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Sketches of the Vinestrangler in "Monarch Files 2.0 (Companion Archive)"
Alternate names Vine Strangler
Vitis Strangulari[1]
Species Giant insect florafauna
Length 9-12 feet[1]
Enemies Humans
First appearance "Monarch Files 2.0 (Companion Archive)"

The Vinestrangler is a predatory insect superspecies profiled in "Monarch Files 2.0 (Companion Archive)"—a featurette included on home video releases of the 2017 Legendary Pictures film Kong: Skull Island—and the trade paperback edition of Skull Island: The Birth of Kong. Like the Death Jackal, Psychovulture, Sirenjaw, Magma Turtle, Swamp Locust, and Spirit Tiger, the Vinestrangler was conceptualized for the film but ultimately unused. While it was among the creatures Legendary Comics would have allowed Skull Island: The Birth of Kong writer Arvid Nelson to use, he declined.[2]


The Vinestrangler is named after its resemblance to vines and its preferred mode of attack. Though its name has repeatedly been spelled as one word, it is instead rendered as Vine Strangler in the Kong: Skull Island Cinematic Adventure. The Vinestrangler's cryptoozological classification, Vitis Strangulari, comes from vitis, the name of a large genus of woody vines, and the Latin word strangulari, meaning "strangle."


The Vinestrangler is a slender insect that somewhat resembles the species Extatosoma tiaratum and a lizard. Having only four legs, unlike real insect species, the underside of a Vinestrangler seems to comprise of a mouth that runs the length of its body, which dozens of tentacles can extend from to drag prey into its massive maw.


The Vinestrangler is a carnivorous ambush predator[1] that is mostly active during dawn and dusk.



The Vinestrangler blends into the trees where it dwells, to the point that its Monarch profile noted that "initial findings have been inconclusive as to where the Vinestrangler ends and the tree begins."


Inside the Vinestrangler's stomach is a mesh of tentacles. When potential prey walks under a tree branch that a Vinestrangler is residing in, the vibrations of their footsteps travel up the tree's roots and reach the creature’s nervous system. The Vinestrangler's stomach will open, ensnaring its prey with its tentacles to pull them up into its open stomach, where they will be digested over a period of 72 hours.



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