Dream Slime

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Dream Slime
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Somnium mucosae
Species Slime mold florafauna
Radius Up to 30 feet[1]
First appearance Kong: Skull Island Cinematic Adventure

Dream Slime is a slime mold superspecies that is profiled in the 2023 tabletop roleplaying game Kong: Skull Island Cinematic Adventure.


The Dream Slimes' name reflects their physical appearance and their ability to render already-slumbering targets incapable of waking up for hours. Monarch gives them the cryptozoological classification Somnium mucosae,[1] a combination of the Latin word for "dream" and a synonym for multiple mucous membranes, respectively.


A Dream Slime is a single-celled organism colony described by the Kong: Skull Island Cinematic Adventure as "appear[ing] to be a carpet of yellow-brown goop that undulates and flows over surfaces."[1]


Dream slime are carnivorous, and due to their sluggish pace prefer motionless prey. They continually release Dream Gas from their bodies to prevent sleeping quarries from waking up as they smother and consume them. They can be found in Skull Island's bamboo forests, regular forests, and wetlands.


Dream Gas

Dream Slimes continually release Dream Gas, also called Strong Dream Gas Poison. Sleeping humans and animals who inhale the gas will be unable to regain consciousness for six hours, experiencing "vivid" dreams until then.[1]

Physical abilities

Dream Slimes kill their prey by suffocating or pulverizing them with their bodies.


Once a Dream Slime attains a certain size, it will undergo mitosis, dividing into two Dream Slimes.


Dream Slimes are impervious to psychic attacks, ballistics, bludgeons, and piercing weapons used by other non-Titan superspecies or humans. Other forms of attack can split them into smaller, less dangerous Dream Slimes, although only fire, acid, or starvation can kill them.

Tabletop games


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