"Doggone It"

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Skull Island episodes
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"Doggone It"
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"Doggone It"
"Doggone It" title card
Series Skull Island
Episode # 5
Directed by Danny Araya
Written by Brian Duffield
Air date June 22, 2023
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"Doggone It" is the fifth episode of Skull Island. Directed by Danny Araya, it premiered on Netflix alongside the rest of the series on June 22, 2023.


Charlie and Mike run through the long red grass, with Mike noticeably pale and sweating. He tries to dismiss it as just a fever while mercenaries patrol nearby. Mike wonders if Annie is again using them as bait, while the mercenaries wonder the same of Irene when a flare soars into the air. Dog, with Annie on his back, makes his presence known by headbutting one of the mercenaries, but they are quickly surrounded. Annie demands to see Irene, who fells her with a tranquilizer dart before Dog can react. Her pet races towards Irene, who stands her ground. Just before he can reach her, the Hawk Monster grabs him in its talons and carries him away. Mike and Charlie and shocked to see Cap working with Irene. Mike allows himself to be found so Charlie can escape, whispering to Cap that he's safe but claiming to the others that they were separated. With the Hawk Monster circling, they return to camp.

Mike talks to Irene privately. Charlie tries to figure out how to free his dad and his friends while unarmed. He suddenly spots a masked figure who rushes towards him, then pauses and salutes as the Hawk Monster carries Charlie away. It sets him down roughly on a tall platform in enormous mist-shrouded temple and flies away. Mike apologizes to Cap for not telling him Irene hired them, but Cap reassures him that they'll always be family. Mike passes along that Irene and her mercenaries were already in the area because another ship found Annie's Island a month ago.

Charlie finds that Dog was dropped off in the same location. He is wary of Charlie, who soothes him, then convinces him to help rescue Annie. The Hawk Monster's distant shriek spooks Dog, but he ultimately descends the platform with Charlie on his back. As he does so, Charlie notices a mural of Kong battling monsters. Kong then swings past them in the flesh, nearly causing them to fall off the platform's side. Once they reach the ground, Charlie watches Kong sitting inside the temple with a melancholy expression. The monster fiddles with a blood-stained compass set on an alter. Charlie then finds Dog staring at a massive pit in the ground.

Irene deduces that Cap knows where Charlie is because he has yet to suggest they look for him. He admits that Charlie will probably try to sneak into camp, and she says she'll instruct her mercenaries to hold their fire. Cap has a realization watching Irene tenderly stroke Annie's face, but is interrupted by the surprised cries of her mercenaries. They leave the tent just in time to see a whale go soaring overhead. Charlie and Dog see it too before it lands in front of Kong's temple. Enraged, Kong begins pounding the ground; offshore, the sea monster who threw it disappears beneath the waves.


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Weapons, vehicles and races

  • Irene's group
  • Iwi



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