Human Scale Parasite

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Human Scale Parasite
A Human Scale Parasite in Cloverfield
Alternate names Clover's Parasites, Chatterbug (fan nickname)
Species Parasitic insectoid sea creature
Controlled by Kishin Aiba (briefly)C/K
Relations Clover (host)
Allies Other Human Scale Parasites
Enemies Humans
Written by Drew Goddard
Designed by Tully Summers, Neville Page[citation needed]
First appearance Cloverfield

Human Scale Parasites (HSP) are monsters who appear in the 2008 Bad Robot film Cloverfield. Initially attached to Clover as it began its rampage in New York City, over 2,000[1] of them descended into buildings and subways to hunt humans. The carnage they caused played a major role in the U.S. decision to enact the destructive Hammerdown Protocol.[1]


A Human Scale Parasite is comprised of a crustacean-like carapace, several pairs of claws, and arms. A deep blue-purple muscular membrane stretches between the top and lower jaws. The Parasite's jaw is unique in that the top half of the head is the mandible, moving up from the lower jaw to open, as opposed to the reverse with almost all terrestrial animals. The top and lower jaws end in serrated edges and also have four pairs of eyes each.


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The Human Scale Parasites usually hunt in packs and prefer enclosed spaces to surprise and trap their prey. They are extremely aggressive, attacking humans on sight. Prior to Tagruato awakening their giant host, Clover, they fed on Seabed's Nectar in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. The substance, described by the American Food Association as a "high-grade stimulant",[1] was also a prized ingredient in the Slusho! beverage sold by Tagruato.



When the U.S. military first responded to Clover's attack on New York City, several smaller parasitic creatures fell off its body and immediately attacked nearby soldiers and civilians. Three parasites later attacked Hud Platt, Marlena Diamond, Lily Ford, and Rob Hawkins in a dark subway tunnel. The group managed to fend them off and escape, but one bit Marlena as she saved Hud. As a result of the bite, Marlena started to feel nauseous, bleed from her eyes, and eventually explode internally from the chest, shortly after the military found the group inside of an abandoned mall. As the group was arguing with the military, a dead parasite was seen being transported in a glass case as the group entered the medical area. Later, as the group descended from Beth McIntyre's apartment, a parasite ambushed them from the ceiling. Rob plunged a fire axe into it and they escaped as it flailed in pain.



The parasites terrorize citizens during Clover's rampage. Following Kishin Aiba's emotional breakdown, he is able to control both them and Clover through the "Remnant of God" pod inside of his body. He almost uses them to kill his bullies until his classmate, Aiko Sasahara, convinces him to stop. Following his change of heart, he is no longer able to influence the parasites. As a result, they attempt to eat him and his fellow students.


Parasites creeping up on Rob and the others

Physical abilities

The Human Scale Parasites have the ability to climb on walls and ceilings. They can leap great distances as well.

Marlena about to explode as a result of an HSP's bite


When a human is bitten, the parasites' saliva or venom[1] causes the victim to feel disoriented, bleed from the eyes, inflate and have their stomach explode. Pouring water on the wound speeds up the internal explosion, as shown by Marlena, who exploded 20 minutes after the bite,[1] whereas most victims died within 20 to 40 minutes.


Rob's group was able to knock Human Scale Parasites around by kicking them, with Marlena also swinging a metal pipe, although it is unclear if they seriously harmed the creatures. Rob later wounded a parasite by swinging a fire axe into its body, leaving it unable to pursue them.


In Cloverfield/KISHIN, the parasites are able to resonate with Kishin Aiba's anger via the "Remnant of God" pod inside of his body. The pod transmits electromagnetic waves which seemingly control the parasites and the monster. However, this control is broken when Aiko Sasahara convinces Kishin that he doesn't get to decide the fate of other people.


When lunging at Lily, a Human Scale Parasite makes a screech belonging to a Compsognathus from The Lost World: Jurassic Park.

Parasite roars (begins at 2:02)


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