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Demeking in Demeking, the Sea Monster. This image has been brightened for clarity.
Subtitle(s) Space Monster
(宇宙怪獣,   Uchū Kaijū)
Species Snail-like extraterrestrial
Place(s) of emergence Space
Relations Unhatched offspring
Enemies Humanity
Conceived of by Takashi Imashiro
Written by Takashi Imashiro
First appearance Demeking, the Sea Monster

Demeking (デメキング,   Demekingu) is an extraterrestrial snail-like kaiju who appears in the 2009 film Demeking, the Sea Monster. In 1969, aimless Koichi Hachiya received a message in a bottle predicting its arrival on Earth in 2019 and resolved to face it in battle.[1] Demeking is never seen in the film outside of middle schooler Hiroshi "Kame" Kameoka's dream, leaving its true form a mystery, although several shots of its asteroid traveling through space outside of the dream suggest that it does exist.


In Kame's dream, Demeking resembles an enormous bipedal snail, with huge cylindrical rocky objects protruding from its shell. Its eyes are on stalks and glow a fiery yellow, and it possesses a human-like mouth with no visible teeth. Its skin and shell are a dark, dull green. It has two stubby arms, while its legs are largely unseen. Its tail is roughly the same length as the rest of its body.


Koichi Hachiya believed that Demeking has hostile intentions, which were reflected in Kame's dream. It fired on fighter jets without provocation, destroyed an oil refinery, and rampaged through Akinohama. It showed little interest in humans until the flash of Kame's camera provoked it into breathing fire at him.


Demeking is an extraterrestrial, although Koichi does not have any further insights into its history.


Heisei era

Demeking, the Sea Monster

In 1970, the Tanoura Youth Exploration Group, led by the outcast middle schooler Hiroshi "Kame" Kameoka, investigated reports of a ghost ship at the Akinohama marina. They were fascinated by the samurai armor and katana they found aboard. Both belong to Koichi Hachiya, an employee at the local Mamahama Marine Park, who appeared behind them and announced his plans to fight "Demeking." Despite Kame's curiosity, he refused to explain what the word meant before departing for Tokyo, but left behind a map for the group which he claimed would lead them to the answer. The final clue brought them to the cave beneath a local lighthouse. There they unearthed a metal box containing a banner which read, "Space Monster Demeking, Witness Koichi Hachiya, 2019," accompanied by a drawing of a giant footprint. A letter inside the box explained that the banner represents a prophecy about a monster attacking Earth, one that Koichi has shared with no one else. They left dejected, assuming that Koichi was playing a prank on them.

That night, Kame dreamed of a fighter jet crashing in the bay, followed by the appearance of an asteroid floating over Akinohama. It landed and split open to reveal Demeking, a snail-like monster. It waded into the bay before unleashing its fire breath on the city, causing mass destruction. It briefly submerged before surfacing before a group of residents watching from a dock. Koichi tried taking a picture of it as it made landfall, only to find a street covered in giant eggs. When he came face-to-face with the beast, his camera flash provoked it and it unleashed its flame, causing him to wake up.

Two years later, Kame planned to write a novel about Koichi's story, but was unable to actually put the story down on the page and eventually abandoned it. At the same time, Demeking's asteroid continued hurling through space.


Fire breath

Demeking's fire breath destroys an oil refinery

Demeking could breathe fire in Kame's dream. It missed a pair of fighter jets with its first blast, then trained it on a nearby oil refinery, setting off a series of massive explosions. It did not use the weapon again until the flash from Kame's camera angered it.

A fighter jet buzzes Demeking's asteroid


Demeking travels through space in an asteroid crackling with energy. In Kame's dream, Demeking seemed to be able to control the asteroid's movements, floating over the city of Akinohama and making a controlled landing. It also shot down a fighter jet while inside the asteroid through unknown means.

Adept swimmer

Demeking swims beneath two boats

In Kame's dream, Demeking could submerge and swim through water at least temporarily, passing beneath several boats.


  • Demeking's design was never clearly shown in Demeking, the 1994 manga that Demeking, the Sea Monster is based on.[2] The version of the monster in the first film adaptation of the manga, Molester Train: Ass of Benten, is more humanoid in appearance, with eyestalks growing out of the sides of its head.
  • Demeking resembles the snail monster Goga and the slug monster Namegon, who both appeared in the 1966 Tsuburaya Productions series Ultra Q.


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