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Bagorah in Godzilla, King of the Monsters #3
Alternate names Korghan
Species Giant extraterrestrial bat
Enemies Godzilla, Cybersaur
First appearance Godzilla #3
Latest appearance Godzilla #4
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Bagorah (バゴラ,   Bagora) is an alien bat monster who appeared in the first story arc of Dark Horse's Godzilla, King of the Monsters comic series.


In-universe, Bagorah is named after the scientist who first discovered its approach.[1]


"Long Live the King!"

As the clash between Godzilla and Cybersaur reached its conclusion only a few miles from Vancouver, Godzilla released a powerful roar never heard by human ears before. The sound reached the depths of space and was heard by the monster Bagorah, who traveled to Earth in search of prey.

After an impromptu research facility was constructed around the comatose Godzilla, a nearby observatory noticed an object approaching his location. Within a few hours, the air force met the object in the sky. The object was revealed to be Bagorah, who cautiously approaches Cybersaur. The pilot Kino fired a warning blast at the monster, which let out a deafening screech. The sun rose, causing the bat monster to take refuge in the nearby ocean.

Bagorah returned at midnight, and once again confronted Cybersaur, now armed with Sonic Disrupters. The weapons disoriented the bat monster, sending it crashing into the nearby city. This effect was temporary, as Bagorah quickly returned to the air and knocked over the mech with a headbutt, then ravaged it with its fangs and talons.

After failing to find a meal in the defeated Cybersaur, Bagorah noticed the body of Godzilla, who had just been given the antidote to the toxin keeping him comatose. When Bagorah moved in to feast on the King of the Monsters, Godzilla woke up at the last moment and grabbed the alien by the neck.

"Godzilla vs. Bagorah"

Bagorah ascended and tried to use his auditory blast on Godzilla, who attempted to retaliate with his own atomic breath. Fortunately for Bagorah, while Godzilla had been given the antidote, the toxin had weakened him enough for the atomic ray to be unusable. The alien attacked Godzilla again, then pursued nearby jets, expecting them to be an easier meal. Unbeknownst to it, the territorial Godzilla had not recognized the fight as being over.

However, after chomping down on a plane, the alien discovered his prey was mostly made of cold and tasteless metal. His passion for pursuit killed, Bagorah decided to feast on the inhabitants of Vancouver. Godzilla's roar got his attention.

Deciding to make another attempt at eating Godzilla, Bagorah knocked Godzilla over and bit the back of his neck, drawing blood. The glowing of Godzilla's dorsal spines distracted the bat enough for him to reposition himself, but Godzilla still could not use his atomic breath. Instead, he shoved a bus into his opponent's mouth. The battle continued until Godzilla's spines glowed again. Undeterred this time, Bagorah lunged for the King of the Monsters, but was greeted with atomic fire. A second blast sent the extraterrestrial falling into the sea.

"Target: Godzilla! Part One"

Above Jupiter's orbit, a Dianii ship emerged from hyperspace. Hunting Bagorah, the fiercest beast known to their galaxy, they were surprised to discover that he had been injured. The hunters approached Earth to observe the monster responsible.

"We Have Seen the Future, and it Has Been Destroyed by Godzilla"


Bagorah attacking Godzilla


Bagorah possesses unfathomably accurate hearing. Not only did it hear Godzilla's roar on Earth from the depths of space, but also followed it to the point of origin near Vancouver.


Bagorah can fly at remarkable speeds and is able to travel to Earth from deep space in a rather short period of time as well as keep up with modern fighter jets with no apparent difficulty.

Sound waves

Bagorah naturally emits high-frequency sound waves, most likely to serve as a form of echolocation. However, these same waves have destructive capabilities, being able to damage hearing, shatter glass, and in one case reduce a modern city building to rubble.

Sound blasts

Bagorah is able to unleash powerful concentrated sound blasts at his prey while using his echolocation abilities, which cause a good amount of damage even to creatures such as Godzilla himself.

Teeth and talons

Bagorah’s teeth and talons are sharp enough to do damage to even Cybersaur's hull and pose a threat to Godzilla's tough hide.




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