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Species Giant Octopus
Enemies King Kong
Played by Animation
First appearance Latest appearance
The King Kong Show Yatsuashi

The Kraken is a cephalopod monster from Scandinavian mythology renowned for sinking ships. An enduring presence in popular culture, its appearances include episode 26 of The King Kong Show, "The Key to the City", and the novelization of Godzilla: King of the Monsters.


The King Kong Show

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Monarch discovered Kraken dormant in the Indian Ocean, wrapped around a long-missing nuclear submarine, and built a containment facility around him. Studying him, they learned that he had multiple brains and hearts, could change his color and pattern at will, and could likely regenerate any part of his body. By 2019, neither he nor the outpost had been given an official name. Kraken was one of the many Titans who awakened after hearing King Ghidorah's call. He tricked Monarch's containment field into thinking he was dead before launching a surprise attack, sinking the outpost. He was later pacified when Madison Russell activated the ORCA at Fenway Park.


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