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S-Class Pipijuras.png
Alternate names P.P.J.U.R.A.S.
Species Extraterrestrial Titan
Height 36.4 meters[1]
Weight 180 tons[1]
Forms Normal, S-Class
Controlled by G.T.D.I. (temporarily)
Relations Other Pipijuras (leaders)
Enemies Story Mode: Gorogong, Gigaman, Thundatross, MechaJURAS, Woolley & the Yetis, Zyva
First appearance GigaBash
These inferior life forms have stolen from us....Eradicate them.

— Pipijuras (GigaBash)

Pipijuras (ピピジュラス,   Pipijurasu) is an extraterrestrial Titan who appeared in the 2022 video game GigaBash. First arriving on Earth in 1983, Pipijuras was ordered by its leaders to travel to the planet, where it subsequently crashed. The G.T.D.I. captured and altered Pipijuras, before deploying it into battle, where they lost control of the alien. Pipijuras proceeded to fulfill its directive, teleporting Earth to the alien mothership, destroying the planet at the same time.


First appearing in 1983, Pipijuras was captured by the G.T.D.I. and designated with the titles of Specimen 51 and P.P.J.U.R.A.S. The cybernetics department of the G.T.D.I. are the ones responsible for Pipijuras' recovery, even going as far as replacing some of the monster's heavily damaged parts with cybernetic ones. The G.T.D.I. also planned to fit Pipijuras with a mind control device, intending to use it as a weapon to combat the Titans.

However, after cuts to the project's budget, things became worrisome. The mind control device was shown to be too loose and did not keep up with the technology of the other implants on Pipijuras' body. The device was also shown to be prone to random malfunctions, and the project was put under threat of cancellation.


Pipijuras's overall appearance was based on alien designs from the Showa era, drawing influence largely from the Ultra Series. Its claws were based on those of the aliens Baltan and Temperor specifically.[2]

Early concept designs appeared to borrow and hybridize characteristics from various Ultra Series characters including Kanegon, Alien Metron, Alien Shamer, Alien Hipporit, and Miclas.


Pipijuras has a design that appears to mimic that of crustaceans, with stalk eyes, a shell, and claws. The alien has three spherical, compound eyes atop stalks that connect to a head with no visible mouth. Pipijuras' coloration is red down its back, feet, and arms, which end in pincer claws made up of four segments that can close and open as well as extend when needed. Pipijuras also has bluish-grey coloration along its tail and front. It has white legs with red feet that possess two toes, and its tail ends in a dome-like shape. In its S-Class form, Pipijuras's red markings on its head become silver, the other red colorations on its body become navy blue, and much of its silver portions become a golden yellow. Its spherical eyes are no longer compound or circular and are sharp and angular. It now has prominent yellow ridges on its shoulders and around its head, and its Quad-Claws elongate. The S-Class form of Pipijuras seems to have the same appearance as that of its leaders.


Pipijuras seems to have a soldier-like mentality, never stopping in its mission to bring Earth to its leaders, even after being captured and mind controlled. It appears very cold and goal-focused, offering no reaction to things such as being smacked in the face by debris. Whether this personality is voluntary, or it has been programmed with instructions by its leaders is unknown. Despite this, the extraterrestrial is not completely void of feeling, with it frequently taunting its foes in victory and viewing all other forms of life as inferior. Being part of an organized race of beings, it is also highly intelligent, able to pilot its ship and utilize destroyed parts and mechanisms of MechaJURAS against its opponents. Pipijuras also appears to speak of itself in the tense of "we" and "us".


First sighted in 1983, Pipijuras is an extraterrestrial invader who comes from a race of giant, technologically advanced aliens. It appears to be one of many soldiers, whose mission is to activate and harness the power of Giga Cores' energy in planets to warp them to the position of the rest of the species so that the planet may be destroyed. The purpose of this process is unknown.

Video games

  • GigaBash (2022) - Microsoft Windows, Sony PlayStation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X

Project P.P.J.U.R.A.S

Pipijuras is sent to Earth.

After being sent to Earth, which it knew as Planet-8184, by its leaders, Pipijuras's ship entered a heavy storm and was struck by lightning, crashing the ship onto the planet and knocking it unconscious. Seeing this, the G.T.D.I. seized the opportunity, capturing the alien and salvaging its ship and beacon. The G.T.D.I. fit Pipijuras with a mind control device as well as cybernetic implants and gave it the designation P.P.J.U.R.A.S.

Pipijuras was later deployed under control to combat the recently re-emerged Titan Gorogong. Upon arrival at Luana Island, Gorogong immediately engaged Pipijuras once spotting it, shattering and knocking off the control device, causing the alien to stumble backward before regaining consciousness. The two Titans then began to attack one another, until Pipijuras came out on top. As the alien started to dance in victory, it remembered its mission and capture, as well as the piece of technology it needed. Now dead-set on achieving its goal, the extraterrestrial began flying toward Area-51.

As Pipijuras entered the base, it spotted the research lab, scanning it to reveal the beacon inside. The G.T.D.I. launched the invader's mechanical doppelganger, MechaJURAS, in response. As the two engaged in battle, Pipijuras eventually managed to knock MechaJURAS into the research lab, destroying the walls and leaving the beacon exposed. As Pipijuras locked its eyes onto the beacon, MechaJURAS rolled back upright, confronting Pipijuras one final time. The mecha was destroyed upon defeat this time, its systems going critical and exploding. Once again locking its vision onto the beacon, Pipijuras remembered how it crashed, was captured, and taken control of. Before Pipijuras could move, Thundatross suddenly came down from the sky, engaging the alien. During their battle, Pipijuras utilized different parts of MechaJURAS against Thundatross, ultimately coming out victorious, leaving Thundatross on the ground as it telekinetically took the beacon from the constraints and flew away, towards Tokyo.

As Pipijuras arrived in Kimura District, facing the G.T.D.I.'s base, Gigaman came down from the air, kicking the invader and proceeding to battle it. As Pipijuras reigns victorious, Thundatross was deployed from the air to assist Gigaman as the alien approached the headquarters. The mechanized giant was defeated yet again by the powerful extraterrestrial, allowing Pipijuras to continue its march on the building as both Gigaman and Thundatross regained their strength and began a last attempt at stopping the monster. Pipijuras ended up destroying the building, capturing the Teleporter Module, and connecting it with the beacon. This caused a massive section of the city and Pipijuras to warp to the Yeti Sanctuary in Siberia, creating a massive crater in Tokyo.

As Pipijuras and the section of the city teleport into the area, multiple Yetis approached the creature, before they were attacked by Pipijuras. After defeating five of these, the commotion caused the S-Class Alpha Yeti to wake from its slumber, revealing a hole to the Giga Core. The alien and the Yeti engaged in battle before the S-Class Yeti depleted its Giga Energy and reverted to a regular form, allowing Pipijuras to enter the tunnel into the Giga Core.

Pipijuras activates the warp device using the Giga Core.

As the alien fell through the hole, it experienced another memory, this time about its initial deployment to Planet-8184 by its leader. Pipijuras touched down into the Giga Core, walking towards the center before facing its final opponent: Zyva. As the two engaged in one final conflict, Zyva was eventually weakened greatly. Zyva used the Giga Core to absorb a large amount of Giga Energy before being defeated. However, as Pipijuras began to walk towards its goal, the sentinel activated the Giga Core, absorbing massive amounts of Giga Energy and transforming into its S-Class form. As the two dueled for the second time, Pipijuras eventually gained enough Giga Energy to perform its ultimate move, sucking in and killing Zyva. Pipijuras, at last free to complete its mission, connected the beacon and Teleporter Module to the Giga Core, warping the entirety of Earth right in front of the aliens' armada, yet another planet to fall to their might.

Legend of Luana Island

As Gorogong was attacking the city of the Hahu'a Republic, Pipijuras was deployed under the control of the G.T.D.I. into the battle against Gorogong. Eventually, Gorogong punched off the control device from Pipijuras's head, freeing the extraterrestrial and letting it fly away.



Pipijuras possesses pincer-esque Quad-Claws. These have four claws that overlap each other and can be used to grab onto, stab, and slice opponents. The claws can be extended with cables located in the alien's arms and rotated like helicopter blades. The Quad Claws are also equipped with hidden cannons in the center of the claws which launch Giga Energy-infused projectiles to deadly effect. The projectiles can also be charged to achieve greater power or shot out in bursts.

Pipijuras uses its Quad-Claws to fly


Pipijuras uses its Deflect

Similar to a helicopter or drone, Pipijuras can spin its Quad-Claws fast enough to lift it into the air, fly, and hover.


Pipijuras can generate a protective sphere of energy that deflects incoming projectiles.


Pipijuras has the ability to make things in close proximity to it levitate with its Quad-Claws.

Scanning Eyes

Pipijuras's stalk eyes have the ability to scan for and locate objects from far away and through solid walls.

Pipijuras uses Cosmic Polarity to summon a blackhole.

Sticky Bomb

Pipijuras can grab opponents and plant a bomb on them that will stick to them until it explodes.

Cosmic Polarity

When enough Giga Energy is gathered, Pipijuras gains the ability to summon a miniature black hole that pulls in enemies and crushes them with gravitational force.


After gathering a sufficient amount of Giga Energy, Pipijuras grows to massive proportions, gaining great power and enhanced abilities. Giga Energy is gathered through dealing damage to other Titans or from the surrounding environment.


Concept art




Pipijuras's roars and sound effects (begins at 5:57)

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Flagicon Brazil.png Brazilian Portuguese Pipejuras Adaptation of English name


  • Pipijuras is one of only four Titans in the game to receive a specific musical theme tailored to it.
  • Pipijuras appears on a T-shirt design as part of the game's merchandise, which depicts an anatomical cutaway extremely similar to kaiju diagrams from the Showa era, putting its mechanical and organic parts on display.
  • Alien Baltan, one of Pipijuras's main inspirations, would later appear in GigaBash as a playable character with the Ultraman DLC.


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