"You're Not a King, You're Just a Stupid Animal"

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Skull Island episodes
"Terms of Endearment"
"You're Not a King, You're Just a Stupid Animal"
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"You're Not a King,
You're Just a Stupid Animal"
"You're Not a King, You're Just a Stupid Animal" title card
Series Skull Island
Episode # 7
Directed by Danny Araya
Written by Brian Duffield
Air date June 22, 2023
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"You're Not a King, You're Just a Stupid Animal" is the seventh episode of Skull Island. Directed by Danny Araya, it premiered on Netflix alongside the rest of the series on June 22, 2023.


In the past, a Skull Islander girl flees from a Skullcrawler. She finds herself backed against a cliff face by the beast, but suddenly grins as Kong attacks from above. He impales the Skullcrawler through both jaws with a sharpened tree stump, killing it in a single blow, before beating his chest and roaring loudly. At the girl's insistence, he picks her up and she rides on his shoulder to the top of a tall mountain. They watch the stars as she speculates about the outside world, which she has only glimpsed from the men in their flying machines who once visited the island. She suggests they might be able to build mechanical versions of themselves who could replace them on occasion and give them time to rest and dream.

The Hawk Monster delivers a Grass Hedgehog to Kong at his temple. He picks it up and eats it before it can get its bearings, then gazes into the massive pit nearby.

As she fishes, the girl is startled by a giant shape passing beneath her boat and lifting her up. It turns out to be Kong, who she scolds for the prank. The Hawk Monster interrupts, leading them to a dead Sker Buffalo inland. The bird them brings them to the culprits: three Killer Chameleons, now feasting on another creature’s corpse. The girl wants them to return to their village to form a plan with the others, but Kong, having the high ground, defiantly drops a boulder on the monsters, pinning one’s tail to the ground. Wielding two bones as knives, he prepares to take on the other two. One darts towards the girl, dodging his thrown bone, while the other tackles him to the ground. The girl dodges her attacker’s tongue and spears it, but it catches her with its tail, sending her falling off the cliff. Kong throws off the reptile he’s battling to catch her, but narrowly misses, and the Hawk Monster comes to her rescue instead. One of the Killer Chameleons crawls up Kong and sends them both to the ground. Kong slams it into the ground several times, then uses it to hit the pinned reptile. He tips the boulder onto the pinned creature, killing it, as one chameleon attacks the Hawk Monster and the other bites into his shoulder from behind. The Hawk Monster performs several barrel rolls to throw off the Chameleon, but it extends its tongue to grab the girl before falling directly on a rib bone. Even speared through the chest, however, it continues trying to catch her. Kong kills his chameleon by swinging it into a cliff side, but triggers a rock slide. He evades several falling boulders to shield the girl just before they are buried. The Hawk Monster watches as Kong soon breaks free.

The girl is furious with Kong, who she says nearly killed all three of them by going on the offensive when he did. He roars at her, and she roars right back, calling him a “stupid animal,” not a king. They leave in separate directions. That evening, Kong washes his wounds in the ocean. Unbeknownst to him, a drop of his blood descends to the depths, awakening the Kraken. From her village, the girl spots him sitting on top of the hill from before, morose, but declines to go to him. The next day, he tries to make amends by dropping an entire fruit tree into the village, crushing a cart, but she rejects it. Kong stomps away.

The Kraken launches an attack on the village, starting with the fishers. Kong rushes to their rescue when he hears the girl scream, but arrives too late. Many of the villagers are dead, and the girl is trapped under debris. The Kraken waves its tentacles in the water, seeming to taunt him as he withdraws to his temple with the girl. Barely clinging to life, she calls him her king and touches his face before passing away, leaving Kong devastated. He hangs her compass-necklace in his temple, where Charlie will later see it, and buries her on the island’s highest mountain. As the Kraken continues to linger offshore, he emits a mighty roar.

In the present, Charlie explains his plan to the rest of the group: steal the necklace to lure an enraged Kong to the Kraken. Annie bursts out laughing, while Irene, Cap, and Sam all appear skeptical.


Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

Japanese dub

German dub

  • Malte Wetzel   as   Charlie
  • Zina Laus   as   Annie
  • Martin Schülke
  • Martin Valdeig
  • Shandra Schadt

Spanish dub

  • Ditter Ruiz   as   Charlie
  • Montserrat Aguilar   as   Annie
  • Cynthia Chong
  • Cuauhtémoc Miranda
  • Carlos Mireles
  • Jose Luis Molina
  • Luis Miguel Morales

Castilian Spanish dub

Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

  • Iván Priego   as   Charlie
  • Irene Miras   as   Annie

French dub

  • Maxime Baudouin   as   Charlie
  • Julie Mouchel   as   woman
  • Pascal Nowak
  • Meaghan Dendraël
  • Matthieu Albertini

Hungarian dub

  • Gereben Nagy   as   Charlie
  • Andrea Laudon   as   Annie
  • Bori Csuha   as   island girl
  • István Attila Németh
  • Márton Fehérváry

Portuguese dub

  • Cadu Paschoal   as   Charlie
  • Jeane Marie   as   Annie
  • Carolina Godinho




Weapons, vehicles and races

  • Spanish Skull Islanders (flashback)




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