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Killer Chameleon
The Killer Chameleon's model from Skull Island
Alternate names Deathmeleon
Species Giant chameleon
Place(s) of emergence Skull Island
Allies Other Killer Chameleons
Enemies King Kong, Hawk Monster, unnamed Skull Islander girl, Sker Buffalo
Written by Brian Duffield
Designed by Jung-Ha Kim, Craig Nowicki,
Willis Bulliner[1]
First appearance Skull Island episode 7, "You're Not a King, You're Just a Stupid Animal"
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Killer Chameleons are reptilian monsters that appear in episode 7 of the 2023 Netflix Original animated Monsterverse series Skull Island, entitled "You're Not a King, You're Just a Stupid Animal." Three Killer Chameleons made their presence known to Kong, the Hawk Monster, and a Skull Islander after they killed a Sker Buffalo and left its carcass to rot. Kong and the islander fought the chameleons as they attempted to hunt the latter.


Though never named onscreen, the creatures are labeled "Killer Chameleons" in Powerhouse Animation's model sheets.[1]


As their name suggests, the Killer Chameleons are simply large, carnivorous chameleons. They have a large spiked crest on their heads, small sharp teeth, spiked forelimbs, and a curled tail. The Killer Chameleons have large eyelids with small brown eyes in the center. Their legs sport three toes each and they assume a quadrupedal stance. They have a long, spiked and prehensile tongue that is purple in color. The Killer Chameleons' base color is a moss green, however they are able to change into various colors for camouflage, including gray, red, brown, purple, and orange.



Skull Island

"You're Not a King, You're Just a Stupid Animal"

After the Hawk Monster spotted the carcass of a Sker Buffalo, Kong decided to hunt the perpetrators alongside with a Spanish Skull Islander. The two arrived at a canyon ledge, where they observed three Killer Chameleons eating a creature's carcass. Despite the islander's protests, the ape grabbed a boulder and dropped it on one of the chameleons' tail, trapping it. The Killer Chameleon screeched out in pain as Kong leaped down the canyon. Kong grabbed two bones fashioned as makeshift blades. As the monsters prepared to fight, one of the chameleons spotted the islander and proceeded to run up the canyon wall. The ape Titan threw the bones at the pursuing Killer Chameleon but missed. Worried, the ape attempted to give chase, but was stopped by another one of the reptiles.

The pursuing chameleon successfully made it to the top of the canyon, alerting Kong as he fought the other Killer Chameleon. Just as the Skull Islander was about to throw her spear, the chameleon dodged before launching its tongue at her. The islander dodged and impaled the tongue, pinning it to the ground. As the Killer Chameleon attempted to free itself, it knocked her off the ledge with its tail. As Kong restrained a Killer Chameleon using a bone, he spotted the islander falling. The ape roared and grabbed the chameleon by the neck before knocking it away with the bone. Kong attempted to catch the falling islander and leaped up the sediment wall, but missed. After the Hawk Monster caught the islander, a Killer Chameleon clawed into Kong's leg. The ape Titan roared as the chameleon climbed on him and pushed him down. The two monsters fell and proceeded to fight. The Killer Chameleon leaped at Kong but was punched into a boulder by the ape. Kong grabbed the reptile by the tail and slammed it repeatedly on the ground, incapacitating it. The ape then slammed the reptile against the trapped chameleon and crushed the latter using the same boulder it was stuck under.

The Killer Chameleon on the canyon ledge, having freed itself, then leaped and attacked the Hawk Monster, angering Kong. Before Kong could intervene, a chameleon leaped onto his back and bit his shoulder, drawing blood. Kong slammed the reptile against the sediment wall as the other Killer Chameleon bit onto the Hawk Monsters' leg. The avian monster then performed an aerial maneuver, causing the Killer Chameleon to lose its grip and fall. As it fell, however, it launched its tongue at the Skull Islander, bringing her down with it. The Killer Chameleon landed on a sharp bone, impaling it. Still alive, it continued its attempt to catch the islander using its tongue. Kong repeatedly slammed the other Killer Chameleon against the sediment wall. The ape grabbed the reptile and punched it before killing it by slamming it against the wall again. As the other chameleon kept trying to catch Kong's ally, the sediment wall began to crumble. Large chunks of rock buried the chameleon, finally killing it.


Physical capabilities

The Killer Chameleons primarily fight using their teeth and use their claws to grip onto surfaces. Their teeth are sharp enough to draw blood from Kong and their tails are strong enough to send smaller foes flying. They possess a prehensile tongue used for catching prey, which can reach over long distances.


Killer Chameleons are shown to be very agile. They can scale large sediment walls in a matter of seconds and dodge with adept speed.


The Killer Chameleons are capable of camouflaging to their environment as a defense mechanism. They are able to quickly switch from color to color.


Possessing impressive durability, the chameleons are capable of taking immense damage while still being able to fight. One chameleon was able to withstand being slammed against hard surfaces repeatedly by Kong, while another was able to survive after its body was impaled on a sharp bone, the latter of which was still able to function and kept trying to catch the islander it pursued.


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Killer Chameleon roars


  • One of the creatures meant to appear in the scrapped film Bride of Godzilla? was a gigantic chameleon.


This is a list of references for Killer Chameleon. These citations are used to identify the reliable sources on which this article is based. These references appear inside articles in the form of superscript numbers, which look like this: [1]

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