reported this to Chiros, and he sent Harpy and Onimous to destroy his age old rivals. They were unsuccessful, and were beaten to dust by Kong.

The Hidden Fears

After Harpy, who had been inexplicably revived, poisoned Kong with Mindcrawler venom, Chiros ordered the destruction of the human intruders that Kong had protected. They were yet again unsuccessful due to Kong overcoming the incurable toxin.



  • Chiros can possess the statue of Onimous and fight through it while bound to his temple.


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